48 thoughts on “Chicago Officer Investigated After Video Shows Him Body-Slamming Man | NBC Nightly News”

  1. How did he let somebody get so close to him that he could lick his face? Couldn't the suspect have also grabbed his gun?

  2. Those two plainclothes Chicago police were showing they also have the holiday spirit, slamming a drunk to the pavement, then making up a story for the dimwit Mayor. As soon as this guy lawyers up, Chicago will have one more million dollar lawsuit against it for police brutality. By the time the city settles the lawsuit, that cop who did the drunk tossing will be collecting a 75% tax free disability police pension for the rest of his life, based on the cop's lawyer claim that this arrest caused permanent severe back injuries.

  3. Im sure he could’ve just tripped him down and push over . … but body slamming him down just feels better for the cop.

  4. That guy licked the cop's face plus spit in the cop's eyes ? I don't have a problem with what the cop did. If that was me, I would've done exactly what the cop did – threw the person on the ground.

  5. Guess what? Working the street is alarming to those who sit home and watch videos.Try going out there and do something yourself.

  6. The police manual clearly states that using body slam for emergency takedown against a drunk is prescribed procedure. It also states that the city will end up paying for settlement as a result. Good job.

  7. The police officer is lying……so you say he licked your face officer🤔 . So tell me how you let an individual get so close to you that he could have possibly taking your gun from you??. If the drunk guy was fast enough to lick your face he could also have taking your gun from you….

  8. DEMOCRATIC TALKING POINTS We need more democratic cities. We can’t have the blacks getting richer. They might start to think independently. We’ve been good at keeping them down for over 50 years. Let’s keep it that way. Oh and double down on their abortions. The numbers are dropping. Not good for business

  9. You people are going to eventually set off a civil unrest that you are not going to be able to stop if you don't get yourselves and this excessive force, misconduct and outright criminal behavior by police against the citizens of America. This is indeed a time bomb waiting to explode.

  10. CPD must be practicing it, hoping to use it on Thanksgiving or Christmas.
    A Russian wrestler used to do it, and his competitors were terrified of it. And that was on a mat. This is concrete.

  11. Not a fan of cops but hey i would have done more. He did what's in his rights and job rules. Sorry people this one's good but now days he could have aids or who knows that cop has a job and a family. Even thoe we may not like all of them. Most are still good. So easy on him people. Lets switch the shoes. Stay blessed.

  12. Luckily, we forced CPD to have body cams strapped on and operating.
    And CPD immediately releases video if it helps them.

  13. Ok we show the bad part make it seem like it’s the end of the world. You need to show the entire video and the events leading up to it

  14. Alot of us are old enough to remember the Klan and Neo Nazis routinely having rallies in the Windy City. Peace Officers shouldn't resemble any thing near the conduct I just witnessed.😡

  15. The man was intoxicated the officer would have smelled it if he was that close. The video shows the officer grab him from behind and slam him how did the guy spit out the back of his head? A lot of unanswered questions. Yes he is in a dangerous neighborhood but that is his job he agreed to do it. No one should lose their life for any action even if he did spit from being stupid drunk everyone has been drunk and been a fool that could of easily killed the man. Drunk but had time to lick and spit on a officer? Was this the slowest reacting officer ever?

  16. This is so disturbing I had a hard time watching it. What I am always surprised at is these crimes against tax payers are done on public streets for people to witness and videos but yet NO ONE comes to the aid of the victim and in this case a defenseless drunk. First off I can't think of any other weapons they could arm police with to include mace and a stunt gun to avoid this kind of violence. Come on people a drunk so you slam him on a curd head first. The cop clearly got to close, made a on the spot decision to get close enough to the drunk to be spit on and used excessive force knowing the man was no physical threat. Watch the video, cop puts himself in the hot spot. I would bet a weeks wages the cop said something to provoke the situation. It takes a person with a special talent to defuse and head off this kind of violence. Throw the book at the cop, what you have witnessed is yet another un fit cop with all the wrong judgement tools and way too much physical violence tools. A body slam early Christmas gift stocking stuffer may smarten this cop up. Merry Christmas Chicago police department!!!!!!! This is a hate crime any way you look at it !!!!!!!!

  17. You don't wanna lick or spit or threaten a cop especially a Chicago cop like what do you thinks gonna happen if you spit in a cops face let's use commen sense… It's technically assault and battery, black white yellow, brown. Period.

  18. Police are the most dangerous gang in the United States. They keep proving that over and over, and we keep putting up with it…

  19. Weather it tells the whole story or not….that's just it a story…..No matter what words, tongues, spit took place, did not Warrant that Office, to Angrily, near death type body slamming, the human. 🤔🤨
    They are already trained to handle the police.

  20. Risk of the business, folks. Every job has it's trade-offs. Cops get paid $50-100K+ per year to deal with the scum of the Earth, and take their chances getting licked or spit on by same. Can't handle it? Don't be a cop. The badge isn't a license to brutalize the "people" you've been sworn to protect, which includes the drunk and disturbed.

  21. Lets see how long it'll be before we find out if they covered up that he was actually put on life support for brain trauma/damage that was caused by that reverse curb stomp?

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