Today’s Review is on Cascadia Blooms CBD Hemp Flowers. actually out of all the CBD products
this is one of the products I was most skeptical about and even though it’s the
the raw form of it I was just really curious to see kind of how a CBD flower would
compare to a THC flower because of the majority of people doing CBD either are
coming from the pharmaceutical side or they’re coming from cannabis and if
you’re going to buy CBD flowers it means you probably consume THC flowers so one
major selling point of this is that you can mix it with THC flowers this product
specifically smells amazing I mean I wish the camera had a nose smells so
good it smells like an outdoor grown kush
it’s from Oregon it’s an amazing product you can on the back of the 1 ounce
bag that you see here you can see the cannabinoid breakdown so this the pine
bury their two products two strains that you can buy online right now they have
the Pineberry in the really popular Elektra other brands like Plain Jane
also, sell the Elektra strain plain Jane is also from Oregon so it’s a very
popular strain from there really the The smell is amazing, and the CBD flowers are so beautiful! look at the CBD bud let me get this to zoom in like it’s an amazing looking bud it’s got you can see the trichomes on it you
can you can feel the product itself it’s a high-quality product
now the breakdown of cannabinoids and this specific strain it has 12.1% CBD it
also has CBD a and since these are legal in the states, it’s below 0.3% THC
see the pineberry strain has a bit of CBD, CBN which is a nice addition to the
entourage effect again the smell is just awesome and you can
see this is the one-ounce bag this bag sells for under $100 another amazing selling
point of Cascadia as I ordered this product and within 48 hours it was
shipped here and within the package you don’t have to worry they actually put a
piece of paper I don’t know where I actually, put it but it tells any
shipment company that this is a CBD products you don’t have to worry about
it being shipped there won’t be any issues Cascadia also lists
information about that on their site so if you want to read more they have a
bunch of reviews online so I tried these flowers in a few ways I tried it mixed
with THC I tried it on its own I tried it in my PAX2 I vaped it I roll the
joint with it I tried it in a few ways and it just depends on how you consume
flour the flavor was better in the vaporizer
but for traditional smokers, you’re going to want to roll it up it’s great it
grinds up you know really finely and my the sharp stone here it’s just like any
other flour that you would use it’s it’s not really dry it’s some of the CBD
flours I had in the past were really dry and they felt like they were old now
Cascadia is you can contact them to see when this was harvested and when it was
picked to know the date on it the product is amazing it’s fresh you can
feel the quality of it going to light up this is a pure CBD joint it just has
flour in it you can see how it burns and it’s nice
the volume of smoke is also exactly the same as the THC flower so there’s no
the difference there it’s not harsh on your throat at all it has a really nice
flavor it burns slowly so this ounce bag I’m using I don’t know point three point
five four you know each joint and it’s enough so this ounce will last a while
it’s $100 worth of CBD for I don’t know maybe two months and it’s in this
you know nice bag so it won’t dry out you have time the pine barrier I
really like it gave me a relaxing the effect I not gonna say that it was a
miracle drug that it you know solved everything but I definitely I had a
great night’s sleep last night like anyone who smokes you know it’s
good for anxiety it’s good for stress it’s good for the relief you can go to their
website they have some reviews on the products to see what people are saying
but overall I’m really you know happy with the product, I didn’t expect it to
be this good but I’m usually taking CBD through oiler or through capsules but
CBD flowers are definitely going to be a a big part of my routine now and Cascadia
the pineberry or the Elector you can’t go wrong again you order it shipped to
you within two days so if you are interested in CBD hemp flowers this is
definitely one of the brands I would go with contact them if you have any
questions great company great brands Thank you and don’t forget to use our Coupon Code: BESTDOSAGE

63 thoughts on “CBD Flower For Pain and Insomnia [December 2019 Favorite]”

  1. I just tried Cascadia for the first time and am super impressed. I got the sour space candy strain. Tastes just like sour diesel. Great video, you are very calm and well spoken. Keep it up.

  2. Thank you! We just saw this review online and want to tell folks, this is a customer. We did not send a sample nor did he request one. Super awesome and thanks for making our day. We added a coupon: BESTDOSAGE19

  3. wowow,; nice review ! i wanna try it so bad ( and i just bought a vaporizer…) so yeah! But only issue is that you guyz are in USA, and i don't know if you can ship to EU… Can you?
    I already had a bad experience from an other USA vendor… block in custom… even tho it is a legal product. For now i buy on , they have good quality vendors and various Brand.

    Can't wait for the CBD market to have a real good legislation, i wanna thast Hemp from USA !

  4. I bought an ounce of Special Sauce from Cascadia recently and got 45% with a one time use coupon code. They sent me some gorgeous flower. Sticky, dank smell, strong effects. The price is more than i'm accustomed to paying but there's no denying the quality. It's premium bud.

  5. I havenโ€™t noticed any effects from hemp flower worth paying for. I bought some good quality hemp flower from a diff Oregon company than mentioned here. I tried their Russian Automatic(RNA) strain: CBD: 13.89 % – CBDa: 14.96%, CBD: 0.77% Delta9-THC: 0.07% and felt only a tiny bit sleepy, nothing else. Iโ€™ve vaped it twice in my Firefly 2 and just smoked a big bowl of it an hr ago from my pipe. No mood lifting effects like they claim, and very very minimal muscle relaxation.
    Iโ€™m not sold of the stuff.

  6. Please do a review on the Herb King top flower!!! It's supposed to be the best tasting CBD flower there is.

  7. Thanks for the great review. I'll be trying this brand soon. Glad I came across this video those nugs look awesome. โœŒ๏ธ

  8. That's what we used to call "Puff The Magic Dragon". Don't know if I'd smoke(inhale) it, but I would use it for smoking(bbq) and/or a bad ass rub/seasoning.

  9. Buddha Blend by evolution extracts is the only CBD product I got any noticeable effect from. Iโ€™ve tried smoking the buds and felt nothing , from what I know some thc must be present for the CBD to have the effect it should

  10. It really helps those who need it, I have epilepsy so I'm sure this herb will help, I've already tried 3 different strains from, 1 from one company and two from 5 leaf wellness and they have all had a positive effect on the way i've felt through the day and the night so purchasing from Cascadia should be good, I'm hopeful.

  11. Let the sulphur burn off your match for a second or two before lightning your joint. You wonโ€™t get that foul taste.

  12. forget that your best bet is to get the sour space candy strain , i been trying to get it for awhile now but running into sites that was out of stock and eventually gotten an oz coming my way , you ought to look it up or better yet you better ask somebody

  13. another reason why people would smoke CBD flower that you didn't mention (for good reason its more obscure) is because people in recovery(NA/AA) have an option rather then gross cigarettes! It's non-psychoactive and it has medicinal benefits.

  14. I skimmed through your videos I didn't in the captions if you tried sunset road sherbert. It is almost 20% CBD and I've only been seeing great reviews on it. People are saying the cbd is so strong you feel it instantly through a water bong or pipe very very relaxing

  15. like when he mentioned you can mix it together , 1 of the reasons the government is going to reverse the legal status of cbd flower b/c of kids today is mixing it with the cbd flower in states that are still illegal , there's already 4 states that reverse the federal law to state law to make cbd illegal , 1st off was ohio that started it then indiana , s carolina florida and now idaho , the states are legal for thc weed still carry cbd flower which is calafornia oregon washington nevada and IL

  16. Has anyone tried "Hits" hemp flower or TKO by Terp Nation? I was thinking about getting some 3.5 and 7gram containers into my my store. Would love to hear some feedback, Thanks

  17. I am also currently using the Cascadia sampler which I like. I also tried Secret Nature which is double the price but I think not as good. Have you tried others and how would you compare them?

  18. Grind it up and put it in a tea bag in coffeee with cream in it for the fats. Different stronger affects ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  19. This company is sold out of every product on their website? Why would I choose a company that can't keep anything in stock?

  20. Is this a more cost effective way to dose CBD than cbd oil? I just purchased CBD from a CBD store for
    $110 for 60 day bottle.

  21. I liked pine berry also but lifted by pharma-extract is by far the best of the best, 10*/10* ,100%quality even though it's a little more expensive than other brands the quality makes it worth the wait to get it from Las Vegas, and being more expensive for smaller amounts it's all worth every cent and the time it takes to get it, honestly I don't mind driving 11-12 hours to pay more for less it's the 100% best CBD flower money can buy if your not satisfied I'd buy it back from you full price for watever is left, its hard to get because of the quality sometimes they're out and you have to wait a month or more but still is worth it all!!! I prefer it over real bud its honestly that good not even exadurating at all!!!! If you get the chance to try it jump on it the flavor, smell, effect, quality, freshness, turpines, tricomes, even the color& everything about bud quality is nothing less than perfect CBD flower and is a 10/10 star anytime/anyday , I hope this helps and hope you get a chance to try it I buy as much as possible because you never know how long the wait could be till its available again, but those are things u gotta do sometimes to get quality like that, they have other strains that are around 30-32% CBD but "Lifted" even though it may not be the strongest % of CBD, but its still high %CBD and 100% the best money can buy, and I've tried over 17 different brands and probably close to 60 strains from them all, some have the same names but can be much different than others sharing the same names. Keep up the great channel and videos bro you put alot of effort into your videos/channel/and giving it 100%effort so I watch all your videos and i got my buddies to subscribe to your channel also to help you out, cuz you deserve it, keep up the great work fam! ๐ŸŒฑ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒณ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ’จ๐Ÿ’จ๐Ÿ’จ !๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ”ฅ!!!

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