– I’m ready for this. (“Have a Goon One” by
Warner/Chappell Productions) – Right now we’re at
Stronghold Bouldering, we’re about to do some rock
climbing, or bouldering. – Nobody else was around
except for Ryan and Shane, so I’m here as a Test Guest,
or a guestie, if you will. – I’ve climbed a whole bunch of ladders, whole bunch of stairs. Vertical ascension, I’m pretty good at it. I don’t know about this though. – We’re all also trying to see who can climb the wall the fastest. I see Jordan right there behind camera. If I can beat her I’ll be happy because she’s a Megatron. – I don’t think I’m scared of heights. I’ll find out when I get to the top. – The boys are already gonna
hurt themselves behind you. What makes a good rock climber? – You want to try and use
your legs as much as you can. – Okay. – You’re gonna get the most
strength from your legs. – Really? – People forget that a lot. (cheery music) – Who do you think is
gonna do the best here, Gumby, Xena, or me? – It’s hard to say. – Why do you not get a weird nickname? – Okay, Dopey, how about Dopey? – That’s a good one. (violin music) – [Ryan] Look at his legs. – [Jordan] He’s like a
little spider monkey. – I don’t know where my
little feet are going. – [Jordan] Look how long his legs are. – [Ryan] This isn’t
fair, he has spider legs. – [Jordan] He needs to
get a height handicap. – [Shane] No, no, no. – Ryan and I need a height handicap. – I worked very hard to be this tall. (orchestral music) – Ahh, done. What’d I get get? How’d I do? – I stopped at 19.46, when
you were right around there. – 19.46, I beat Shane. (Dark orchestral music) – [Jordan] Woah Ryan. – [Shane] Ryan. 10.7.
– 10 seconds! – I’d like to thank my mom, my dad for helping me get to this moment. – Ryan is secretly an expert rock climber. – Shane and Jordan for being inferior. (“Have a Goon One” by
Warner/Chappell Productions) – This is probably the
hardest bouldering one, or one of the harder ones. And we’re gonna end poorly. – Ouch! (laughs) – That went great, it was a lot of fun. This is definitely something I can see myself doing in the future. – Right now my forearms and
my hands are very tired. – I did about as well as I expected. I succeeded on a few them, and then on the other
ones I just fell off. Sometimes it’s a choice. (Jordan laughs) – I’m kinda pissed that Ryan
was so naturally good at this because I really wanted to beat him today, but I’m also glad that he
maybe found a new calling. – This is something that I would do probably multiple times a week. Cause you’re just climbing shit, it’s fun.

100 thoughts on “Can You Rock Climb Without Ropes? • The Test Friends”

  1. They said they are going to climb one of the harder ones at 3:02 and they are climbing a v2. That is my warm up route. Any other rock climbers out there!!!??

  2. Look I am WAYYYY younger than you guys and I do rock climbing multiple times a week granted it has a harness but still!

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  5. lmao jordan at the end "I really wanted to beat him today, but I'm also glad that he maybe found a new calling" That's definitely friendship lol

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    Ryan: Aggressively climbs the wall with the mindset of defeating the tall guy

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