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  1. Can you tell me something about the Hearing fam ad? I have loss of hearing and the M disease that you are talking about as well as tinnitus. Please help me, I am 77 years old and having to do with a small SS check. Thank you.

  2. Great summary Dr. Cliff. Wish my ent explained it like that. A treatment by Sound Pharmaceuticals for Ménière’s disease has been fast tracked so hopefully we will have treatment land possibly a cure over the next few short years.🙏🏻

  3. I was diagnosed with menieres a month ago. BUT I have had hearing problems since I was born. I have had drainage tubes a LOT starting at five yrs old. Prob every year until I was 12 then tapered down. I started noticing tinnitus ringing on and off when I was ten. Since I turned twenty or so this has not stopped. The tinnitus is now five different tones going all at the same time ALL the time. Some days are louder then others. The dizzy spells kick my butt and happen every three or so months.
    Point: This sucks.

  4. hey, I'm from Sweden and I've been diagnosed with Meniere's Disease just today I have all the symptoms expect the part of hearing loss my doctor said that they couldn't track any hearing loss because it can go up and down with Meniere's Disease. Anyway, I like your video and you explain to us very clear about it. But my question is I'm 25 now. Would I live a normal life with this or it's going to be hard and I won't be able to study or work?

  5. I'm suffering with Menieres disease, the only medication helped me is Betahistine other than that all medication listed here except diuretics causes extreme sleepness and you should expect sleeping for 24h after taking those med.

    one thing I want to add is there is no cure for Menieres the only thing is to keep it in control is to avoid the triggers specially salt and caffeine.

  6. What are your thoughts on labryinthectomy? My doctor has recommended this for my 20 year ongoing battle with Menierre's.

  7. You forgot to mention NAUSEA AND VOMITING!😞 I as I type this am coming off of Meniere's attack. The vomiting for 4 hours and not being able to get out of bed is for Real! But you're right, caffeine chocolate salt and sugar sometimes brings on a attack. I haven't had a full attack like this in two years but man oh man I still get the the screaming in my ears, the fullness the whole gamut. And my ears they itch Non-Stop drive me cuckoo crazy!!!😶 PS I have those hearing aids that play music but it sometimes aggravates my situation with my ears. So I don't wear them

  8. Literally just got diagnosed with Ménière’s disease today. I guess it’s good to have a name for it. Any suggestions what to expect and how to manage it?

  9. I kinda wanted to share since im an outlier – in 5th grade, i complained that i was in constant dizziness spells, i was often sick to my stomach, and i had a hard time hearing my peers. My mother took me to many doctors to figure out what was wrong. We never got a clear answer. Fast forward to my junior year of highschool. Around 11 in the morning, the middle of history class, i call my mom in pure panic and tears. The room hadnt stopped spinning since i had woken up almost 5 hours earlier. I was told to have someone drive me to the ER if it didnt clear up in 1 hour. I waited still, going to the clinic the next morning. (This was over 24 hours now and i was still in a spinning sensation) And there it was, nearly falling in front of my doctor: a 17 year old girl had very obvious signs of this disease. My mother(she had her suspicions since shes had it for years too) uncle, and grandfather all had it as well, and its something ive been dealing with in a much healthier way. I struggle sometimes as yes, my hearing goes out (i actually switch ears, i didnt get just one effected) i struggle with my balance, my ears get full when i work especially, and i get very dizzy very easily. Being so young, i thought that was average! Apparently i got looped in much more quickly!

  10. Thank you Dr Cliff for the detailed video. I have all the symptoms except for vertigo, in the past 2 years my hearing loss increased in my one ear. MRI scan showes all normal buy my daily life is affected. I have difficalty in crouds etc and tend to stay home more oftern. I am a bit lost with all of this. I will go for a yearly hearing test and see if it gets worse, docters here cant seem to figure it out. Sunny regards from beatifulle South Africa.

  11. I have a history of Ménière disease and I’m having an attack now. I got dizzy this morning and took meclizine. It helped but now I have fullness and a LOUD whining sound in the right ear. I feel like I’m dying. It’s never been this bad.

  12. I have meniers disease. I haven't had all the time meclizine I just get tired of the dizziness it happens I'm dizzy all the time

  13. hiya i was diagnosed with meniere's disease in october omg its affected my life so badly , im on meds but im still having severe vertigo attacks which can last up to 12 hours or more and meniere's attacks can last for me up to 3 or more weeks im so fed up , i have such loud roaring tinnitus and also a fullness in the ear , i feel so sick most of the time very off off balance and feel sometimes like im on a moving ship , im seeing another ent specialist in march next step is a steroid injection to the inner ear am so hoping this works and gives me some relief , it really sucks living with this condition my daily life is affected so much by it and i feel the more attacks i have the more damage its doing each time !! i just want to feel normal again !! thanks for your video doc 😉

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