Carburettor Tuning for performance Subtitles available measuring a carburettor needle tip Why measure the needle? Explanation at the end of the video set the micrometer so that it is approximate to the tip diameter when you bring the needle tip to the jaws of the micrometer if the jaws are too tight then you’ll feel that it’s blocked it won’t go in so wind back the micrometer very slightly by a thousandth until when you present the needle tip to the jaws of the micrometer you will feel it lock – it will go tight as if it is stuck in that can be checked by winding it back a thousandth … and it won’t go in it’s the feel. You will feel it just push in and lock whereas if it’s too tight just by a thousandth of a millimeter it won’t go in there will not be any locking So you can then log that measurement You could subtract a thousandth to make it probably totally accurate to the needle tip so there while you can’t see that it’s penetrating in fact you can feel that it’s locked slight locking where the taper has just penetrated the jaws whereas if that gap was just too tight it would just bounce off it. okay that’s how you measure the tip of a needle Why measure the needle? To limit component cloning incorrect needle dimensions are provided to the engine tuner by certain carburettor manufacturers At the time of this video Errors range to over 30% inaccuracy Visit for specific & trusted information concerning affected carbs & needles Download Needle Carb Fuel Mapper At

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  1. I don’t have a micrometer myself, but while I was attempting to rebuild my twin mikunis from my virago ( one of my many bikes ) I did wonder about how to do this practicle step. I replaced with a single carb conversion in the end as I was rating up the bike and wanted a different look completely,, and had a two into one manifold made, side mounted a hitachi carb, but would like to get to better understand the carb and it’s internals, and particularly the tuning measurements needed, so looking forward to upcoming vids. Keep it up mate, as before, enjoy your content.

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