[passing cars and footsteps] [door slamming] [machinery sounds] [ID scanner beep] Hi and welcome to my version of Vlogmas! Hello, my name is Devin in case you don’t know and I decided this year to set myself a bit of a challenge because of the fact that I started my channel this year so this is the first year I can actually attempt vlogmas. In case you don’t know what vlogmas is (which I feel like most people who watch YouTube know what it is) but in case you don’t, vlogmas is basically when creators post a video every day in December. Some people do it up until Christmas and then they stop, some people do it up until the very end of December/New Year’s Basically, just posting a video every day or close to every day. Some people do variations of it. And.. that’s kind of what I wanna do! I’m gonna *try* to post every day and *try* to film something every day But I don’t know if I can do it, but that’s I guess part of the challenge. As you saw, I’ve already done stuff today I went to my first class of the day, which is French and And just walked there Did some final conversation review and then came back home Got some candy from my French teacher (thank the Lord, I love candy) and I got a 100 on my exam, which is cool and so now I’m just here until I have to go to my next class, which I probably won’t… vlog for? because it will just be me walking again and that feels boring. But yeah, I am gonna try to film more things today I have a lot of stuff going on today. I have a choir concert tonight and warm-up for said choir concert an hour before the concert starts Ton of stuff. Ton of stuff in December in general /this week and next week in general. So hopefully this is interesting and hopefully I can keep it up. Maybe I’ll post a 20 minute video one day and a 2 minute video the next day. But my main goal is to just put something up every day or close to every day Depending because I don’t know if I have the energy to post every single day But yeah, we’ll see how this goes [many incoherent voices in Cathedral]

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