– Hey guys, Dr. Luke
Stringer and Jaslyn here at Advanced Health Chiropractic
down the South Loop in Chicago and essentially
I wanted to talk you through, essentially,
what is an adjustment and how a chiropractic
adjustment can address headaches. Before we go to exactly
how we do it, let’s go over what we expect to see. The when you evaluate the spine,
every joint should be free in all planes of motion. It should be stable,
it should be pain free. Essentially, what is a joint? Lumbar, lumbar bone, disk,
and it should be able to move freely. But when we have traumas
to the spine, big or small, those joints can simply
shift out of alignment and if we’ve shifted out of alignment, what happens is we put stress
and tension onto a nerve root. On the top two bones in
your neck, in there all those nerve roots and they
go back into your head and innervate your eyes,
ears, nose, throat. So classic symptom, you’re
gonna get headaches, migraines, you can get sinus trouble and allergies. Essentially, in order
to become asymptomatic and get rid of the headaches,
we need to make sure there’s is no stress and tension
on these nerve roots. That’s exactly what subluxations
cause, stress and tension through aberrant motion
or joints that shift out of alignment. If we’re gonna get the headaches
corrected without drugs, without surgery, we need to
get the joint in alignment, moving freely, and by
doing that, you take stress and tension off the joint tissue, nerves. It’s how we’re going to
get rid of your headaches. So I want to go through an
adjustment that we do here in the office. So before we do any
evaluate or any adjustment, we thoroughly evaluate you, right? We do a thorough health
history, good use of orthopedic and neurological exams, and then we’re a corrective care
office, so most people get x-rays taken. By doing a thorough
evaluation, you can see exactly where your spine shifted and essentially where it’s not moving. And by that, we can
create a clear diagnosis which allows us, essentially, to create a real clear, specific adjustment. Obviously, Jaslyn’s
under care here with us, are all our staff, and when you evaluate a cervical spine, you should
be able to see a spine that’s free in motion. You can see Jaslyn moves
a lot further to the left than she does with the right. You can see that’s creating restriction. When we shift Jaslyn to the
left, she’s got good rotation. When she shifts to the
right, she’s restricted. So C1 isn’t moving correctly,
that’s the top bone in your neck. So all we’re gonna do
is we’re going to gently come onto that joint, tuck
the chin, and gonna rotate and we’re just going
to drive through there. How’d that feel, Jaslyn? – Great. – Awesome. That’s something you would
do pretty much every visit you do with us. We’ll get those joints
out of or in alignment to take stress off the
joint tissue, nerve. It’s an objective way to
crack these without the use of drugs or surgery. If you’re suffering with
headaches, you want to get rid of them, click the button at the bottom of the video, fill out the
form, take care of the offer. We look forward to
seeing you in the office in the next time. (happy music)

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