-Welcome to The Daily Show.
-Thank you, Trevor. And congratulations on a book
that is drawing accolades from every single person
who has read it. It’s a powerful story.
The book is titled Know My Name. For a long time,
you were anonymous, and then you chose
to come out with your name and your full story. Why? Well, I wanted the title
to be declarative and definitive, to say I am choosing
to step forward and I’m not going
to hide anymore, because this is not my burden
to carry. I feel like, at this point, I know who I am, I know what I’m worth and I know what I’m capable of. And when you know yourself
on that deep level, it becomes very hard
to mess with you. -Oh, I like that.
-(cheering and applause) I feel like… I feel like that’s what the
story in the book is all about. You know, you-you wrote down your experiences
on the pages of this book, and you write beautifully, but it’s also painful
and triumphant at the same time. How long did it take you to-to move
from a place in your life where you were only thinking
about the pain to then moving to a place
where you’re like, “No, I’m going to turn this
into my triumph and I’m going to turn this
into a rallying cry”? Mm. Well, one Post-it note
I had next to my desk as I was writing just said,
“Feel what I felt.” It was very important for me
to just acknowledge every feeling I had experienced, to not tuck any of them away and to lay it out on the page. And it’s funny,
because I worked so hard to get on the paper exactly what
I was feeling inside. -Right.
-And as soon as that aligned, it would click
and I would move on and I wouldn’t think much
about it. But when I was on Oprah, she picked up the book and, as she was reading passages
to me, I was listening and I was like, “Damn, like,
that’s really good.” (laughter) (cheering and applause) Yeah, that’s, uh… that’s what–
that’s what Oprah does. -She, uh… She’ll read
your book to you, -Yeah. and then you’re like,
“I need to buy my book.” You’re like…
(laughs) -I know. I’m a genius. I just…
-Right. But-but I– but I understand
why so many people are connecting with it, because
the book is not just powerful in that it tells your story. It, unfortunately,
tells the story of so many other women
out there, -not just in America
but in the world. -Yeah. You know,
the Brock Turner case was one where everyone felt like
the case wasn’t handled well. Everyone felt aggrieved
on your behalf. You-you had–
you had this story, where it-it was cut-and-dry. -Yeah. -And you talk about it
in the book. You talk about the pain,
the shame and how people tried
to shift it to you. What do you– what do you hope
people will learn about being a victim
of sexual assault and how hard it is
to share your story? I write in the book, “Your character is not what
caused your hurts to happen.” And as you go
through this process, you will find people
who try to intimidate you, who will scare you
into silence, people who want
to humiliate you and tell you that you are crazy
and you are small. And I want to say, you are not crazy,
and you are not small. So, know your truth, hold on to that truth, and it will carry you
where you need to go. (applause and cheering) Just… Just one of the more powerful
passages in the book is where you talk
about the actual assault. And because
you were blacked out, you have to tell the story
partly from what you remember, and then, using the account of
the Swedes who came to your aid. You know, those two Swedish men who came and-and chased
Brock Turner and-and basically filled in -the-the pieces of the puzzle,
you know? -Mm. What’s interesting is-is what
you write about them, and you say, it made you realize
that it wasn’t… You know,
in all of these stories, it’s not just the person
that is doing the bad thing and the person that
the bad thing is being done to. But there are those who see it
and identify it as wrong, -and they do something about it.
-Yeah. Why was it so important for you
to speak about it in that way? Can I just say
that one of the Swedes, Carl, is here
in the audience tonight? So can we just clap? (applause and cheering) Oh, wow. (applause and cheering) Um, any time you see him
on the street, you are now required to clap. (laughter) Um, it’s so unbelievable to me the clarity of mind
that they had, to jump into action, to not only tackle him
and pin him to the ground, but they were speaking to him,
saying, “What the F are you doing? “Do you think this is okay? Apologize to her.” They wanted to make sure
I was being taken care of. And I think, for me,
on the same night where one of the most
terrible things happened, this miracle happened,
which is that I was saved. And so, as I went
through the trial and I was stuck
in sort of the darker parts and really down on myself,
I still had this hope that there are people out there
who want me to get better, who are doing the right thing, and I just have
to keep following that part, and that’s how I’m going
to get out on the other side. I mean,
if there’s guys like that that exist in this world, why do we lower
our expectations…? -(applause)
-Yeah? Thank you. (applause and cheering) Yeah. Yeah. We don’t… we don’t need
to make excuses for predators. We don’t need
to make excuses for people who don’t know how to treat
another person decently, who don’t know
right from wrong, because there are people
sitting here who do. -Wow.
-Yeah. -(applause and cheering)
-The book is a celebration. The book is a journey,
it’s powerful. The book is your life. Thank you
for sharing it with us. -Thank you. -And congratulations
on everything. -Thank you.
-Know My Name, a beautiful story,
is available now. Chanel Miller, everybody.

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  1. Yup. Didn't know her name. I like these interviews, where you haven't got the foggiest what it's about until after one third of the video has passed. I heard about her attacker, but frankly, those stories, i block them out because they're so depressing. Rapists should be shot in the balls, and denied medical treatment.

  2. impeccable, the kind of woman our kids should be looking up to. so well spoken and articulate, wish this had more views

  3. There are rape and violence victims, and every case is sadder than the last, but hers was not. Read into the case, her sex was consensual. Both were drunk and hooked up, she went with him without any pressure and did not try to get away at any point of the evening.
    Cases like this give republicans the fuel they need…

  4. The idea that Brock Turner "got a light sentence" is obscene. Brock

    Turner got a LIFE sentence he's a marked man for the rest of his life

    and lost EVERYTHING he had worked for his entire short life. FYI, here is the truth: Turner was sentenced to six months in jail, three years' probation, rehab, AA, and his most devastating sentence of all was that of a lifetime Tier III sex offender registrant. The lifetime sex offender registration sentence is consistently left out by the news outlets in an apparent effort to create sensationalism, generate ad dollars, sell newspapers/online news, and to hoodwink the public and sway public opinion. Stating the truth by mentioning Turner's lifetime sex offender sentence would deflate Michele Dauber's Deceit and Fake News Jihad against Brock Turner and Judge Persky.

    As a lifetime Tier III sex offender registrant, Turner is restricted as to where he can live, work, go to school, travel, where he can be in relation to where children are present, etc., etc., etc. He must also re-register in person every three months until he dies, even if he’s 90 years old, for example. Failure to re-register will result in mandatory incarceration. Brock Turner also was banned from the Stanford campus for life where he had won a full scholarship was banned from the amateur swimming association for life never to swim in meets again and lost his bid to try out for the Olympic swim team for life where he might have won a medal, he lost everything. And Chanel Miller says she was shocked at his "light sentence" proof that she's totally dishonest. Of course

    he got out early for good behavior HE'S NOT A CRIMINAL! He was a dumb

    drunk horny freshman jock. Not a rapist. And as this horny freshman

    jock Brock Turner thought in his drunken fog that he was "hooking up"

    with a willing older woman wearing a "skin tight dress' (SEE POLICE

    REPORT} who wanted to hook up. At a frat party where people hook up.

    Why in the world she wanted to drink so much that night with her

    little sister is hard to understand. Is it such a stretch to think

    that a 23 year old sexually active young woman (she had a boyfriend)

    was attracted in her drunken state to a cute broad shouldered hard

    bodied world class athlete who was getting ready to try out for the

    Olympic swim team and gave him "green light signals" that she now

    forgets. Do you remember everything you did and said if and when you

    were drunk? Do you really think that she would be the first young

    woman who cheated on her boyfriend at a frat party? So he acted badly

    like so many drunken freshman jocks at frat parties all over the

    country and now his life is over. But in reality all he did was rub

    her vagina with his hand his pants were on his zipper was up when he

    got caught and he thought she was ok with this.He says that she said

    yes and she says I don't remember but I never would have done that.

    How can you say what you were thinking when you were too drunk to

    remember. She was conscious and alert when her sister left her with

    Brock and must have passed out when they were making out on the

    ground. Chanel Miller acts like she was so violated but no one forced

    her to get so drunk and no one forced her to do anything at all. She

    just passed out and blacked out like she had done on other occasions

    in her drinking history. She was a classic binge drinker maybe now she

    will give up alcohol. And the end result is that all her career dreams

    have come true she's now a hero and a potential millionaire author and
    the lives of a basically decent although stupid ex college athlete and

    a very good decent and fair judge have been ruined. And Chanel Miller

    takes ZERO responsibility for her actions and seemingly couldn't care

    less. My daughter went all through college got 4 degrees had plenty of fun and NEVER

    once got passed out drunk. She thinks Chanel Miller is a very bad

    person and certainly not a role model for anyone.

  5. Her gift to herself is a gift to all of us. Thank you for taking charge of your homecoming, your healing, your becoming.

  6. I image Brock Turner watching this. He threw away a Stanford education, a chance at the Olympics, and the rest of his life because he was not taught how to properly treat women. At the same time, Chanel is a true hero who took her pain and transformed it into something empowering.

  7. Hi Trevor…….I enjoyed this segment. I would love to see more segments that are less editorial and more focused on the guest's experience. PS..South Africa is amazing.:)

  8. I don not support violence, but I do fantasize about this treatment for Turner: https://youtu.be/LIVDmrhB1Fc?t=85

  9. Wow when I'm an amazing woman I think it's so amazing we live in a world where now survivors can speak up. Growing up as a child that was raped and trapped in silence I never thought I would live in a world where people could actually talke about this stuff and respect the person that was hurt. I remember growing up watching Monica Lewinsky and Oj and it made me further go into silence and hurt myself instead of telling the truth. I see that sharing the truth is the way to cope yourself and hold others accountable for their actions, so I share the truth of my own life and how I cope on my channel. I think we can all learn from each other if we actually talked about this stuff. I think the craziest thing to me is realizing that this whole time there were so many of us walking next to each other in the same pain without even being able to talk about it. Now I have people from school that I've known for 10 years or more that have told me the truth because they saw some of my videos which is so mind-blowing. The more truth is in the world's the more things become equalized for balance. I just want the world to be a safer place and I hope that we can all teach people what it's like to be the victim of these people so we can actually do things to hold them accountable and change the world for the better. we can make the world a more beautiful place but it takes work to do that oh, just trying to say that it's all of a sudden great certainly doesn't make anything great it just makes you look delusional.

  10. Step 1: Have a book signing at the Democratic debate. Afterall, people like Weinstein, Epstein, and Buck will be there

  11. My daughter, sober like me, has a therapist who describes the Higher Power as the Voice of Love & the Voice of the Disease. Her description of following the voice of the miracle reminds me of that.

  12. I finished reading her book and it was so beautiful written with her raw emotions and perspective. She talks about her life and her story after many attacked her character and her actions. She is right in following the light of how men like the ones that saved her are what guides her to believe in our world. She brings forward and connects so many people’s experience together.

  13. Brock Turner raped a woman and served only 3 months in prison.
    Good ol' American justice system. Give it a hand, ladies and gentlemen! ???

  14. Who would she be if she never got assaulted? Did she stop being who she was after that asshole did what he did?

  15. Thank you to those who see terrible things happening and actually do something about it. There are so many who will look the other way and think "that's not right, but it not my business or problem." I'm not just referring to what the two men did who saved her, they are for sure to be commended! I am also speaking in generalities too. Just a sincere, heartfelt thank you to those who aren't bystanders. ???

  16. How on Earth are there negative votes on this? Are they people who dislike honesty? Or pro- attacking unconscious women? Or just against positive portrayals of humans doing things with an actual moral compass?
    This seems like a no-brainer.

  17. Ok I didn’t know she was the victim from the Brock Turner case. She’s even more badass than I already though she was before I knew who she was. Amazing young woman. Carrying herself so gracefully while talking through what must have been the most traumatic experience.

  18. Karl you’re a hero man! You’re a beautiful human, thank you for becoming involved in saving this young woman. It no doubt has helped her heal. You May have just been in the right place at the right time, but I’m so thankful you were.

  19. So… a girl who (seen by MANY witnesses) hooks up with a guy (CONSENSUALLY) chooses to destroy that guy because regret. Now she goes on a give me money and attention victim tour. I don't buy it at all. Not one bit. There is not a SHRED of evidence that this was an assault.. not a shred. In fact she can't even remember that night despite a MYRIAD of witnesses who testified that this was consensual. This woman is using these events to profiteer off the destruction of a mans life. My sincere condolences to those who have gone through sexual assault but this case is paper thin.

  20. She's a champion for every woman that has been violated, whether sexually or otherwise. Thank you Chanel for your bravery and your strength.

  21. Thank you, Trevor, for having Chanel Miller as a guest on your show. I'm glad she's sharing her story. These words were powerful: "If there's guys like that that exist in this world, why do we lower our expectations. We don’t need to make excuses for predators. We don't need to make excuses for people who don't know how to treat another person decently, who don't know right from wrong, because there are people sitting here who do."

  22. BROCK TURNER THE RAPIST should be chemically castrated and @$$ raped in prison until he dies of old age. I'm so proud of this strong AMAZING woman for coming forward. Brings me to tears even today. God bless those Swedes, so heartwarming to know good people do exist.

  23. She's giddy with ecstasy just look at how happy she is. Joyous even. Look at me everybody I'm famous now and everyone loves me.The self proclaimed alcoholic binge drinking ex party animal who described in detail to the police exactly how she used to blackout from drinking is now the absolute darling of the me too movement. She goes on and on about how much she suffered even though she can't remember anything that happened that night but I bet she would NEVER go back to the day before that fateful night and trade places with who she is now and be the unfamous plain old Chanel Miller she was back then. With much help from the witch hunting lynch mob Chanel has made a career and a whole new very lucrative life out of getting passed out drunk making out with and being fingered (NOT RAPED) by a 19 year old drunk freshman jock at a frat party. From the ashes of Brock Turner and Judge Persky who were both totally and unfairly destroyed rises the Phoenix of the new richer and more famous Chanel Miller.

  24. So this disgrace of a human being gets blackout drunk, hooks up with a younger guy, cheats on her boyfriend, and decides to ruin a man's life in order to deflect any responsibility for her own actions, and you people applaud her and hold her up as a hero? This is fucking pathetic, you all should be ashamed of yourselves.

  25. I love how she makes sure to stress how the two Swedish students behaved so different to her attacker and how we shouldn't lower our expectations regarding men's behaviour. Most men are decent people. That's why it is so vile how often perpetrators try to defend themselves by pretending its some kind of war against men in general. They use the other men as a shield.

  26. We not only need men willing to take action against public violence, but to tackle rape culture in every aspect of their lives.

  27. i’m halfway through her book right now and suddenly felt the need to not only read her story but hear her voice as well. it’s incredible to see you here today chanel. you are amazing, you are without a doubt powerful and thank you so much for sharing your story. sending you all the love!

  28. This is not journalism. Miller lied extensively in her famous Emily Doe speech, and has been lying on the book tour.
    1. There was no rape.
    2. There were no pine needles shoved into her vagina. Pure lies. Why were they told? For one thing, for dramatic effect. Miller is a dramatist. That is what she did at UCSB, Spoken Word performances. But more important, by claiming she was sadistically assaulted, Miller removes all doubt she consented. We can all imagine a drunk girl consenting to sex, but who consents to pine needles in her vagina? So it must have been an assault. But again, the pine needles were on the ground, and in her hair, but none in the vagina, that is pure invention. But there is plenty of reason to believe Turner that she went with him voluntarily and was happy being masturbated, which was all that happened. (proven by DNA testing)
    3.. Miller wanted us to believe she was subjected to violence by Turner. She spoke about blood on her hands, but she had no injuries at all, so if there was any blood on her hands it was due to medical treatment from her extreme drinking.
    4. Since promoting the book, Miller has said the case taught her "money opens jail doors", but she knows very well neither Turner nor his family had much money. Miller herself was born into a $4.3M house a family trust bought before she was born. This is a very, very privileged girl deliberately deceiving the public in order to use class resentments to promote her book..

  29. The entire Emily Doe meme was planned by a radical Stanford Professor who glommed onto Chanel Miller early on after a minor incident where it was not at all clear any crime was committed. The facts about the incident were, no one could be sure Miller did not consent to sex with Turner, at least being masturbated, before she passed out, and, while Turner rubbing against her to get himself off after she passed out was hardly respectful, it was not much of an offense.
    The radical Stanford Professor, Michele Dauber, had a daughter Amanda who committed suicide, at age 26, about ten years before..
    This daughter was sexually assaulted by Professor Dauber's older brother Michael Landis (brother and sister Michael and Michele, I do not know who they are named after)
    Michele Dauber has been promoting the claim of sexual assault on campus being commonplace since then. And that those in power do not care about victims.

  30. 1:05 — Way to avoid answering the question. She started writing the book in 2017, so a year.

    This is Jussie Smollett all over again.

  31. Chanel is a strong, resilient woman who is a new york times best selling author and Brock Turner is on megan’s law.

  32. She asked for it. You get drunk and messed up. You get fawked. This is a cash and attention grab for money. Might as well take advantage of the situation.

  33. A lesson to be learned here. Stop going to get smashingly drunk at college parties. There are many many horny dudes out there. Not justifying what happened is right but there's a reason why there are things in Bibles, religion on why your innocence is sacred.

  34. Chanel now says she was "shocked" by Brock Turner's "light sentence" and makes an issue of this Of course this was after she was coached by the ever warm and fuzzy Michele Dauber a woman(?) totally consumed with hatred. Early on Chanel even stated that she didn't want to see Brock in jail then Dauber set her straight. Brock Turner's "light sentence" consisted of the following. 6 months jail time, 3 years probation, AA, sex offender counseling plus he lost his full swimming scholarship to Stanford and was banned from the campus for life, he lost his membership to the amateur swim association and was banned from ever swimming in meets for life, he lost his bid to try out for olympic swim team for life, he is now a convicted felon for life and was listed as a tier III sex offender for life meaning he can never attend a school or be within 1000 feet of a school and must register in person as a sex offender every three months for the rest of his life or or be incarcerated. Brock Turner's life is destroyed he lost everything he had worked his entire young life for. And Judge Persky realizing this ruled that 6 months was enough jail time as he realized Brock's life was already destroyed and more jail time would be like "beating a dead horse". Because of this Michele Dauber and Chanel Miller went on the warpath and destroyed Judge Persky's life as well.

  35. By her actions, her words and her looks, the mismatched facial features and the overly small widely spaced "baby teeth" one does not have to be an anthropologist to realize Chanel is genetically inferior. Realizing this your first reaction upon seeing her is to feel sorry for her. Hence all the adulation and almost worship she is experiencing from the witch burning lynch mobbers. Then as you continue to listen to the dishonest even psychotic words spewing out of her mouth you start to realize how unbalanced and just plain sick she really is. Instead of encouraging their daughter to destroy Brock and Judge Persky her very wealthy parents who knew damn well that Chanel was a binge drinking alcoholic all through and beyond college and never sought treatment for her should be eternally thankful that Chanel in her drunken condition that night didn't walk in front of a car and be killed or maimed. Instead it was Brock and Judge Persky who were maimed for life. Polarizing to say the least.

  36. I don't drink alcohol so I was always the sober one at parties and I remember an interesting story one of many like this. A good friend had just bought a new pair of expensive shoes. He got very drunk at a party in a friends house and when it was time for me to drive him home he didn't want to put his new shoes back on. He spent fully 15 minutes explaining to the host why he didn't want to put his shoes on and begged the host to please let him leave his shoes at his house that he would get them tomorrow. We all laughed it was pretty funny but the host said sure you can leave your shoes here. My friend called me the next day practically in tears said he had lost his new super expensive shoes. I started laughing and he got upset said what's so funny. I told him we all had to listen to him begging the host to allow him to leave his new shoes at the house and they still were there safe and sound. He had no memory of this and was genuinely upset. Now if my friend was like Chanel Miller he could have said to me "No way dude I would never have left my brand new expensive shoes anywhere you must have hid them on me". Just like Chanel says no way I never gave Brock consent to touch me. Chanel was a drunk self described ex "party animal" and Brock was a broad shouldered hard bodied world class athlete who was preparing to go to the olympics. Is it beyond a REASONABLE DOUBT that she consented and had no memory of it. HELL NO. She probably passed out seconds before they were found.

  37. She seems to be really struggling with an incident she doesn't even remember lol, bet she's really happy with all the money and publicity she is getting now out of it. What a disgrace when people don't even realize that they met at a party beforehand and went into the alleyway together. Careful guys when you have sexual interaction with women who are drunk. They could later charge you with rape just cuz they regretted being an active participant

  38. This is an exact quote from Chanel to the probation department before sentencing Brock because she knew damn well that she consented in her drunken condition. After the jury verdict, Miller expressed concern to the Probation Department for the wellbeing of Turner, telling the Probation Department before Turner was sentenced that:

    “. . . I don’t want him to feel like his life is over and I don’t want

    him to rot in jail. He does not need to be behind bars.”

    Then Brock Turner DEEPLY apologized for everything . Quote

    .".Not only have I altered my life, but I’ve also changed [Miller’s]

    and her family’s life. I am the sole proprietor of what happened on

    the night these people’s lives were changed forever. I would give

    anything to change what happened that night. I can never forgive

    myself for imposing trauma and pain on [Miller]. It debilitates me

    to think that my actions have caused her emotional and physical

    stress that is completely unwarranted and unfair. The thought of this

    is in my head every second of every day since this event has

    occurred. . . .”

    Then she got with Michele Dauber and decided to change her mind and destroy Brock and also Judge Persky who NEVER harmed her in any way

    Now she lies to EVERYONE who talks with her by saying that Brock Turner never apologized to her and that he got a Lenient sentence when in fact his life is OVER

  39. She's so well spoken and shares a fantastic light on this issue. Her bravery should definitely be applauded as well as Carlos' actions. People like Brock and his father are born with privileges that they don't even realize. The consequences that he faced are nowhere near what he deserves.

  40. I’ve never been so fucking proud of someone I haven’t never met. I’m proud of strength to come and speak her truth. She didn’t have to, but she didn’t. I honestly want to cry. Hope for nothing but the best for her

  41. hang on but she was over 18 when the "incident" occured. how is it fair to put brock turner on the sex offender registry for life when he never assaulted a minor?

  42. She's cheap. Maybe it's bc she had put herself in that position by her choices to drink a lot, and go to a Frat house to drink some more. Here, she seems amused by what she says and how she writes, and mandates how everyone is now required to clap when seeing her rescuer on the street. The heroes are the two students that came to her aid. She could not have clarity in her inebriated state.


  44. The only thing I wonder about is why if she went to this frat party with her sister, why did her sister leave her alone at the party? When did they become separated? And what a terrible lesson to learn to not become inebriated at a place and also a pig like Brock the abuser who took advantage of someone who doesn’t know what is going on and how the system does not protect women at all.

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