Botox is a neurotoxin and we use it to stop muscle function or prevent muscle function for about three to six months so most people use Botox primarily for the wrinkles above their nose in between the eyebrows or the wrinkles along the outer portion of the eye, what we… Continue Reading Botox injections: What to expect

(bright guitar music) – Hi. Today we’re here to learn how to inject Simponi. This is the Simponi auto-injector. The first thing you’re gonna do is gather your supplies. You’ll need an alcohol wipe. If you don’t have alcohol wipes, that’s fine. A bottle of rubbing alcohol and a cotton… Continue Reading How to Inject Simponi

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[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey there. I’m Sophia. And I’m going to walk you through how to inject Lupron 14-day kit under the skin or subcutaneously. These instructions are broken up into five quick steps. Let’s start by making sure you’ve got all your supplies ready to go– a multi-use vial of… Continue Reading How To Inject Lupron® 14 Day Kit (Leuprolide Acetate) | Fertility Treatment | CVS Specialty®

Meet Joe. To his family, his co-workers and his community, he’s their one and only. But today, Joe is just one of many patients in the hospital due to infection. If only safe injection practices had been performed properly. It was right there in Standard Precautions, at the heart of… Continue Reading Safe Injection Practices – How to Do It Right

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