Dr. Tymothy L. Flory: Okay, Michelle. What problems were you experiencing before coming here and why did you seek care with us? I had a long list of problems that dated back to probably my early childhood that I never could put a finger on. I would say my biggest issues were frequent migraines, nerve pain that ran down my leg in addition to just feeling like I was always in a state of tension and just off balance. I would often feel like my head was a basketball that was, instead of balancing on a point evenly, I just always felt like it was off and I could never really feel at rest. Dr. Flory: What improvements have you had as a result of your care with us? I would say the first few months I didn’t notice much but as I looked back after about six months of care, the tension in my back was gone. I was not requiring the frequent back rubs and neck rubs that I was often asking for. The nerve pain was gone. I was not having the sciatic pain down my leg and that was a huge relief. And my migraines were so much more manageable. There was a food component that added to that but just the overall headache feeling was gone. And my energy level picked up as well. I would say that it was kind of like … The process was in the beginning I would take two steps forward and then three steps back. Now I feel like I’m at a place where it’s three steps forward with maybe one step back. Dr. Flory: Great. Thank you.

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