hey guys dr. al powers chiropractic group wanted to take a minute and talk to you about chiropractic and low back pain it’s not very surprising that most people who come to a chiropractor actually come in for low back pain it’s actually almost 50% and that’s very common because our low back and our pelvis is the foundation for our human frame right and so if we do have a shift in the pelvis or in the low back you can actually have a major impact on multiple different areas of the body as well but let’s just focus in on the low back right so these bones in the low back the vertebra are there to actually protect the nerve system now they’re all it’s a series of bones that are moveable so it allows us to rotate bend and twist to be athletic right but because those bones can move it also leads them to be susceptible and vulnerable to external forces that can actually shift them far enough outside of a normal structural range where it’ll actually injure the nerves that they were designed to protect and when that happens that’s when people end up experiencing different symptoms or secondary conditions if it’s an issue in the low back you’re gonna have a low back pain but those nerves also travel to different areas of the body now in the low back those nerves will go down into the leg into the foot it’ll go into the lower digestive tract go into the bladder the reproductive organs as well so if there’s an irritation to any of those nerves that are going to any of those major organs you’ll have different symptoms at those areas as well so I don’t want you to think the chiropractic is just about low back pain or neck pain it’s about a lot more than that so hope you guys took something from this and there’s a blog that’s associated with this check that out as well thanks

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