over thousands of years the human diet
has evolved to include the foods that are most beneficial to our health Cancer Prevention Diet, Cancer Fighting Foods, Super Foods, Top Ten 10 Cancer Fighting Foods fruits and vegetables are in fact the
result of a process of natural selection that took place all over a period of
millions of years Cancer Prevention Diet, Cancer Fighting Foods, Super Foods, Top Ten 10 Cancer Fighting Foods all over the age is our ancestors
constantly adapted to environment changes and adopted the selection of foods that
gave them the engine survival we learned how to harness that edge in
the form of planting crops and farming such super foods most beneficial to our
health todate however today in the age of information
and technology most of us have neglected the importance
of maintaining nutritious diet instead our choices of turning to
process fast has led to booming multibillion dollar
food industries that promote free eating habits focused clearly on
satisfying the need to refuel without any concern for its long-term
impact on health care many of us are familiar with cancer is
caused by smoking environmental factors pollution and chemicals however very few are aware of cancers
due to poor dietary habits the millions of people suffering from
various different cancers in the united states thirty percent are caused by poor
dietary habits over the recent decade there have been
numerous efforts in campaigns to make people more aware of the reality of the
disease and its risks which hasn’t powered people to make drastic changes
in many economic and social policy throughout the united states and
worldwide campaigns such as the one for
anti-tobacco have open eyes and raised awareness of risk associated with
smoking tobacco among many of us similarly our efforts to raise awareness
risk associated with our poor choice for appetite is a continuous challenge for which
n_e_h_ c is committed to for a better healthier cancer free society Cancer Prevention Diet, Cancer Fighting Foods, Super Foods, Top Ten 10 Cancer Fighting Foods

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  1. Why are majority of the students who are giving their testimony looking down and/or not into the camera as they speak to us about their experience and the school of NHC. How do you suppose to convince me that this school is this one for me to attend when you do not even believe it yourself. I would think if you are trying to convince me or sell me about NHC than you wouldn't have to read of something. Because your experience is in your head and from the heart. You wouldn't have to write your experience down to tell me about the school. I was thinking about enrolling into NHC but now I do not think it is a good idea. It just seem like yall got some people off the street and paid them to read some words. 

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