hey guys I’m dr. Alex chiropractic group and I wanted to talk to you a little bit about chiropractic and the nerve system if you think about the spine what it’s really doing is its protecting and allowing movement around the spinal cord all right and spinal cord was really the lifeline for our body right without it it wouldn’t be the brain wouldn’t be able to communicate with the rest of the body the reason why chiropractic can influence the nerve system is that when bones in the spine actually shift far enough outside of a normal functional range rather than protecting the nerve system they’ll actually injure and irritate that nerve in depending on where in the body that nerve is traveling to it’ll actually cause a different secondary condition or symptom so injuries in the low back can cause sciatica but it can also cause digestive issues or any you know other issues that have to do with the bladder the bow the reproductive organs same thing in with nerves that travel out of the upper part of the spine right from the neck these nerves go into the shoulder the hand the arm but they also go to places like the heart the lungs the thyroid gland as well so that’s a little bit about how chiropractic and the nerve system are interconnected I also wrote a blog on this topic so if you get a chance definitely give it a read thanks

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