hello this is chef john from food wishes
comm with chocolate croissants that’s right remember that time we made
croissants but we saved half the dough so we can make something else later
well these chocolate croissants are something else and are they ever I mean
I’ve been quoted as saying there is absolutely nothing better than a
homemade croissants but these come very very close and the good news is they’re
actually pretty easy to make as long as you don’t care too much about how
perfect looking they’re which is something I very deeply care about not
caring about so with that let’s go ahead and get started and what I have here is
my thawed but still very cold half batch of croissant dough and what we’ll do
using just a little bit of flour is press and roll this out into a rectangle
that’s gonna hopefully be about an eighth of an inch thick
and yes I’m using the term rectangle very loosely since I’m pretty sure
there’s no word to describe the shape I ended up with but nevertheless it was
kind of rectangle ish and more importantly was rolled out to my desired
thickness and then once that’s been accomplished we’ll go ahead and take a
knife or this pizza cutter if you prefer and attempt to cut these into six
relatively evenly sized pieces and if you’re thinking at this point when that
had been easier if you had actually rolled this out into a rectangle well
yes yes it would but I didn’t and as you’ll see that’s not actually gonna
cause any real problems but anyway I’m in a portion my dough into six pieces
and then I’ll go ahead and take the most even one and show you how to form your
chocolate croissant and the first step for that would be to kind of pull and
stretch the dough on one end here just a little bit so we end up with sort of
tapered ends and then once that’s happened we’re gonna go ahead and apply
a couple tablespoons of chopped chocolate or chocolate chips but in two
different spots alright the first about an inch or so from the edge and then the
second one about an inch or two away and I really do recommend using a dark
bittersweet chocolate here and I’ll talk about why a little bit later but anyway
once our dough’s been chocolate ‘add we’ll go ahead and roll this up not too
too tightly but not loose either and as usual we’ll attempt to end up with the
seam somewhere on the bottom and that’s it we’ve just formed our first chocolate
croissants and have five more to do and since I started with a perfect piece let
me use one of those screwed up n pieces for the second one
so after given one end a little bit of a stretch we will apply our chocolate in
two places separated by a couple inches and the reason for that is when we roll
this up we want a little bit of dough in between that chocolate and by the way
while chips will work here these just seem to come out better if you use
hand-chopped chocolate I can’t explain why and neither can the scientists
probably because nobody asked them but still and if you want as you roll this
up you can put a little bit of an egg wash at the end to keep that stuck
together but if you end up with that seam on the bottom it really shouldn’t
matter but suit yourself and then speaking of egg wash once these have
been stuffed and rolled and transferred onto a Silpat lined baking sheet we’ll
go ahead and brush those with an egg that’s been beaten with a tablespoon of
water and when you finish this step don’t throw away the egg wash because
we’re going to give these a second coating after the proofing so what we
want to do after these are egg washed is let them sit in a warm spot for about an
hour to an hour and a half or until they look a little something like this and
I’m not sure if they’re actually going to double in size during the proofing
but they should puff up noticeably and then assuming that’s happened we’ll go
ahead and apply the second egg wash before we bake these as well as
sprinkling over one optional ingredient and that would be some coarse at sea
salt which I think looks and tastes great but like I said up to you you are
after all the Gus Van Zandt of your chocolate croissant so skip that if you
want but I do recommend it and then once that set these are finally ready to bake
so let’s go ahead and transfer those into the center of a 400 degree oven for
about 25 minutes or so or until they are beautifully browned and look like this
which I would describe is gorgeous and enticing but before I continue on
complimenting myself let me point out one thing this is what happens if your
seam is not on the bottom and too close to the edge it will kind of spring open
and have kind of a funky shape versus this one where the seam did end up on
the bottom and to most people would be considered better looking so just a
little bit of a teaching moment and now it can get back to bragging how great
these look is they transfer them onto a rack to cool which is sometimes optional
but not this time all right we do not will not serve a
chocolate croissant walls still warm since to get the full effect the
chocolate has to return to its solid state so I went ahead and let mine cool
for about an hour which seemed like about three days before transferring
those in this towel line basket and one of the reasons it doesn’t bother me that
these are all different sizes and shapes is because my guests are all different
sizes in shapes so we got that going for us which is nice but anyway I went ahead
and took a few pictures at which point it was time to try one and while I did
to a fork scrape I hope you’ll settle for a serrated knife slice oh yeah that
sounds good and as we gaze upon this cross-section you may be thinking to
yourself that is not enough chocolate well with all due respect you could not
be more wrong all right don’t forget that croissant dough is rich and buttery
and flaky and delicious so we’re just looking for a little touch of
bittersweet chocolate to accentuate that and not overpower it alright we’re not
trying to create some kind of chocolate donut here this is actually supposed to
be a beautiful piece of buttery bread studded with just little chunks of
chocolate here and there and not to overstate it but this is one of the
first things I remember eating that made me think about that area between sweet
and savory which is an area I love and try to visit as often as possible but
anyway that’s it chocolate croissants so whether you’re gonna make these because
you have some croissant dough in the freezer or you’re actually gonna make a
batch of dough from scratch I really do hope you give these a try soon so hello
to food wishes comm for all the ingredient amounts or more info as usual
and as always enjoy you

100 thoughts on “Chocolate Croissants – Food Wishes – Pain au Chocolat”

  1. So I am not sure what it is called, but I remember when I went to Austria, Germany, and the Netherlands, at transportation stations there will be a quick and grab store that has this flaky cheese filled pastrie and meat filled ones too. It tasted like what a Cheez-it should taste like, warm and gooey. Please make a video on how to make it 😋😋😋

  2. I have been so ultimately crabby all day about everything from money to work to friends, and wanted a quick turn-around to my mood. Seriously, 6 minutes about chocolate croissants that I'll probably never make (and yes, will probably buy at Starbucks) for whatever reason was such a great escape… I don't think there is anything on all of Netflix could have such a strong effect.  Thank you chef John!!!!

  3. That serrated knife action kicked the fork to the curve. Fork may not lie but serrated knife don't mess around either.

  4. Great video as always :). I made your irish stew this week and it was amazing! I was just wondering if you could make a video on a recipe to cook while camping? Thanks

  5. …waite for them to cool…which seemed like about three days…
    I would end up TERRIFIED if I had to waite THAT long before
    DEVOURING these! Thanks, Chef John!

  6. Actually, people are always asking us scientists about chocolate chips, but they don't put up the research funding, so…

  7. “ I don’t mind that these are all different shapes and sizes because my guests are different shapes and sizes”. 😂

  8. In my experience these are best enjoyed in bed in your hotel room in Paris when your loved one has run out to the shop around the corner and returned with slightly warm and incredibly fresh pain au chocolate and hot chocolate and woken you up with a kiss. Heaven.

  9. when he says "which I deeply care about not caring about" and you spend the whole video in a daze trying to make sense of what that means

  10. Chef John, I think the hand-chopped chocolate works better for this because chips are treated/formulated to keep their shape more, and not turn into the little nugget of gooey chocolate love that you want with something like this.

  11. Hmmm..the way I know how to make them: put the chocolate at each end of the dough piece and roll them up evenly to the center. This results two nicely aligned channels of chocolate (at least it should) next to each other. But, nevertheless… both methods bring out something delicious to eat 🙂

  12. "As long as you don't care too much about how perfect looking they are, which is something I very deeply care about not caring about" Poetry.

  13. My kiddos and I spent the day making these and hand delivered a couple to neighbors–they were perfect!! Your recipes are fail-safe and it's such a relief after investing so much time, thank you!

  14. Chef John would you be interested in replicating Chad Robertson’s croissant recipe? Chad is an owner of a French pastry shop in San Francisco called Tartine’s Bakery. Tartine’s most popular item is their morning bun based on a croissant dough. I’ve tried my hand at the recipe on several occasions but never came out right. Considering how well you are able to explain and walkthrough a recipe you maybe exactly what I’m missing. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Chris.

  15. Stop doing that thimg where your voice tapers high or low pitch at the end it really makes you sound repetitive and hurts my brain

  16. i can understand the war between "pain au chocolat" and "chocolatine" but "chocolate croissant"? really? where the f*** did you get that name from??

  17. he fails to tell you the most important part, how to make the dough……..another failed chocolate croissant video recipe

  18. Mine flopped bcos I left it in the oven to proof while the lower oven was in use and they basically MELTED! Three days worth of work gone 😭

  19. Omg I work at Starbucks I am addicted to our chocolate croissants omg they are to die for so I want to make my own at home now

  20. I DON'T necessarily feel lucky to be french and live in France ….until I see those vidéos and know I can go grab one at the bakery next door for few cents….thank god

  21. I have to disagree with the "cooling" part.. I used to spend a few months in France as a teenager, and after partying around 4 or 5 in the morning, we'd go to the back of a boulangerie (they were not officially open yet, but we knew the people that worked there) where they were just making the fresh bread for the day and we'd get the first batch of pain au chocolat. The chocolate was still lightly molten and I'm sure that it was not due to us being drunk, that it was amazing, but it was the best pre-sleep breakfast i've had. I also worked as a barkeeper for many years, so i've had many pre-sleep breakfasts over the years, but nothing came close to the fresh pain au chocolat in this little village in the midi-pyrenees.

  22. Croissant lovely but chocolate inside is like pool of sugary yakyi calorie sticky food ..Best croissant plane or cheese to my taste

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