>Let’s talk about doctor, we are seeking
treatment, it is important, and the importance of early detection, can we
talk about that? because that’s what she did, she came back from her trip, she knew
something was wrong, when went to seek treatment.>She did, and that’s extremely
important, the longer depression goes untreated typically the more severe it
becomes, and if you have an episode of depression, if left untreated it can last
typically up to one year, and it can really derail somebody’s life, both at
home and at work, so very important to get early treatment and an appropriate
diagnosis, and with most forms of treatment we can achieve remission,
typically within about 12 weeks, so you’re really talking about a huge
difference in terms of getting into remission within 12 weeks versus
enduring this disease for over a year in one’s lifetime, in terms of treatments
there are many different options, at and, at the Miami Cancer Institute for our
cancer patients we really try to customize and tailor the most
appropriate treatment approach for our patients, typically all of our patients
are offered some form of therapy whether it’s psychotherapy, or the talk therapy,
we have psychologists at the Cancer Institute will which will have a very
structured protocol to help address this particular depressive episode a patient
is experiencing, in addition for the more moderate to severe depressions we
typically recommend adding on an antidepressant, the combination of both
talk therapy with an antidepressant can achieve remission rates close to 90% in
our patients so very effective protocol.

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