my name is Marie I was diagnosed with a
return of breast cancer I’ve been dealing with this for a while and so
I’ve done a lot of research online and so I called Dr. Tom for the 15 minute
consultation was on the phone with Dr. Tom for a total of two hours what Dr.
today actually spends two hours on the phone with the patient he never stops
researching I don’t know if he even goes to sleep at night he researches
constantly and he’s got his feelers out on a global wide basis what impressed me
the most about Causenta is the fact that they are normal people to deal with a
crisis like this with your health and to deal with it alone it’s a pretty scary
thing when I got there everyone at the clinic was just so friendly and it was
like a second family away from home I felt good enough to do things on the
weekend so I did a little bit of tourism on the side and I’m feeling pretty good
the other thing that I think is very important about what Causenta does is
that they have a follow-up program when you get home and they send you
supplements and they watch your progress and so it’s never completely over they
follow you for the duration that is extremely important most doctors and
most centers would say well goodbye good luck have a nice life not Causenta

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