A needle is clearly visible inside the body Maybe the cat was stabbed with a needle? I saw a metallic object in the rectum We’ve got a problem After the accident, Gina became easily scared It hurt I took out the sewing box to sow a button She placed a needle for a while Suddenly, the needle disappeared! Owner’s confused… Wait… Gina, please tell me you didn’t… My throat hurts Where are you taking me? She took her cat to the vet right away And found a 5.6cm needle I saw a metallic object in the rectum We’ve got a problem After looking at the side shot, and the shot of the cat lying down, I concluded that the needle is still in her rectum Needle’s in the cat’s stomach?! (Shocking) Due to the taste buds of the cat’s tongue, Gina must’ve ended up swallowing the needle We have to get the needle out of her body! In cases like these, we don’t try artificial treatment right away But wait and see if the cat defecates the needle naturally Everything depends on Gina’s poop now You got this! Finding needle in poo No way! It came out! Congrats on the safe(?) defecating! I think this was a very lucky situation Fortunately, the eye of the needle came out first Man, if it was the other way around… D: Gina ate, so the needle traveled down her stomach with food I must’ve been more careful; I felt so sorry I won’t swallow any more needles, mom! Mommy’s sorry too! Let’s be happy & healthy

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