when you think about someone lying on a bed of nails you might think of something like someone walking on glass or hot coals that kind of thing but what if I told you people are doing something similar to lying on a bed of nails to help them relax help them sleep and even improve circulation so this is a mat it has thousands of little sharp points drew pull it up there makers say they work pressure points and help relieve a variety of ailments these are called shoe spikes they are very similar to what goes on the bottom of your golf shoes but do you want to give it a whirl better nails so the idea here is we’ve talked a lot about acupuncture on the show and obviously the skin this is a thin shirt so I think oh sometimes I take it off in the Journal of a alternative and complementary medicine found that this did help increase circulation which does make sense I will say this I’ve gotten to the point where I will stand on it barefoot really and it’s pretty intense but I think some of it is it’s slightly uncomfortable but if you then just allow your body to relax I do I think there’s almost a bit of an adrenaline okay but don’t jump on the thing go gently real gently in case I’m gonna stand next to you just in case whoa hold down just let it let it do its thing relax take some deep breaths makes a mess what do you think it’s right and get get you you want to see the bottom of my foot look at that Oh ouch it does take a while to get used to it woke me up right there it’s not like acupressure the factories I’m feeling that stimulation and my feet right now sort of is calming me the rest of my body hey and if you if you want to give it a whirl worst-case scenario it doesn’t work so I would call this a buzz you

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