Cats are cute, warm and have their own time. Face is gorgeous and So I think I like cats a lot. Hello, my name is Tatarooga,
Needle Felting Doll Craftman. I’m making a stuffed animal with wool. I have a needle felt studio called
‘YangMoNam Gongbang’. This cat is called ‘Mackerel Tabby’ in Korea. It is the fourth cat who came to our cafe before moving. The cat has a name ‘Saho(No.4)’ He plays with us a lot and came every day. The material for making wool dolls is wool. If you touch this, you’ll feel rough. Unite these rough wools, If you touch the front of the felting needle, it gets rough, There is a groove. These bumps pierce the wool and
entangle each other as they come out. It’s made by using sticking properties. This is white, cheese, black,
so three colors are called cats. I wanted to make the posture(arm folded pose)
that cats take a lot. I initially thought of animals as unfamiliar with cats. But one day,
I had a moment of sympathizing with the cat. A baby cat came across the street and hit my knees. So I named the cat ‘Kung’. I stood there for a while and told me
to stay in front of my office, When I went back, the baby cat was gone. Since then, I have created and shown works because I want to show people
that cats are comfortable and warm. I am not a butler now. I want to be a butler, so I keep making cat dolls. These two cats made like a character. It also moves. It’s also the cats who went on vacation with me. He can move and sit down. I am making mackerel tabby to go to the exhibition. This part is not finished yet. So I have to work. When you make such a cat,
you need to mix two or more colors. Mixing wool is called ‘carding’. It is easy to think of paint. If you do a lot of carding at once,
the wool is tangled and broken. So, little by little… It takes time of patience (Can I keep sticking?) Yes. Anyone can do it. Really easy. This part is not pretty if only one color. It’s important to get the most out of your carded wool. (When did you start making wool dolls?) I originally designed a character, I used to run a character office and a cafe. and I drew a picture of a dog and hung it in the cafe. The guests wanted me to paint a dog,
so I drew a portrait of their pet. That’s already 5 years ago. My clients came to my exhibition and said ‘I want to own other works besides your paintings’ I happened to see a wool doll
and wanted to make a doll with my character. It’s been about 2 years now. People say that your career is short,
and you make good work. I think the picture of my 10 years is melting. (What do you want to do in the future?) There are animal characters I thought. I will make it into a wool doll
and make it my own content. It is a story with a story. I would like to have an exhibition
with a picture and a stereogram. with drawings, character dolls and real dolls.

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