You’re known to be tidy and neat. Are you still like that? I made a quicker recovery than most people and the doctor said that helped. – Because you keep your place clean? / – Really? Because my house was clean… And spotless. I don’t want to sound like I… Continue Reading Painful time recovering from cancer [Happy Together/2020.01.16]

hello everyone my name is Heena Patel I’m here from performance physical therapy so I wanted to talk to you two about foot pain as the holidays come around we see a lot of patients who come in with foot pain it’s usually due to spending a lot of time… Continue Reading How To Fix Foot Pain!

– So the TMJ, nope (laughter) – [Female] Go with it. – So the temporomandibular joint is a very complex joint that has lots of muscles that surround and help it move properly. But one of the most common issues that we see with temporomandibular joint dysfunction is probably the… Continue Reading TMJ Pain Relief Center Springfield IL

[Loving guitar tune] [Jen] Hi! It’s Jen and Tammy back with the final month of the Wooly Mug Mat Series! I can’t believe it’s been a year that we’ve been doing this! [Tammy] I can’t believe it’s January 2020 right now. [Jen] Look how this is! [Tammy] It is! [Jen]… Continue Reading Wooly Mug Mat Series – February | a Shabby Fabrics Tutorial

In this video, I’m going to demonstrate CDD or Center Double Decrease. And it’s my guess that there must be at least one or two patterns out that use this decrease. One or two popular patterns, new patterns out that use this decrease because I had never heard of it… Continue Reading Knitting Help – CDD, or Center Double Decrease

(screaming) – Oh my God. – Oh my God! Don’t cry. – Don’t cry! (laughing) – What’s good Sands Fam. – It’s your girl Ken. – And your boy Tex. – Welcome back to our channel. If you guys are new here, stop what you’re doing and subscribe. We, would,… Continue Reading TELLING OUR PARENTS WE’RE HAVING A BABY! (Emotional)