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a week as well okay so caress uh absolutely love caress I love the bar
soap I love the body wash caress is a very perfumed body wash it has a lot of
moisturizers in it so it does help to make the skin feel very moisturized and
silky soft obviously if you are sensitive to fragrance this is
definitely not going to be the thing for you because it is it’s kind of a mix
it’s a mix between like a very hydrating body wash and almost like a deodorizing
of body wash best of both worlds in my opinion anyway so this is the white
peach and orange pop blossom since this is their classic original scent okay
this is made by Unilever it is not cruelty free unfortunately but this is
safe enough to use daily I don’t have SuperDuper sensitive skin but my skin
does react to certain things and I’ve never had a reaction to this product so
this is the 25.4 fluid ounce bottle with the pump so like I said I got these for
an amazing deal okay so you ready for it you ready so I actually got a four pack
so I got 425 outs bottles for $20 on Amazon so the reason why I actually
bought this is because I absolutely do love this and I’m almost out of this so
you’ll probably see this in December’s empties because I probably got about
that much left this bottle has left blasted me probably almost two months
almost yeah probably about two months anyway so this is what comes looking
like a really really nice bottle but actually got these because I did want to
have a backup but I’m gonna actually be giving these it’s like towards Christmas
presents I think for five bucks add a cute little like back poof fake yes okay
so really really affordable body wash it smells super good it leaves the skin
feeling really really soft and very nourished and moisturized I don’t know I
have tried a whole bunch of body washes I love the dermis elf from the Dollar
Tree I love the Arm & Hammer from the Dollar Tree I love the dove men’s fresh
one I love the Dove regular one but when all is said and done if I could only
have one body wash for the rest of my life it would be the caress it’s just
amazing the scent while it is strong it’s it’s soft and it’s feminine and
it’s it’s fresh and it’s just it’s a really really nice fragrance it’s it’s
just so I don’t know I guess when I smell it it just brings back memories
and I guess that’s a lot of reasons why people like a lot of different things is
because it brings back memories the very first time I try caressed I was probably
about nine years old and my mom took us to the laundromat because we have a
washer dryer in our part and she gave us some money and we went
next store to the gas station cuz it was kind of connected and it was only a few
bucks and you know my siblings bought candy and and like stuff from like the
quarter machine and they had a twin pack of caresse bar soap I was like eight or
nine years old like I said I’ve always loved beauty and stuff like that and I
remember buying it and it just it’s it smells so good and it really does leave
the skin beautifully soft and feeling pampered and nourished but it does have
a very long lasting a lingering scent I just absolutely love it it is just an
all-around amazing amazing body wash but there is a lot of memories tied to the
white peach and orange blossom it’s the original
it’s the classic scent I tried to the other sense a few of the other sense
there’s a ton now but I will always love just the regular old-fashioned classic
the one in the peachy orange bottle is just it’s just such an awesome body wash
so if you had never tried caressed if you’ve been wondering about it if you
were maybe looking for a very affordable holiday gift if you have numerous people
to give to I would recommend looking up on Amazon I’ll link this down below but
it was like 20 bucks and you get four huge bottles and I am gonna have a
backup but I’m probably gonna be giving one to my mother-in-law maybe one of my
sister-in-law maybe one of my mom I don’t know but it’s such a good deal and
it just it’s just an awesome awesome product so I don’t know I think it’s
amazing but I do have a lot of nostalgia tied to it but let me know down below in
the comments have you tried caress what did you think of it did you love it I
would love to know down below comments am i just old and thinking of
awesome memories or do you think it’s as good as I think it is I would love to
know so let me know down below in the comments but I hope you enjoyed this
week’s skincare Saturday if you did please go and give the video a thumbs up
and share it besides to leave in the comment down below if you like caress as
much as I do I would love to know what is your favorite body wash for the
winter time is a philosophy is it Dove is it Olay I would love to know down
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the screen so yeah I’ll see you here in just a sec

13 thoughts on “Caress Daily Silk Body Wash”

  1. M sister used to buy the Tahitian Renewal scent in the red bottle all the time, it smells so good. One of my favorite drugstore body wash scents.

  2. This sounds nice Kim, I like to use the original Dove body wash in winter as I get a lot of dry skin so this helps a lot xx.

  3. Good review its been awhile since I have used Caress I usually us Olay..now you have me wanting to pick up some Caress πŸ‘πŸ»Have a great day.!!!

  4. If you are interested in videos on budget recipes, food reviews and more, check out my other channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiVR9fjJ9MHO8IjonlV65Eg

  5. I love Caress. Used it growing up. My hubby is allergic to floral scents so now we use Dove sensitive skin bar soap. We used to use the original Dove bar soap which I like better so we are probably going to switch back to the original Dove bar soap. It smells so good. When hubby I first met I used Caress and had no idea what hubby used that made him smell so good. After we got married i found out lol it turned out it was Dove original bar soap !

  6. This is the body wash I buy!! I even get the dollar general version of it for $3. I love the smell and the lather is great and it males the skin feel soft and silky. I love the way the bathroom smells after I take a shower with this product also!!

  7. Caress is so soft.I remember the commercials.Love your memory as a child.Thank you for sharing.I used to like Ivory and Camay.Havent seen those around very much.

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