This is a video of a ultrasound guided core-needle breast biopsy. The lesion is localized using ultrasound. Local anasthesia is injected in the biopsy site. To avoid unnecessary trauma to the skin, a small skin incision is made with a scalpel blade, prior to the biopsy. The biopsy needle is inserted in to the lesion using ultrasound guidance. Here you can see the lesion. And this is the biopsy needle. When the biopsy gun is fired, the interior shaft of the needle is fired first, immidiatly followed by the exterior sleeve. Twenty-two millimeters in to the tissue. The biopsy material is placed in an indentation in the interior shaft. The material is placed in formalin, for pathological analysis.

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  1. I had one of these done a couple of days ago after I found a lump in my breast. Fortunately, it was just fibrous tissue, which is benign.

  2. I have had 2 biopsies done in the past 2weeks the first one I got really sick, passing out sick, the Doc told me to eat something light before I went to my second one I didn't get sick it went smooth

  3. I just had biopsy and they took several sample it wasn't painful at all. So don't worry. They numb the location, then with ultra sound then locate the spot, then remove tissue sample . A couple click s with the needle that pulls out the tissue. I promise you don't feel a thing. So to all wish you luck .

  4. im 29 years old scared of needles to the point im a fighter yes a grown woman scared with tats they hurt to but anyway im really scared so be honest do it hurt bad bad and painful after?

  5. I had both an ultrasound and core biopsy yesterday. It was very interesting to say the least. I watched the whole thing on the monitor. It's not everyday you see a needle go through your breast and take samples. There was no pain during, and very little discomfort when numbing wore off. I did take two Tylenol for the discomfort and was fine from there. I will add that today I was itchy, but I'm sure that it's the bandage they put on me. I'm not worried about the results as sitting worrying all weekend about the unknown will not alter the results. I put all my faith in the Father, so His will be done.

  6. i had a biopsy about 5 months ago and let me say it was painful when i woke up they took out 2 golfball sized lympnodes and still ky armpit still hurts really bad

  7. I have had 3 biopsies on two different days and I had NO pain or discomfort, during or after the procedure. Ice helps a lot with swelling

  8. I had a breast biopsy done yesterday guided by ultrasound, My Experience was horrific and terrifying, The Dr. didn’t seem to be prepared, Every time he stuck the needle in he seemed to be struggling to get to the spot, it was like he was jamming the needle through, I did feel some pain, He asked the technician for a smaller needle she said they didn’t have any smaller needles, he took tissue further from the spot on one of his collections, and also when he placed the marker and brought back the needle he was looking at it and told the technician he needed a new marker, she left the room, I asked him what happened he said it’s just articraft and showed me the needle with broken little wires, and said it didn’t deploy, the technician came back and he put the new marker in, I was sent to another room for a mammogram. I called the Dr. office and asked to speak with someone concerning my biopsy and I needed to know if pieces of the marker were broken inside me, the lady that answered said the Dr. would call me back. He said not to worry the marker didn’t break and that’s the way the marker looked he also mentioned that he went further in grabbing tissue and if I had remembered that, he said it was perfectly fine that sometimes they don’t get the spot and not to worry. Well I’m worried, I don’t think this Dr. was prepared and I don’t think what I experienced is normal, now I have to wait on a pathology report that I don’t know will be accurate because of the biopsy and what if their is something broken inside of me that can’t be seen? I don’t know what to do, I’m so worried please if anyone can help me figure out what I’m supposed to do now?

  9. I did this yesterday, there was a little pain at the begging and when i finished doing biopsy and went back home i felt like the needle still there? however if there anyone concerns about the pain don’t worry and do biopsy as soon as possible.

  10. I just had one of these done the needle was even bigger…to be honest the only thing painful about it is fear but the actual needle isn't that painful at all we experience more pain from just hitting our toe.

  11. I just had one of these done the needle was even bigger…to be honest the only thing painful about it is fear but the actual needle isn't that painful at all we experience more pain from just hitting our toe.

  12. I had this done yesterday,am very bruised and have some discomfort today but it wasn’t to bad at all,I have a Fibroadenoma .

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