Extra body parts are more common than you think. From an extra nipple to an extra vagina, here are 10 women who were born with extra body parts. Number 10. Woman With Two Vaginas Hazel Jones was born with a “one in a million” medical condition called uterus didelphys, which… Continue Reading 10 Females With Extra Body Parts You Must Know!

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What, I am here again? Oh no no no… Wait! I guess I have no choice. Hey, you! Don’t get distracted!

Disclaimer: Body Stitching is not self harm. It is a form of art and body modification. It does not cause pain or damage. Here the stitch is too short, it doesn’t go far enough to be secured. Which is why it is easily ripped out like this. But this stitch… Continue Reading Body Stitching #4 – How to make stitches last for longer! (Subtitles)

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Hey, where are we, right now? You, answer me. Where are we? Nagoya- That’s not it. This is a dumpster. Don’t put those washed-up scrubs across from me again. 昨日残りのリーグ戦がどうなるか 忠告してやっただろ 誰もが痛みにもがき苦しむことになる 生きてることを後悔させてやる EVERYBODY DIES 俺たちの手によって それからこのベルトは…俺のものだ 誰にも奪わせない アメリカ人 イギリス人 日本人 誰が挑戦しても結果は同じだ 俺がこのベルトと 新たな歴史を築いてやる 痛みと死で繰り返される歴史だ 俺は誰もが恐れる MURDER HAWK MONSTERだ EVERYBODY… Continue Reading The Murder Hawk Monster is beginning a legacy of pain! #njwtl