Was good If you can watch me I know what I’m gonna say did she do another back but another video I’m song. I’ve been gone So long, it’s Vera, huh. I want to give him right into the video because I don’t hold you guys up this video is… Continue Reading How To Change A Needle On A Brother Sewing Machine:

Bonjour. Aujourd’hui nous allons couvrir le sujet des migraines chroniques, qui pour certains d’entre nous peuvent être journalières ou quasi journalière. Pourquoi ? Parce que dans une logique d’enregistrement et potentiellement de collaboration avec un docteur, la migraine chronique n’a pas forcément besoin de s’enregistrer de la même façon qu’une… Continue Reading Migraine Buddy : Comment enregistrer ses migraines quotidiennes ?

Hi, everyone. Shirin here. Welcome back to my channel. Today, we’re talking all about computer glasses. So, this video is in partnership with Firmoo and they actually recently reached out to me and I did work with them last year, as well. So, they reached out to me about reviewing… Continue Reading FIRMOO COMPUTER GLASSES REVIEW (BLUE LIGHT BLOCKING LENSES FOR MIGRAINES) | QUEENSHIRIN

KENNETH: Hello everybody. Welcome again to the believers voice of victory broadcast. I’m Kenneth Copeland. Father, we thank you again today. We open our hearts today to hear and to be healed and we praise you and thank you. And we are, we are, we are praising people, we are… Continue Reading Exercise and Laughter Are God’s Prescription for Pain

Hi, I’m Britlicious an artificial intelligence being developed by Britlish. And I’m Albion, also part of the innovative English teaching ideas from Britlish. We’re here to teach you today’s phrase of today. What’s today’s phrase, Albion? Today’s phrase is a needle in a haystack. What does a needle in a… Continue Reading English Phrase of the Day – Needle in a Haystack

Hi I’m Dr. Jeff Turner of Texas Migraine Clinic if you have Chronic Migraines, whether it’s with or without an aura that shows up before your migraines, chances are you often have severe head pain, perhaps accompanied by dizziness and or nausea. on days you don’t wake up with a… Continue Reading Chronic Migraine Treatment