From spiders trying to live a peaceful life
in someone’s ear to parasitic worms munching on your brain, here are 8 shocking creatures
found living inside a human body! 8. Cockroach
Do you know the reason behind your headaches? Is it stress? Did you skip a meal? Lack of sleep? Are you SURE?? Selvi, a 42-year-old domestic worker, thought
of these reasons too. According to a report published by The New
Indian Express, she had a weird feeling around her nose and eyes. But her headache was caused by something way
creepier than lack of sleep, the reason she was having headaches was… a cockroach. You know those little, not-so-cute insects
that apparently don’t care where they live as long as the place is hot and comfy. According to the same report, Selvi felt something
crawling inside her nostril while falling asleep. She tried to brush it aside but her efforts
were unsuccessful. After a long night of extremely painful sensations
and discomfort, she ended up at Stanley Medical College Hospital, where doctors found the
cockroach sitting on her skull between her eyes. Rumors go that he was observed enjoying an
English cup of tea, to mark the success of finding the best home in cockroach history. The entire thing had a happy ending. The cockroach was evicted from Selvi’s skull. Good news is if it hadn’t been removed,
it would have probably died. Bad news, it if had died inside, the dead
insect would have caused an infection which would have spread to the brain and… yeah,
that’s not good. 7. Spider in the Ear The Chinese media picked up a story about
a girl named Li Meng. She swore up and down that she was being punished
by evil spirits! No, this not a story from the Middle Ages,
it happened in 2015, the XXI century. The story goes like this: While on a hiking
trip, Li and her superstitious boyfriend had a great time, until they had a fight over
some berries. We’ve all been there, right?? Li found some wild berries growing over a
tomb. Her boyfriend told her that eating them was
the worst idea possible, not only because they were growing on a tomb but because you
shouldn’t go around eating wild berries unless you are 100% positive they aren’t poisonous. Anyhoo, Li couldn’t care less about her
boyfriend’s superstitious warning, so she ate them. Not long after the trip, she started hearing
weird sounds accompanied by pain in her ear. When the noises and the pain appeared, she
started thinking evil spirits were punishing her for eating the wild berries. She tried curing herself with prayers, but
as you might have expected, that didn’t work. So she had to get some medical help. Eventually doctors at Xiamen City Hospital
found out why Li had this weird problem. No demon… The problem was an unwanted guest: a small
spider that built its home in her ear canal. The unwanted guest was resting on her eardrum. And he liked it so much that every time doctors
tried to get him out, he would react violently, resulting in more pain for Li Meng. To finally get him out of his new apartment
they used medicine to get him dizzy enough to not be able to react, and pulled it out
with tweezers. And now for number 6, but first be sure to
subscribe if you are new here, we’d love to have you! Right subs?? By the way I hope you’re not eating lunch
while watching this video! 6. Pea Plant in Lung Hey, kids! Next time your parents insist that you eat
your vegetables and you don’t feel like doing it, just say these two words: “Ron
Sveden”. No, it’s not a magic spell. It’s the name of the man who returned home
from the hospital with the weirdest vegetable-related diagnostic: a pea plant that was growing in
his lung. Mister Sveden was a retired 75-year-old teacher
who was already struggling with emphysema when his breathing problems took a turn for
the worse. He was rushed to the hospital by his frightened
wife in May of 2010. Doctors found that his left lung had collapsed. The ex-teacher feared that he had developed
a tumor after a grainy spot was found. But the doctors weren’t able to fully confirm
that it was a tumor and they could find no evidence of cancer. What they had discovered was a lot more interesting. Samples showed that the green vegetable was
growing inside the lung, like in your grandma’s green garden. Doctors speculated that the pea went down
the wrong pipe and was small enough to get in there, but too big to get out. Everything ended up alright and the elderly
couple was even able to joke about everything that happened. Soo.. Vegetables might not kill you, but they can
try!!! 5. Green Tooth There is not much you can do when a pea plant
begins growing in your lung, but a 36-year-old Taiwanese man had a plant start growing out
of his almost-dead tooth. Apparently taking care of his teeth wasn’t
his favorite hobby, but after experiencing a tremendous toothache, the man decided it
was time to pay a visit to the dentist. His poor dental hygiene was of course, the
reason behind the great toothache. But there was something more… After the dentist extracted the decaying molar
that was causing trouble, he was shocked to find out that a guava sprout had started to
emerge out of the cavity inside the molar. The strange discovery attracted a lot of attention
from the other dentists and patients who were waiting for their turn. The gentleman was extremely embarrassed and
left the clinic as soon as possible to avoid the walk of shame that was awaiting him. After all nobody wants to be turned into a
freak show. The doctor managed to get a shot of the tooth. The photo has since then circulated all over
the internet, managing to prove two things: Firstly, dental care is important. Secondly, the plants are coming for us! 4. Fish in Penis Have you ever hated someone so much that you
wished all kinds of bad things would happen to them? I mean it happens to the best of us, but I
bet not one of you have imagined such a… disturbing event as what happened to an Indian
boy a couple of years ago. The boy, according to The Daily Telegraph,
was simply cleaning the fish tank in his home. For some reason he had to go to the bathroom,
and he was holding the fish in his hand. Wasting time by putting the fish back in its
tank is not something a 14-year-old would do when such an emergency occurs, I guess. Ok so he ended up holding the fish in his
hand while in the bathroom and somehow the fish slipped out of his hand an entered his
urethra. Well I don’t really know how that’s possible,
but you can only imagine what his reaction was. From that moment the boy began experiencing
pain, dribbling urine and acute urinary retention. Which means when you can’t urinate at all. That was pretty bad for the boy, and definitely
not good for the fish that was causing this problem. He was rushed to a hospital where he was treated
successfully, and doctors and professors wrote an academic paper describing the case. After detecting the fish, they had a lot of
trouble getting it out of there. In the end they did it with a rigid ureteroscope
with a tool attached that is meant for removing bladder stones. Ouch. 3. Squid Baby I’m not sure where to even start with this
one. Disgusting? Interesting? Funny? Ugh, I’ll let you decide. So let me just get to it. Apparently a woman was impregnated by the
squid she was trying to eat. Well kind of…to be more precise, the woman’s
mouth was impregnated by the squid. How? Well that’s a little harder to explain than
you might think. But I’ll try. The South-Korean woman was enjoying her portion
of parboiled squid. When, out of nowhere, she experienced a sharp
pain in her mouth. She spat everything out. After this weird sensation, the woman said
that she felt something in her mouth, something that could be described as “bug-like organisms”. When examined, the doctors found baby cephalopods
attached to her mouth. After they looked a little closer, they discovered
that they had to remove twelve small, white bug-like organism stuck in the mucous membrane
of the tongue, and her cheek. The foreign bodies that the woman sensed were
identified as squid spermatophores. Apparently squid spermatophores can be described
as packages that carry semen and other tools that attach themselves on the female squid’s
body. Or, in this case in a woman’s mouth. Pretty sure that she felt anything but motherly
love. 2. Worm in Brain There are a lot of movies out there where
all of humanity is threatened by a small species of worms that infect human brains and slowly
change them into some kind of zombie. In most of these movies the heroes ally with
some badass doctors to get rid of the threat, we’re all saved! While that has never happened in real life,
and will probably never happen there are worms that infect human brains as real as you. But don’t worry too much about it. No zombie apocalypse is expected for now. That doesn’t make the brain-infecting worms
harmless. A 50-year-old Chinese man went to a hospital
in the UK complaining of headaches, seizures, memory flashbacks and even an altered sense
of smell. Doctors had a very hard time figuring out
what was causing these problems. It took them four years to finally find the
parasite, and get it out of the unfortunate patient. It is believed that he picked up the parasite
while on a visit to China; however how he came to be infected is unknown. It could have been the water or a piece of
infected meat. Who knows? Actually we don’t really know much about
this little worm at all. We have no idea how many species it can infect
or how. 1. A Baby Pregnancy is supposed to be a joyful occasion,
but not when the one who’s pregnant is a man. I swear! A pregnant man. Sanju Bhagat, from India, was mocked his entire
life because of his not-so-normal belly. People from his village would tease him that
he looked like he was nine months pregnant. What they had no idea about, is that in a
way they were somehow right. Sanju was actually kind of pregnant… He was suffering from an extremely rare medical
condition: fetus in fetu. What this means is that his twin got trapped
inside him before being born. Usually when this happens both twins end up
dying from the strain of sharing a placenta, but in some cases the host twin survives and
is delivered. This is the case of Sanju. His parasite twin lived inside of him for
36 years! He survived by forming an umbilical cordlike
structure that leaches Sanju’s blood supply until it grows so large that it starts to
harm the host. At this moment the host experiences severe
pain and various other problems. This is the time when doctors intervene. They managed to get the parasite twin out
of Sanju’s body, but not before being shocked by his condition. Thanks for watching! Hope you didn’t watch this one before lunch! Remember to subscribe and share it with your
friends to gross them out!! Byee

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