Hello my name is Freddy and this is Billy. We are both herbalists based in China Town, New York. The Clinic is called Sanh Hoa Long we are at 217 Center Street and today we are going to talk about Chinese herbs specifically Gin Sing which is very common, popular… Continue Reading All About Chinese Herbal Medicine : Ginseng & Chinese Herbal Medicine

– So, we’re here for the second time, the first stem cell treatment showed great results, we were just blown away and after the initial treatment with stem cells Kalel has shown that he is going up stairs faster. He went through a good few weeks where he wasn’t falling,… Continue Reading UPDATE: Amazing Results from Kalel’s First Stem Cell Treatment for Muscular Dystrophy

WHY The living organism expresses itself in movemBent more clearly than in words But not alone in movement in pose in posture in attitude and in every gesture the organism speaks a language Which antedates and transcends its verbal expression? The connection between mind and body has long been a… Continue Reading The Ideal Body: How our Body Shapes our Character