I think when it comes to dating guys are often looking for the perfect thing to say to a girl and completely miss out on the importance of body language and being able to read how person feels is really key in developing a successful social relationship so I want to go through the three-stage body language checklist that you can use on your own of course stage one is the first encounter and the first way someone will show interest is usually eye contact and a few things can happen afterwards a shy girl might look flustered and look away quickly while a confident girl will hold eye contact and smile or maybe even wink and the best course of action here is to live off that high for the rest of the week after that you have to watch out for proximity once someone knows about you and likes you they’ll try to be around you as much as possible this might sound kind of creepy but it’s pretty normal and particularly guys notorious for doing this one of the best ways to make sure you’re being romantic instead of creepy is to be above a 7 now at this point hopefully you’ve gathered that there might be some chemistry and you guys have started chatting a little bit this is stage 2 building rapport and it’s where most dating takes place you want to pay attention to any subtle physical contact a good indicator of interest during conversation as if the girl touches you lightly on the arm or dick to emphasize a point you might occasionally meet someone who likes to break the physical touch barrier with a high-five could be hard to tell if she’s doing it to congratulate you or because she wants to touch your hand so I like to remove ambiguity by making sure all my accomplishments or particularly underwhelming along with that you want to pay attention to her posture people tend to cover their wrists and neck when they’re uncomfortable so if she is comfortable being around you she might let her hands rest on the table or show more for neck by tilting her head to the side keep in mind it could just be Lou Gehrig’s okay so this one you can experiment with if someone wants to feel closer to you they’ll try to remove any barriers like a cup or bag from between your personal spaces sometimes I feel girl thinks I’m alright I’ll try to see what she does if I put something between us that stops her from talking to me I usually just use my personality or stay at home you can also build a menu for it and say you make youtube videos and of course you can make more obvious gestures like licking or biting her lip that’s pretty hot so if all the boxes are checked so far hopefully you’re thinking hey we’re having a great conversation lots of laughing physical contact everything is going well and you’re ready for Stage three fucking it up really the stage is pretty intuitive but can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 or 15 years so remember to be patient a few of the more common signs or you’ve seen them recently but they haven’t seen you they have a kid and it isn’t yours they’ve a kid and it is yours and sometimes just not realizing anything is wrong at all at any rate don’t stress everything on the checklist it can all really be boiled down to just be yourself [Music] so their pupils will dilate if they’re interested in what they see but it can be kind of hard to tell they have dark eyes so take out your flashlight

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  1. Oh nooooo, I thought he just copy and pasted the stay in stage two for too long check box and I realized that it's a cycle

  2. "just be yourself" is the worst advice someone can give you. it just doesn't mean anything.
    "just be yourself" believers freeze during dates, don't know what to say, do red flags, end up having no chemistry, behave in a cringy way from the start to end, even if they're good looking.

  3. I love that the
    Fucking it up stage is just a loop of how your life is getting good and then its just turns bad

  4. instead of saying arm or dick, you could've said arm and then just make the arrow point at the dick. this would have delivered the joke more efficiently in my opinion.

  5. 0:44 – 0:48 . casually explained knows how it works. hi five to you for realizing it. most liars on the internet would say that its about "confidence" and that bs. yeah by "confidence" they mean they're confident they like you because you looks are 7/10 or higher. like deadass.

  6. Dude have you taken this stuff to the stage? I feel like this as a powerpoint presentation with you beside it would have people in fits. The good kind…

  7. Thanks for the solo meme for getting me to ur channel. Here's how:
    1. I search up solo meme but its a group prject because it relates 100% to group projects
    2. I see ur group project vid
    3. I binge watch all ur vids the same day.

  8. I've been talking to a girl for a while and was excited to actually learn about step 3 until it said fucking it up. I actually burst out laughing cuz I realized I have been in stage 2 for too long and already fuckin it up lmaooo

  9. Sooo a girl i didn’t know for a week in my highschool sent me a friend request and we agreed well do a project , one day later i lost my virginity

  10. "the best course of action here is to live ott tehát action for a week"

    Oh boy my crush replied to my insta story and that was enough fuel for a week and a half

  11. “Introducing her to your hot friend”
    “She falls in love with your hot friend”
    “You are also in love with your hot friend. propose a threesome; they both accept”
    “You end up not being included and end up uncomfortably masturbating in the corner”
    Bruh that got me weak 😂

  12. girls have change nowadays they dont wink like before thanks to this channel i found 2 hot girls and they said they are transgender

  13. You know , I'd really want to act like myself, but I keep getting the spagetti spilled out of my pockets all the time

  14. Maybe a longshot but are the sc2 structures and the zealot a meme about this video looking like a build-order but for irl?

  15. Forgot step 4.

    She asks you to move with her halfway across the country to comfort her while she finishes up school, moves in with you 5 months later and uses half your shit intertwining her life with yours, then 6 months later, out of nowhere she says she feels like she doesn't have enough time for you leaving you broken hearted and without a place to call home.

    To better days, lads… cheers.

  16. The entire checklist for Stage 3, "Fucking It up".
    ✅Never get to Stage 1
    ✅Stay in Stage 2 for too long
    ✅Send two text messages in a row without getting a response on the first one
    ✅Be too passive
    ✅Be too needy
    ✅Be too pushy
    ✅Move in together
    ✅Argue too much
    ✅"I never loved you in the first place"
    ✅Take a break
    ✅Win her back
    ✅Get married
    ✅Things seem fine
    ✅Jerk off their dog
    ✅Introduce her to your hot friend
    ✅She falls in love with your hot friend
    ✅You are also in love with your hot friend
    Propose threesome; they both accept
    ✅You end up not being included and end up uncomfortably masturbating in the corner
    ✅Realize this is the lowest point in your life
    ✅Decide that you're going to turn your life around starting tomorrow
    ✅Download Grindr
    ✅No matches
    ✅Go on Reddit
    ✅Write a post that actually isn't made up
    ✅0 karma
    ✅Post on r/amiugly
    ✅Decide that you need a new outlet; relationships aren't everything
    ✅Make YouTube videos
    ✅People like the YouTube Videos
    ✅People in real life like the YouTube Videos
    ✅Start getting invited to things
    ✅Make new friends
    ✅Enjoy life
    ✅Meet girl
    ✅Go on date with girl
    ✅Goes really well
    ✅Stay in Stage 2 for too long
    ✅Send two text messages in a row without getting a response on the first one
    Sounds to me like Casually Explained is telling us his story and how he became a YouTuber, just a thought tho.

  17. Does it mean she likes me if she asks for my phone all the time, she changed the wallpaper to a selfie of her, she changed her name in WhatsApp to something cute and she always sits next to me?

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