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Therapeutic *shoulder* injections at CDI can help to relieve your pain and improve range of motion. It could be for tendinitis, bursitis, degenerative joint disease, frozen shoulder. Typical shoulder injection patients can be 20-years-old and up. For these injections, Dr. Joel Newman uses X-ray guidance to make sure the needle… Continue Reading Therapeutic Pain Injection Can Bring Relief to Your Shoulder

A7 – gee cue elle was a hard misc challenge. It combines a database query injection with optimizing the algorithm to perform the attack. So also partially a programming or computer science challenge. When I first read the title I mispronounced it as “gi que elle”, so a more german… Continue Reading Blind GQL injection and optimised binary search – A7 ~ Gee cue elle (misc) Google CTF 2017

Hey guys welcome back to my channel. [I] had no intentions I’m filming this video But I figured I would Because when I started doing this I had no idea what I was doing and I had to google a lot So I figured I would do a little how-to… Continue Reading How To Give Yourself a Vitamin B-12 Injection 💉

Hi, I’m Steve Magnante, and I’m here in El Paso, Texas, where we’re going to take a look at the new MSD Atomic Electronic Fuel Injection System. It’s basically a wet flow throttle body that replaces most any square bore carburetor. Now, if you’re one of those guys with a… Continue Reading MSD Atomic EFI TBI Tutorial Overview How-To Installation Electronic Fuel Injection Conversion

Hi there. I’m Laura. Today I’m going to show you how to properly self-inject a dose of DUPIXENT (dupilumab). You’ve already learned how to self-inject with your healthcare provider. I’m here to guide your first at-home experience. When I first started self-injections, I found syringes really intimidating. I’ve gotten better… Continue Reading DUPIXENT® (dupilumab) Supplemental Injection Training Video

GREG KICK: Hi, I’m Greg Keck. I work at Google on the Java core libraries team. We’ve brought you such things as Guava, some contributions to Guice, and full of other things, here and there over the years. But most notably Guava. In the past, I worked on Data Liberation,… Continue Reading DAGGER 2 – A New Type of dependency injection