You may think scientists stationed in Antarctica are just playing with penguins or studying leopard seals. But some of them are down there to fly balloons or watch ice cubes. Special balloons and special ice cubes. Like the balloon-based experiment ANITA, which has seen things we thought weren’t possible, and… Continue Reading ‘Ghost Particles’ Erupting from Antarctica Could Shatter Standard Physics


(audience clapping) – It’s said that a little caffeine may help ease a headache, but Drew, I’m sad. (Drew laughs) Dr. Nita, I’m sad. – Why? – Because did you know your coffee intake may actually increase your risk of migraines? (audience gasps) (fake crying) (audience laughing) – You do… Continue Reading Migraines Caused by Too Much Coffee?

Hi, I’m Dr. Jess Santucci and thank you so much for taking the time to look at our website. And thank you for watching this video. So I thought the first thing I would talk about is: Why — Why I do what I do because I think why is… Continue Reading Jess Santucci DDS — A Dentist Who Provides Migraine Relief to Dental Patients

Hey guys, it’s Mike from The Mayfair Clinic here, and I’m glad you managed to get on to this page. Now at the bottom of the page here, you’re going to be able to make a payment for your appointment. But when you go through, I just want to show… Continue Reading *NEW* Back Pain Consultation From Home | Virtual Consultations For Back Pain

Injection Pain Relief Home Remedies are often searched for online, and being a dermatologist I am asked very frequently how to treat these local skin reactions, whether this concerns injecting testosterone for a TRT protocol, vaccinations in babies and young children, or injection biological drugs for inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid… Continue Reading Injection Pain Relief Home Remedies – Cortisone Cream For Injection Reactions Symptoms