Hi, friends. Welcome back to Twin cities Live reporter Emily Egbert here all hour, good to be with you. Thanks for having me You’ve heard about acupuncture right needles in the arms legs and feet But what about all over the face? It’s called cosmetic acupuncture, and we first told you about it back in October But since then people have been flocking to Healing InSight in St. Paul to get this done including one very Familiar face in today’s Be Well with TCL reporter Kelly Hanson shows us the amazing before-And-afters Cosmetic acupuncture, we’ve talked about this before But you really this is something you’ve perfected and women are seeing great results. So how does it work? With cosmetic acupuncture We use specific acupuncture points on the face to stimulate Collagen and Elastin production So you end up getting a natural facelift without Chemicals our injectables. You recently within the last year had a client that we all know and love Elizabeth’s mom, Susie Reis, she came to you to get points on her face right to get those fine lines and wrinkles erased right? Yeah so susie came in because she was really concerned with Wanting to do something Natural to help kind of smooth out some of the like the lines and the wrinkles around her eyes kind of tighten up her jaw Line, and she wanted to see if this was something that would make a significant difference for her. I grew up in Texas I mean, I would sit under the sun with foil and baby oil I mean, that’s what we did I’ve been paying for that ever since so she just really Accentuated the eyes with the acupuncture, and I really couldn’t believe that. She got such amazing results from the face treatment You know it really did tighten up her jaw line but she wanted to work on her neck because that was kind of a neglected area for her and It was wonderful to watch her skin transform So when we do the acupuncture it stimulates your Collagen and Elastin to Regenerate for a couple of days, and then it kind of like tapers off after a few days So we always do two treatments in a week to make sure that we’re getting as big of a boost for as long as possible We do a full health assessment when you come in for your intake because we want to look at if there’s any underlying imbalances in your body that are Contributing to the aging and also look for any nutritional deficiencies that can cause you Accelerated aging if you’re not eating enough fruits and vegetables then you don’t have enough antioxidants to help to repair your skin or if you’re eating a lot of sugar Or having a lot of alcohol It can show up as like bags under your eyes or like sagging skin because your body is holding onto fluid So we want to look at any underlying issues that you can correct in addition to doing the acupuncture. So we’re working from the inside out You know you look in the rearview mirror or you just look in the mirror, and you just think okay just I know everybody does it Oh everybody does but I thought oh that’s so invasive And I just don’t want to go there yet and this option it went up more than a fourth of an inch Wait until you see the before and afters of her. It’s going to blow your mind And Senia and Susie are here and okay We have to get right into this because Susie first you came in to work on areas in your face They weren’t happy with and those are the before-and-afters again We want to show those because when you see and just in the eyes that we mentioned a big difference Yeah It was amazing like I said I grew up in Texas with baby oil and foil and looking at the sun till I was 20 you know, so I’ve been paying for that ever since but it was just amazing what this did. So then, and you’re just such a stunning woman so I I but I think it’s real of you to talk about having Insecurities and as you mentioned looking in the rearview mirror and thinking oh, Jesus There’s something that we could do here for a little improvement. It’s hard to age I mean it just is and why do you think the beauty industry is what it is because everyone wants Anti-aging and you want to feel good about yourself and the number doesn’t matter at all It’s just how do you feel and I also say don’t do it for someone else. Just do it for you If it’s something that bothers you do it for you. It’s doing a treat. Okay, so we talked about the face now Let’s see um when you went back in to get your neck worked on again Let’s pull up these before and afters here and Senia maybe you can explain. What’s happening here that is actually retraining the neck to do a little something different for us so with the neck we’ve really tightened up The tissue along her jawline and up in her cheeks And it’s kind of lifting up her entire her entire neck and then we also work on the points on the On the neck as well to tighten up all the skin there and so you’re able to get rid of that waddle that’s kind of underneath that you know kind of that corner there nobody wants no woman wants the turkey neck right or you kind of Get like the saggy spot right here that tends to start to show up And you’re like 40s or 50s, and we can tighten that up. Which isn’t representative either of diet You know you can have very fitted suzy’s in excellent shape and yet, you can still encounter this and whatever else You’re trying just doesn’t seem to be working, right because it’s gravity Just gravity working on your skin and just kind of pulling things down over the course of many many decades. Alright Senia so let’s talk about this people have just been Flocking to Healing InSight saying I want in on this cosmetic acupuncture. What’s it been doing for your business. It’s been amazing I mean
It’s really taken off especially in the past couple of years and when we came on Twin Cities Live we were the first clinic to talk about cosmetic acupuncture publicly in the midwest and We’re just you know we’re just getting tons and tons of calls of women who want to do it, look at you You famous lady. It landed you right on a magazine cover and everything I know can you believe it, I didn’t even know they were putting me on the cover until it actually Showed up in our mailbox I’m like what that’s me You thought they were just doing a story, yeah, but they loved it. I mean it that was their New Year article They’re like
Oh New year new you that’s like this is a great article for that, well So we want to know how does this process work though because you were talking about it a little bit, but somebody’s going okay What’s it feel like in person what am I gonna expect right? So we like people to come in for a complimentary consultation for their very first session just to see like okay What do you want to do a face treatment? You want to do a neck treatment? You know we’ll kind of decide there And then we do a full assessment for kind of an intake of like okay are there any internal imbalances that are Causing your skin to age faster than it needs to and we do a body balancing treatment then so then it’s like Okay, your skin is all prepped you. We’ve activated your skin It’s ready to go then we do the cosmetic acupuncture, and it’s two treatments a week for five weeks, okay And then how long can those results last? results can last up to five years We say three to five years depending on your age because we’re doing more than just a surface treatment We’re doing a whole body Acupuncture treatment every time to heal you from the inside out and we’re also going into the deep levels of the dermis and so rather Than doing just like a microdermabrasion or like like kind of just a basic pricking treatment. We’re going deep into the dermis so You know it really As you know it takes several years for that to completely turn over and so those results last a really long time Alright Susie. There’s someone out there right now There’s a lady watching and she’s saying oh, I thought about this But I just can’t I don’t know is this right is this for me. What would you say to her? Absolutely do it, absolutely On top of everything else you get a nap, for an hour It’s amazing, an acupuncture nap is like none you’ve ever had, it is An absolute treat to go and do this. Oh, but do it do it do it That’s how you should market it Ladies, thank you, so much appreciate it

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