Experience Vanderbilt is a student-led initiative that provides students with financial need with resources to participate in extra-curricular activities. So things like clubs, sports, service trips and Greek life. Opportunity Vanderbilt brought students from different backgrounds into the classroom, but it wasn’t bringing them onto the soccer field; it wasn’t… Continue Reading Improving financial inclusivity one experience at a time

Hey guys, I’m Spencer Pratt. This is my brand new show for MTV and so far, a lot of healing has gone down. You may remember me from my days on The Hills. That was a dark time. So, when the show ended, I realized I needed to make a… Continue Reading Spencer Pratt Tries to Heal Kodie Shane w/ GOATS 🐐 | Spencer Pratt Will Heal You 🔮| MTV

Yes, so, it had to be free. We had to make health care a gift to the society. And, maybe at first, it was the clearest statement we could make about it because medical bills are such a huge part of our debt cycles in the United States. But what… Continue Reading Patch Adams Presents: Free Medical Care at Gesundheit Institute

in this video I’m going to share my opinions on whether or not it’s okay for someone with MS not to take a disease-modifying therapy if you’d like to hear my take on the question don’t turn away because that starts right now howdy thanks for learning about MS with… Continue Reading MS treatment: OK to Avoid Multiple Sclerosis Medication?

*intro music* *type writer noise* hey guys it’s Amanda and welcome back to my channel today I decided I want to talk to some guys about something that I personally deal with a lot and I don’t really talk about it much because I feel like people are gonna take… Continue Reading i’m feeling insecure : body image and body confidence

Lateral Hip Pain. Side Stepping. Take a strong sideways step, back and forth. Try to avoid stepping back too close to the other foot if possible. Isometric Hip Abduction. Lying on your back with your knees slightly wider than hip width apart. Place a pillow under the knees and a… Continue Reading Lateral Hip Pain