We have solved
the most difficult cases while working for CID. But in this case,
things are getting complex instead of getting simplified. Daya, that is happening because truth only
has one facet. Only one facet. In this case,
truth has three facets. Three facets.. Yes, sir. We need to find out which among the three
is the actual truth. Three of them have
seen that girl get murdered. But whose statement
is the right one? Is it him? Is it her? Or is it him? Three of them are giving
quite different statements, sir. That’s what. If we can determine
who is saying the truth then, we can determine
who is the murderer. Please, step aside. Sir, I am Gagan.
I had called you. Please, step aside. I hope you haven’t touched
the corpse. – No, sir. Sir, it seems she had a scuffle
before she was murdered. I can’t see any
of her belongings around. It could be that she
was murdered elsewhere {an5}and the body
was dumped here. {an5}But sir, why did the murderer {an5}choose such an open space
to dispose the body? {an5}This was clearly visible. {an5}It could be that
the murderer was out of time. {an5}The body was disposed in a hurry {an5}and the killer left. {an5}Sir, I guess, she went clubbing. {an5}There is a stamp
of the club on her hand. {an5}Club Jerry. {an5}Club Jerry. {an5}There is no club
in the vicinity. {an5}That means,
she has travelled from afar. {an5}Freddie, find out all
the details about Club Jerry. Sir, maybe, the murderer
was with her in the club. He must’ve got her here. That is possible. Crimes are often committed
in the state of intoxication. The wounds don’t seem
to be the cause of death. Send the body
to the forensic lab. Mr. Salunkhe will
determine the cause of death. Check this. Yes, Doctor. Do you have any information
about this girl? – Yes, Daya. It is confirmed that this girl
went for a party last night. We found traces of alcohol
and a drug in her stomach. The drug
is intoxicating in nature. Did she have a drug overdose? No, Purvi. Her cause of death
isn’t drug overdose. Then? – Her cause of death
was asphyxiation. I found a string of brown cloth in her mouth. Mr. Salunkhe, she wasn’t wearing
any garment of that colour. Freddie, I didn’t say
that she was wearing it. Freddie, someone smothered her
with a cloth of that colour. That person tried to choke her.
That caused her death. The murderer must
have that brown cloth. Doctor if the murderer did
the things you are suggesting then, it must’ve happened
inside the club or outside. She must’ve tried
to save herself. She must’ve struggled
and called for help. Then, how come
no one heard anything? No one heard anything because she was unconscious when she was murdered. Unconscious!
– Yes, she was unconscious. We found out
that she drank coffee and that had
a sedative. That’s astonishing, sir. She consumed
both alcohol and coffee. Normally, coffee isn’t
available at clubs. That means, she was murdered
after she left the club. Certainly, Daya, I am sure
that is what has happened. Her time of death is between
2:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. Then, Doctor, it is confirmed
she was murdered after she left the party
as the club is in Bandra and the corpse was found
30 to 40 kilometres away. Correct.
– Sir! Sir, we found out her
details from the club. What did you find out?
– Her name is Tara Kumar. Anything else? – There
was a private party at the club she left the club
around 11:15 p.m.. At 11:15 p.m.? Tara is leaving the party.
– Yes. She gets a phone call
and she rushes out. Let’s see the footage
of her exit. Tara leaves the club
and a few people follow her. Sir, the murderer
can be one of them. Sir.
– Yes. The people from the party
have arrived. Come, let’s speak to them. Sir. You are the manager
of this club. Yes, sir. – Who hosted
the private party last night? Sir, Mr. John hosted it. Yes, sir, I hosted the party but I still can’t believe
that Tara is no more. How were Tara
and you acquainted? Tara is my friend from college. She was living in America
since two years. She was going
to return in two days. Oh, so, did
she visit India alone or was she accompanied
by someone? No, sir, she was about
to get married there. She came here with her
would be mother-in-law. Did they put up with one of you? No, ma’am, they were staying
at a hotel in Kandivali. Sir, actually, Tara
was going to stay longer. She received a call
and she left. Who are you? Sir, I am Sonica,
I am Tara’s friend. Oh.. Who had gone with Tara
when she left the club? Who went with Tara
when she left the club? Look, lying won’t help. We have seen the CCTV footage. Sir.. Sir, I left with Tara. I am sorry,
I got late in getting here. Tell me. What exactly happened with
Tara after she left the club? Sir, actually,
Tara had to leave the party. So, I thought of dropping
her home in my car. You are the last person
who saw Tara alive, right? Look, Mayank, you can’t even
imagine the problem you are in. Sir, let me go. I am innocent, sir.
– No, you are not. You are not innocent. Tara left the party
along with you. She didn’t reach
where she was supposed to. And the next morning,
we find her dead body. Do you know what does this mean? You have become
the prime suspect, only you. Sir, I am saying the truth,
I didn’t kill Tara. Sir, I can’t understand,
how can I make you believe me. Tell us from the beginning. Tell us from the beginning
what exactly happened. I wanted to help Tara. “Oh, baby..” “Baby..” “Baby..” “Baby..” Kundan.. Will he ever let me be at peace? I asked you not to call me
ever again, right? I called to tell you
that your desire to remarry will continue
to be a mere dream. I am going to the hotel
to meet your mother-in-law. I will tell her everything. Don’t you dare
do such a thing. Kundan, hello.. I have to leave. Tara, what has happened? Mayank, I am leaving, I need
to get to the hotel immediately. Tara, I will drop you in my car.
– Okay. What happened? I think, I am out of fuel. Out of fuel! How will I reach the hotel now? Mayank, my phone’s
battery is also dead. Tara, don’t worry,
I’ll call the mechanic. Chandu, I have run out of gas
and I am stranded on J.H. Road. Can you bring the fuel
as soon as possible? You’ll take 2 hours? 2 hours.. I don’t have that much
time, Mayank. – You come. I will get a ride from someone.
– Tara, listen to me. Tara.. Tara, try to understand. It’s not safe
to hitch hike at this hour. Mayank,
I am already running late. Yes, dear. – Can you
drop me to Kandivali? It’s a little urgent.
Our car is broken down. Yes, certainly.
Sit in the back seat. Mayank, I’ll call you
once I reach the hotel. Thanks. All right. If we consider
you are saying the truth then, tell us, what was
the license plate of the car that gave a ride to Tara? Sir, I couldn’t note
the car’s number. Astonishing. What kind of a friend are you? On one hand you are saying,
you were concerned about her. On the other hand,
you didn’t even note the number of a stranger’s car
that she boarded. Sir, I was so hassled
at that moment that it completely
slipped my mind. You could’ve called Tara
and asked if she reached safely. Or did you not think
that it was important? I am telling you. Tara’s mobile battery
was discharged. She would’ve charged
it once she reached the hotel. That’s what a normal person
would think and hence, call her. But you didn’t do it.
Why! Sir, I thought,
she will reach the hotel and she will call me
after charging her phone. Okay. You can leave for now. But leave your car here. We need to check the car. Okay, sir. Thank you. Yes, Daya. Sir, what do you think? Is he saying the truth
or is he lying? Something isn’t right, Daya.
Something seems fishy. Apparently, he so
concerned about his friend that he leaves the party
and goes to drop her. On the other hand he was so negligent. He allows his friend to go with some stranger. He doesn’t even
try to find out if his friend reached her destination or not. Yes, sir, something
is amiss in Mayank’s story. It was a silver coloured car
which she had taken, right? Yes, sir, he said, an elderly
couple were in that car. All right. We heard Mayank’s
part of the story. We should hear
what Tara’s first husband Kundan has to say.
– Come on. Sir, why did you bring me here? Sir, what have I done?
– Just a minute. Take a seat. Sir, Tara asked us
not to wait for her. That’s why,
I had fallen asleep. When I woke up at 6:00 a.m.,
I saw that she hasn’t returned. I didn’t know
that such thing would happen. Sir, I am sure
that he killed Ms. Tara. He damaged the property
of our hotel. He claimed openly
that he will kill Tara. Which room is
Ms. Tara Kumar staying in? Who are you?
– Kundan. Sorry, sir. We can’t share
the information of our guests. Look, I am her husband,
I have the right to know where she is staying. Quickly, tell me
her room number. Look, anyway, she isn’t
in the room at the moment. Good. I don’t want to speak to her. I want to speak to the lady
who is staying with her. Sorry, sir.
We can’t help you. Then, I’ll need to help myself. Good. What are you doing?
– What is this? This is outrageous. Stop him..
– Sir, stop it. Let me do it,
leave me. Let go! – Escort him out.
– What are you doing? – Let go! Tell her.
I won’t spare her! I’ll kill her!
– Move! I will never divorce her! Whatever he is saying is that true?
– Yes, sir, it is true. Sir, I had called Tara
and told her that I’ll her would
be mother-in-law everything. I told her
that I’ll expose her. I damaged the property
of their hotel. I had only
threatened to kill her. Sir, that doesn’t mean
that I killed her. Sir, someone else
has killed her. Tara suppressed
such a crucial fact! I thought she was a good girl! And she betrayed me! A good girl.. Someone should ask me. I am her husband. Sir, she would fight
over petty issues. He has raised her hand on me
on several occasions. That’s why, you killed her. I haven’t killed her,
I told you so. Sir, I was waiting for her
outside the hotel. She didn’t reach the hotel. But the guard said
he didn’t see you in that area. Sir, he said it
and you believed him. Sir, it could be he wasn’t
doing his duty properly. Sir, you are not
doing your duty properly. Let me go. Don’t teach us how
to carry out our duty. Do you get it? You will regret it! Pankaj, make him sit inside. Don’t let him go till we
discover the real murderer. Come. – Sir, if you can’t catch
the criminal for six months then, will I remain here
for that span of time? Sir.. Listen to me! Sir, if Kundan
was outside the hotel then, who is the murderer? Maybe, Mayank. Let’s see what evidence we get in his car. A match has been found, sir.
– Whose is it? The fingerprints
on the hand break belong to Tara.
– That is strange. Tara’s finger prints
on the hand break? And dried blood on the mat
of the left side of the car? Tarika,
if Mayank was driving the car why did Tara have
to pull the hand break? And Tara is the one
injured, not Mayank, right? Tarika, do one thing. Take both these finger prints and this dried blood
into the lab right away. After testing, we will discover
who this blood belongs to. Oh, Tarika. This DNA report
confirms the blood on the mat belongs to Tara. And the finger prints
on the hand break those belong
to Tara as well. This means,
what must have happened Tarika Tara must have pulled
on the hand break suddenly and her nose got
hurt and it bled and the blood spots
fell on the mat. This means,
Mayank was lying. Tell us, Mayank. Were
you driving the car or Tara? Sir..
I was driving the car. That’s a lie!
Yet, another lie! If you were driving then, why are Tara’s
finger prints on the hand break? Sir, I have no clue. How was Tara’s blood
found in the car? Answer my question! This means only one thing,
you killed Tara! Sir.. Please forgive me. Sir, I made an error. But I didn’t kill Tara, sir. Sir, all I did was
tell a small lie. A small lie?
Do you think this is a joke? A girl has lost her life,
do you get it? Sir, I am sorry.
Sir, I promise.. Henceforth, I will only tell
the truth. – Then, tell! Hurry! Life doesn’t give us a second
opportunity to be happy. But I have been blessed
with this opportunity. I do not wish to lose it,
Mayank. Don’t worry, Tara,
nothing will go wrong. You don’t know Kundan,
Mayank. If he discloses everything
to my mother-in-law to be then, everything
will be over. Oh, God, did my phone’s
battery have to die now? Mayank, can you give
me your phone, please? Hello?
Yes, this is Tara Kumar. From room number 603.
Right. Listen, if anyone comes to meet
me or my future mother-in-law can you please ask
that person to return? Yes.
Actually, she is unwell. And I wish no one disturbs her. Yes, Thank you. Thank you. Mayank, drive a little faster. Tara, don’t you think you
are proceeding a bit recklessly? I mean, they are bound
to discover the truth. Why are you keeping
them in the dark? Mayank, please,
do not lecture me, okay? You just drive fast
and get me to the hotel. Look, Tara.. You know I have liked
you since our college days. And I still like you. I still have the same
feelings for you as I did during
those days. So..
– Mayank, my.. My world is going to be
topsy turvy and you.. You have the nerve
to propose to me? – Look, Tara you are misunderstanding
me. – Mayank, please! Stop the car!
– Tara, don’t be childish! Oh, God! Are you okay, Tara?
– Mayank, please! I should have never come
with you. – Tara, I’m sorry. I had no intention of hurting
you. – Forget it, Mayank. Tara..
Try and understand. Tara!
Tara, I’m so sorry. I know I made a mistake.
– Leave it, please, Mayank. Tara, it’s not right to hitch
hike so late. – Mayank, please! We know nothing
about the driver. Yes, tell me. Can you drop me till Kandivali?
It’s urgent, please. Yes, okay, have a seat. Tara?
How is this a way to behave? Come, have a seat.
– How can you go this way, Tara? Sir, I wasn’t aware expressing my love
would cost me so dearly. You mean, Tara’s travelling
with an old couple in the car
was a lie too? Sir, she didn’t go in
a silver coloured car. She went in a white
coloured SUV. There were two boys
and a girl in the car. What was the time then? It was 12 o’clock at night.
– 12 o’clock at night! All right! Purvi! iCheck the footage from the
CCTVs at the traffic signals. iCheck if a white SVU passed
through at around 12 a.m. And if there is no such car,
lock Mayank up. – Sir! Sir!
– Yes. Sir, at around 12 a.m. a white coloured SUV did
pass through a traffic signal. I have collected
the details from RTO. Good. Now, bring
the owner of the car and all the
passengers to the bureau. ZX 05 ZX8596,
is this your car? Sir, this car is
under my name. But all us three
siblings use it. – Why, sir? Is it a crime to own
a car under this number? Owning a car is not a crime. But we did see your
criminal record. You have been incarcerated
five times in 10 years. Sometimes, for theft. Other times,
for banditry and looting. Very impressive
records you have, right? Sir, all this is in the past. Since the law sent us to rehab our thought process
has been reformed. Yes, sir,
we have been changed. It’s been two years
since our last bad deed. Absolutely, sir,
we are noble citizens now. Okay! So, distinguished and noble
citizens, please.. Look at this. What can you tell
me about this girl? We had given her a ride.
We had helped her, sir. Tara, it’s not safe
to hitch hike like that. Please, leave this, Mayank. Yes, tell me? Can you drop me till Kandivali?
It’s urgent, please. Come, have a seat. Thank you so much for giving me a ride.
– That’s okay, you’re welcome. Excuse me,
may I-I use your phone? I need to make an urgent call
and my phone’s battery is dead. Yes, sure, why not! Thank you. Thank you so much. You look really stressed out. How did you get injured? No, it’s nothing, actually.. Can you please drive
a little faster? I need to arrive
there soon. Yes.. ma’am, I am driving,
you don’t be stressed. Hey! Fill up the tank. Why did you halt the car here? Ma’am, the car will halt
here for five minutes. We need to refuel the car
and get some stuff for the road. Come on.
– Come. – Let’s go. Excuse me, listen! Can’t you do all this later? Just drop me first,
I-I am getting late. Listen, ma’am,
we are helping you out and you are trying
to boss us around! Are you doing me a favour
by helping me? I don’t need your
help! I will call a cab! – Hey! Don’t get tensed, please. Where will you hail
a cab so late at night? Hey, let her go!
Go, get a cab! Mohini, let her go..
Relax.. guys! She is a girl and this
route is very unsafe. Stay with us, you will be safe. And it will take us five
minutes to buy the stuff. Didn’t I just say,
I don’t have time? You guys buy your stuff,
I shall leave. It’s good that she’s gone!
Why should we bear her tantrums? Come..
– Come on. Okay. A while ago, you claimed you
cared about her and her injuries but then, suddenly,
you left her alone there? What could we do, sir?
We tried to stop her. But she didn’t stop.
– Yes, sir. She was in a hurry to leave. Where? Which gas
station you dropped her at? Sir is asking you something! Yes-Yes, sir,
K-Kaliban Chowki. At what time? Sir, at 12:30 a.m.
– 12:30 a.m? Is this the truth?
– Y-Yes, sir. Sir, they claim they
left Tara there at 12:30 a.m. According to Salunkhe,
Tara died between 2-4 a.m. Sir, if what they
are saying is true then, what happened with
Tara in that hour and a half? Gas station! That gas station will
tell us what had happened. No, sir, don’t trust a word
those three are saying. They are lying.
– You mean, they killed Tara? They might not have
but they could have. Look, don’t talk in riddles. Whatever you have to say,
say it clearly. Wait, can you call that lady? Urmila?
– Yes? This watch was worn by Tara,
how did you get it? That girl gave me this watch. You are lying to the CID?
– She isn’t lying. I will tell you
everything from the start. Listen, I am in a dire
situation, please help me. What kind of help? I has taken a ride
from these people. But they are dangerous
people, they want to hurt me. Can I hide here for a while? No.. We don’t want
any trouble. – Just for a while. You.. You can keep this watch. It costs Rs. 3 Lakhs. But please, hide me for a while.
– Yes.. Why not? Why don’t you hide right here?
– Thank you. You can come out now. You have saved my life,
thank you so much. Can you help me
with one more thing? I need to make a phone call. Why don’t you call the police?
– No.. Actually.. There is a reason I
cannot inform the police. I just need to make one call
to my friend, a single call. I should try the other number. Why is no one picking up? H-Hello? Y-Yes. I am at the gas station
near the highway. Come and pick me up
from here. When you are about to reach,
call me back on this number. All right. Hello.
Yes, I am coming. My friend is here with his car. I will never forget your kind
gesture, thank you so much. Who was Tara’s friend
that came to pick her up? Sir, his car was
parked on the main road so, I neither saw the car,
nor him. So, someone came as a friend
and left as her murderer. Sir, enemies are better
than such friends! Whatever he was,
he won’t be at large for long. Disclose what your intentions were with Tara.
Spit it out fast! N-Nothing, sir. How is that possible? Tara had heard everything. She overheard your
plan about her. Why?
Why did you kill her? Why did you murder her? Honestly, sir,
we didn’t kill her. Then, who did?
Who murdered Tara? Sir, maybe, it was her husband. Husband?
– Yes, sir. How do you know
she had a husband? Sir, we overheard her
talking on the phone. Look at him. You heard her
talking over the phone? But you had said there was a music being played in your car at that time because of which you
did not hear anything, right? Sir, we lied. No music was being
played in the car. What actually happened.. Excuse me,
may I use your phone? I want to make an urgent call
and my phone’s battery is down. Yes, sure, why not? Thank you. Hello. I’m Tara Kumar
from room number 603. Listen, if anyone by the name
Kundan Kumar comes to meet my mother-in-law,
please don’t let him meet her. Ma’am, what kind of guests
come to meet you? Kundan has created a rampage.
He has broken everything here. He has cost us and broken
the computer monitor. I had to call the security
and throw him out. I-I’m really sorry.
But he’s not my guest. I am harassed by him too. Ma’am, I’m complaining
to the police. No.. Please don’t complain
to the police. Whatever loss you’ve faced,
be it Rs. 1 lakh or even more I’ll clear all your payment but please don’t complain
to the police. Thank you so much. Mister, fill the tank. I don’t have so much time.
If you really want to help me please do it in the right way.
Please take me soon. Yes, we shall leave.
Just a few minutes. Calm down.
– Really? How shall I? Why don’t you understand
my problem? Excuse me,
I’ll go and freshen up. Brother,
I think we’ve got a jackpot. The lady has gotten
trapped in our ploy by herself. You’re right.
– She’s a rich lady. Let’s take her to ATM centre,
make her withdraw the money and take away her watch
and jewellery, too. And then, we can think
what has to be done with her. She’s right, Brother.
– Yes. It’s been a while.
Why didn’t she come yet? Why isn’t she here yet?
– Mohini, just go and check in the washroom. Where could she have gone?
– Brother our plan shouldn’t fail. We’ve trapped someone
after long, Brother. There’s no one in the washroom. What! Did she suspect us? We had such a nice opportunity
and we have lost it. That’s fine. Just forget it.
She has anyway left. Come on, hurry up. Sir, I’m honest, our intention
was only to rob her. We’ve never murdered
anyone before nor we will, sir. Daya, there’s something
that we are missing. There’s something
but what is it? I don’t understand.
Purvi, do this. Put the photographs of all
the suspects on the board. Sir, this is the result of our investigation
for the last two days. Three different search. One murderer,
three different stories. Mayank! Kundan!
And these criminal siblings. But all of them are saying
they didn’t kill Tara. But Abhijeet,
one thing is for sure. One among them is definitely lying. Yes, sir.
And that’s Mayank. Is it?
Mayank? How’s that? We’ve checked the telephone
records of the petrol pump. Tara called up three people
for her help that night. John, Ray and Mayank. Sir, Mayank is the one
who answered the call. Hello. I’m at the gas station
near the highway. Please come here
to pick me up. Mayank is the one
who came in the car to pick up Tara that night. Pankaj, get all of them here! What happened, sir?
Did you find out the murderer? Yes, we did find out. The murderer is the one who was the last one to see Tara alive. Her friend who she sought help
over the phone. Am I right, Mayank? Pankaj, handcuff him. No.. No, sir.
I didn’t kill Tara. Nor did I receive
any call from her. Sir, that night
after dropping Tara I was asleep till 9 a.m. Sir, I’m telling you the truth.
– Didn’t Tara call you up? Then, whom did she talk
to from the gas station? We’ve got the gas station’s
phone records checked, get that? Did anyone among you two
answer my call? No, we, too fell asleep just
as you did after getting drunk. Yes, sir. We were not
in our senses to talk. You can’t carry
on lying for long. Each one of you will have to go
through the lie detector test. No, Abhijeet. That’s not needed. Because Tara was murdered
by some lady and not by some man.
– A lady? Come with me. How can you be so sure? Pradyuman, as I told you all that I got
a brown coloured thread between Tara’s teeth. So, what about that thread?
– I’ve got the traces of a female perfume
from that thread. Who could
be that girl? – And sir, a girl who could answer
Mayank’s phone at night. Purvi, I hope
you know what you should do. Yes, sir. Now,
it’s time you go jail, ma’am. We’ve heard all of your truth. Different truth
from each one of you. But the truth is always one. And the truth was told to us by Sandeep. Sir, so, did you find
the murderer? She’s found. Sir, so, did you find
the murderer? She’s found. All of you will be
surprised to see her specially, you,
Mayank. Sir, who’s she?
– Here she is. Come on.
– Sonica? Sonica, you killed Tara?
– Yes, she killed her! And she even
answered your phone and talked to Tara. I.. I didn’t want to kill Tara. But.. She was
interfering between us. You, too were loving
only Tara. Always after Tara.. I’ll drop you till
the hotel in my car. Fine.
– Mayank, where are you going? Sonica, she’s in a problem.
I’ll drop her to the hotel. Tara can go on her own. Why
are you leaving me and going? Come on, Sonica, he’s in a fix,
I can’t see her like this. What’s bothering you
if she’s in a problem? Sonica, it’s not like that. Mayank, I’m going.
Are you coming? – Yes. Mayank, please..
– Sonica, I’ll just drop her. You can’t.. Please..
– Please understand. Mayank.. Mayank. I love you a lot.
– Really, Mayank? I love you a lot too. We should be
getting married then. I can die for you, Tara. I can kill anyone
for your sake. Hello. Hello. I’m at the gas station
near the highway. Please come to get me.
– I’m coming. Why are you so nervous? Here you go. Have some
coffee. You’ll feel better. Thank you.
– Yes. You’re feeling better now?
– Yes. I’m sorry, Tara.
I didn’t want to kill you. But if I don’t do so,
I can never get Mayank. What did you do,
Sonica? Tara didn’t want
to marry me in any case. What did you get
by killing her? – I was scared. I was scared. I didn’t want to lose you,
I can’t live without you. But now, you will
have to live without him behind bars. The path you chose
to win over your love will take you
straight to get hanged.

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  2. Dr sir to great ha 👍👍, aasay hi saray Dr ho jatay to aaday case aasani say hi solve ho jaya, par yaha kay Dr to pasay lay kar report hi badal daytay ha.

  3. Guys I think that this is the show for our safety they want to show how can the terrorist attack on us so please see it very seriously and don't make it laugh like ACP Pradyuman please like fans

  4. अगर सीआईडी जो भी पसंद करता है किलक करे सीआईडी फैन

  5. سمجھ نہیں آتا ایسی پاگل cid یا پولیس کہاں ہںوتی جو فرانسک والوں کے کام میں مداخلت کرتی ہںے ۔ فرانسک کا ڈپاریمنٹ الگ ہںوتا ہںے ۔

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