as we all get older which news flash / we’re
doing every day like world are now than we were a minute ago it’s inevitable
that you’re gonna start thinking about how your skin is aging on our face or
especially around that neck line that face app got us all thinking about what Steve’s
working with here I mean that is a real problem in terms of just the general
texture of that skin your softer on this guy happily there is a program that
targets all of those areas with acupuncture here to tell us more about
it in this week’s be well with TCL we welcome back the owner of healing
insight Senia Mae. Acpuncture I love it so much Senya I’m gonna be your model
today in fact I have to go over here I’m just gonna sit down the name of this
amazing Mei Zen cosmetic acupuncture what is that those are fancy words so
Mei Zen translates as a beautiful person oh yes it’s a good start okay and
so this is where you can target specific areas where maybe you’re seeing wrinkles
or the skin is not what it used to be and then what happens below the surface
of the skin so what we’re doing is we’re stimulating specific acupuncture points
in the face to help to generate collagen and so then that firms up your skin it
gives you a nice lift and then it smooths out some of those fine lines and
wrinkles that you have so everybody thinks about fillers they think about
Botox and that’s what they think about when they think when you’re going
someplace to get some sort of anti-aging treatment how is cosmetic acupuncture
different from those other things well it’s different because we’re actually
working with the skin that you have and tightening it up we’re not injecting
anything we’re not using any sort of you know toxins in your skin so it’s a very
natural way to get a facelift plus you know I and I have had Botox before many
years ago I had a little bit in my forehead right and for me it I didn’t
love the way that it felt in my face I just physically yeah like I felt like I
it just didn’t it wasn’t a great fit for me and I know some people really like it
works great for some for some people but if it’s not the right thing for you is a
nice other option plus right I like the idea of like Eastern medicine I just
like the idea of like what’s happening below our skin that could be the key to
a lot of things okay um can we put some needles in the face of my beloved cohost is Elizabeth Ries what’s the first area that we’re gonna target that a lot
of patients would it’s all the main thing that women come in looking for
help with is crow’s feet so it’s small lines that are by the eyes yep and
there’s some really great points that we can do there’s a couple of really
powerful acupuncture points by the side of the eyes yep and so we can target
those and then we also work around where your wrinkles are and so we can actually
stimulate them still stimulate that College in there and it’ll start to lay
down more collagen and then it fills it in over the course of the treatments
that we do okay because this is and I’m glad that you’re showing this person
because some people might be watching and go because I’m 37 not for long I’ll
be 38 at the end of the week but you know you might go well okay she’s 37 of
course she has 37 year old skin what about women who are maybe in their 50s
or 60s or 70s what kind of an impact can cosmetic acupuncture have oh it’s so
huge I mean smoothing things out and most of the women who come in to see us
are in their 50s or 60s in their 70s and there’s a lot that we can do as you’ll
see from a lot of the pictures that we’re gonna show today okay talk about
the number of needles that you should be putting in your face because some places
will say we do cosmetic acupuncture but just like anything it’s not all created
equal right cosmetic acupuncture is just a blanket statement of like oh we put
needles in the face but you want to look for somebody who’s doing more than just
a handful of needles I mean some of those systems are using they might feel
like 20 small needles and I’ll use four to five times that many if you stimulate
a lot of the collagen you know you can tighten a lot of things up okay so
another area that a lot of women have concerns with our mouth lines yep so
when you put the lipstick on you get increasing a you know around the lips
that’s what we can really want to get fillers and then you run into this
dangerous duck lips situation yes so there’s some really key points above the
lips but then we can do a little bit of acupuncture around those areas and again
it lays down some more collagen and it smoothes those spots out so we might do
a whole bunch of points on your upper lip and so your thought is let’s get
them all let’s get as many as we can strategically in there so that all of
that collagen is you’re getting a better maximum impact in these
before-and-afters based on how many needles you’re putting in these targeted
areas of to send you though when you look at those before and after pictures
and I know you know they were kind of focusing on the lip area but I
get distracted by how good the consistency of her skin looks I mean
overall it’s like just look the redness and all of that you know is that when
you’ve done cosmetic acupuncture before we’re just you like you just your face I
don’t know almost looked healthier just in general it totally outside of just
the targeted areas now for people who are just tuning in and they’re like oh
dear Elizabeth doesn’t know that she has some needles in her face the physical
sensation is what felt like a tiny little pinch when she put in the ones in
my lip these I didn’t feel anything and then it almost it’s really I think it’s
so amazing when you get acupuncture you can feel and I’m sure Senia would say
this is the chi but to me it feels like little energy already like your body
just kind of wakes up and it starts going to the third spot that a lot of
folks will target is the jowls and the neck that can get tricky yeah it is and
like when you hit about 50 that’s when your jawline starts to Sag a whole lot
more gravity’s pulling on that has been pulling on it for five decades it really
starts to catch up with you in your 50s and so there’s a lot of points that we
can do underneath the jawline that helps to tighten all of that up and so this is
just wonderful because these some of these techniques are ones that we’ve
developed in our clinic on our own because we’ve been wanting to see even
better results and lining up some needles along the lower jaw line really
really helps to firm all of that up for you I want to ask the question for the
person who’s never had acupuncture before they might be thinking why is
this not like producing blood right like you would see a needle and then you
think okay we’re just so used to poking and that being negative totally like our
body reacts to this very differently well it’s such a small needle like we’re
not really creating that bad like big of a hole so most people won’t really bleed
Wow okay before we go we got to talk about because cosmetic acupuncture isn’t
all just needles there’s some products that you really love that can help to
really support this type of process so what do you love so I love using this
Edelweiss serum for the eyes that we have this is great because you can use
it around your eyes for crow’s feet but you can also use it around your lips so if
you’re getting those mouth lines and put this you know take an eye serum put it
around your lips – that’s a really good idea fantastic and she does this Jade
Roller or she rolls the product on after you leave Oh these are always so fascinating for me
to be a part of these I love Elizabeth always be the model like this this is
really great you can get 150 dollars off of cosmetic acupuncture age reversal
package if you purchase prior to August 15th here’s what you’ve got to do though
use the promo code summer 150 that is a great deal you can also book a free
consultation online or by calling the number that is on your screen right
there that information is also posted on our website a big thanks to healing
insight for being such a great sponsor of our show keep watching

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