Jordan: Hi, I’m Jordan Rubin and welcome to
Ancient Medicine Today, where we teach you how to use ancient remedies to get modern
health benefits. Clove is awesome. It’s a little spice that has big benefits
and we’re going to teach you how to use clove oil. You know, clove oil has a lot of medicinal
uses due to its compound eugenol and we’re going to tell you why.  What is clove? First and foremost, clove is a little, little
fruit actually that helps eliminate acne. Clove can kill parasites, it’s very anti-microbial
on contact. Clove can help lower blood pressure, clove
helps fight cold and flu. In fact, clove should be part of almost any
cold or flu busting herbal infusion, tea or supplement. Clove can provide anti-aging benefits due
to its powerful antioxidant properties. Clove will kill or lessen the fungi or yeast
candida which causes common yeast infections.  Clove is amazing for a sore throat. Clove is used in various throat lozenges,
you can add it with honey, you can gargle with it which I do. Clove is really, really awesome. Clove also is great for tooth aches. This is probably the best benefit clove has
to offer. What I will do is I will put a drop or two
of clove oil on my toothpaste, right on my toothbrush or swish it around. Clove is great for the gums, it’s great for
the teeth in various medical remedies particularly for oral health, clove is used on tooth aches.  But let’s talk about the safety. When you use clove topically you want to dilute
it. I love using it in other oil such as coconut
oil and it’s great with honey. If you take manuka or raw honey put a drop
of clove oil in it. Maybe some cinnamon, maybe some orange, may
not even taste good, put it in your mouth it is great for a sore throat or for a flu. If taking internally, do not use clove for
more than two consecutive weeks because it kills bacteria, but can damage your good bacteria.  When you use clove take lots of probiotics
along with it, usually separated by an hour to make sure your flora is in good shape. And, this is a big one, if you love your pets
and you have pets, don’t diffuse clove oil or apply it onto pets because it can compromise
their health. A little cute kitty. I’m actually more of a dog person, but or
sheep or goat person. Anyway, that’s no matter. I don’t use cloves near them either.  Clove oil is an essential oil. If you’re going to use it internally use an
oil labeled as a dietary supplement. If you’re going to diffuse it, you can mix
it with other oils. It has an amazing aroma. It is high in eugenol, it is used medically
and traditionally to eliminate acne, kill parasites, naturally lower blood pressure,
fight colds and flu. Clove is anti-aging as the highest antioxidant
food per gram, clove kills the yeast candida, it’s great for sore throat and it is powerful
for your teeth and your gums.  Folks, clove oil is affordable. You can find it in your local health food
store, find it online, look for organic dietary supplement clove oil. You must have it on hand and you should use
it frequently. I’m Jordan Rubin for Ancient Medicine Today,
see you next time. Dr. Axe: Hi, Dr. Axe here. I want to say thanks so much for checking
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43 thoughts on “Clove Oil Benefits and Uses”

  1. Dr – could you please make a video on perioral dermatitis? What can be done to heal and oils that can be used to heal and safely use as moisturizer.


  2. Jordan, why didn't you tell us HOW to use clove oil for each of its benefits???? Diffuse or taken internally to reduce high blood pressure???? You glossed over HOW to use it. Just telling us its benefits, but not how to use it isn't very helpful at all.

  3. How do you use clove oil to get rid of acne i love these videos but it would be beneficial if you could say how to use them for each benefit ?

  4. Quick question.  If Clove kills bacteria (antifungal) and we need to take a probiotic and only use for about 2 weeks then I am confused on the email PDF file I received from you "The Kings Cabinet: Essential Oil Daily Use Guide" because it says to take but doesn't say for a limited period.  Killing bacteria is good but we don't want to kill the good bacteria on a regular basis so I'm confused. Thanks

  5. Clove oil is high in the Phenol. Clove oil is about 80 to 90% Phenol. It should come as no surprise it is an effective antimicrobial. Phenol Safety and Hazards:

  6. This was a great list, but was really hoping to get more useful info about actually using it (vs a list of uses). e.g. how does it work at killing fungi/yeast/gut bacteria — more details please. Thx 🙂

  7. Do not use clove essential oil neat on skin as it is highly sensitising and can cause allergic or adverse reactions in those with sensitve skins. Always dilute in a base oil of your preference first, e.g. sweet almond, grapeseed, coconut etc, then add 1 to 3 drops of the essential oil and mix together before use. If you're not sure about skin sensitivity, just start with 1 drop per 5ml of base oil first to be safe. It is best to use whole cloves (ones for cooking) for tea, or for gargling, toothache etc. and adding to food for health benefits, and never the essential oil, as you cannot guarantee that it is 'food grade' quality and is far too concentrated. It is not advisable to use clove essential oil neat on gums as suggested here…it can damage the gum tissue with repeated use. I'm a qualified aromatherapist btw.

  8. I rubbed some on my dick n balls but I didn't know you were supposed to dilute it… Hot very hot 🔥🔥🔥

    The reason being, I had woken up with what looked like a mosquitoe bite on my dick but it was very itchy so I was worried it could be scabies and I heard clove oil could help

  9. The best benefit of this fruit is that it kills parasites and candida and helps with toothaches, glad it can be used as an anticeptic and kills all bacteria in your mouth and gives you your saliva back. Never tried the tooth paste but I do make my own.. Just started eating about 10 plus cloves a day for all these things. Its yucky but I can't wait for the end results, makes me love it for the benefits it has and that our CREATOR YA'OH GAVE us. All praise to THE MOST HIGH YA'OH ALA'AYM FOR ALL HIS healing herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables HE GAVE THE UNIVERSE.

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