Hey guys, I’m Dr. Sam and you’re watching SwiftMedNZ. In this video, I’m going to share with you the symptoms of Chlamydia in men and women, how you catch it and how you treat it. Many patients see me for Chlamydia treatments. But how do you know you have Chlamydia? And do you even need treatment? I’m going to help you become an expert by the end of this video. So, let’s get started! In most people, there are no symptoms of Chlamydia. But, if you did get any – in women, it will be bleeding between your periods, yellow vaginal discharge, pain when you’re passing urine, pain during sex or lower tummy pain. In men, the two things you may notice are discharge, or pain when you’re passing urine. Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted infection, or STI. So you can only catch it through unprotected sex. Which can be oral, vaginal or anal sex. It usually takes one to three weeks, to develop symptoms after you’ve been exposed to the bacteria. So, you’re gonna ask me: “Dr. Sam, do I actually need to get treatment?” Yes, yes you do! What can happen is if you don’t get treatment, for women, they can develop a condition called Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. Which can lead to ectopic pregnancies or infertility and chronic pain. In men, that same infection can cause problems, where it spreads to the testicles and can also lead to infertility. So please, yes get some treatment! The treatment is really simple. There are two main types
of treatment. Thankfully, we live in an age where we have treatment for these infections. There are two main types of antibiotics that we use for this infection. And both need a prescription from a doctor. The first one we use is called Azithromycin. And I’ll link it down below. Azithromycin: you take two 500 milligram tablets straight away. That’s all you need and you’re covered. The one thing to know about Azithromycin is that you must abstain from sex for a week. Because potentially you can pass on the infection still to your partner. Also, it’s great if you can let any sexual contact that you’ve had in the last three months know that you’ve got Chlamydia. Because then they can get treatment and hopefully, prevent infertility as well. The other type of treatment that’s used is called Doxycycline, which is another antibiotic. You take a 100 milligram tablet, twice daily for a week. And this is mostly used for people who have symptoms of Chlamydia. If you enjoyed this video please subscribe. And don’t forget to hit the little notification bell, so that you won’t miss out on any of our latest videos!

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