Hi this is Eileen Dey on behalf of Expert
Village and in this next segment we will talk about the six realms of existence in Buddhist
ideology. The symbol for Buddhism is a wheel and this wheel has six segments to it. Each
one represents a different realm of existence, that a soul can traverse through or a human
being on any given day. These realms are the animal realm where we want everything predictable,
it is characterized very much by ignorance, the hell realm where we build a wall of anger
between ourselves and our experience, the jealous God realm where we are very competitive,
we almost have a sort of paranoia, the human realm which is liberation in a way from these
six states although it is kind of like we still want something better and we are always
seeking. Then there is the God realm where there are thoughts of our own creation and
it is just a very expanded state of awareness. There is also the realm of hungry ghosts where
we can’t get enough and so we are always craving. So a Buddhist’s practice allows us to acknowledge
all of these realms as well as seek to find transcendence. In this next segment we will
talk about an introduction to Daoism.

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  1. I find it very strange what some Buddhist`s say about the God realm,that their privileged status blinds them to the suffering of others,and in spite of their long lives they have neither wisdom nor compassion……..How did they reach such a high realm and not have superior wisdom and compassion? 

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