Hey everyone, you’re watching QDCrafts and
today I’ll be trying needle felting for the second time on my channel. I’ll be making this cute little doggy that
was sent to me from banggood.com. It’s a small kit that comes with the needle
felting wool, two little eyes and keychain accessories, as well as an instruction pamphlet
that’s completely in Chinese but I’m sure we’ll be able to figure it out. They also sent me this 3 needle tool that
will allow me to make all the parts since the dog kit doesn’t come with needles. If you’re new to needle felting, these are
actually special needles with small grooves on them that make the wool intertwine together when you stab the wool repeatedly I’m using this styrofoam base as my working
surface but you can also use a sponge or anything that allows the needles to poke through. This will be the dog’s actual size so I’ll
try my best to make it and let’s begin with the head. Grabbing a fistful of the brown wool, I’m
just scrunching some of it into a ball and poking my needles through until a more solid
ball starts forming. You can tell when you’ve poked enough when
you find that the ball isn’t so squishy and soft anymore. The wool should be tighter and you’ll feel
a bit of resistance when continuing to poke the wool. The outer layer shouldn’t look very loose
like this, once you’ve poked enough times, the shape will look more solid and a lot sharper. It took me around 10 minutes to get the head
to this size and it kind of looks like a meatball. So now the head is done and is close to the
same size as in the picture and it’s time to make the ears. I scrunched up a small amount of wool around
the same size as my thumb and poked it until it started to form a flat, triangular ear
shape. I used a single needle to help make the ears
more pointy looking and then I added some white wool for the inner ear. Once that was finished, I attached the ear
to the head, and followed the same steps for the other ear. Moving on to the body, I’m referencing the
picture in the instructions to get the right amount of wool and like the head, I scrunched
it up and poked away until it started to form a bean-like shape. It’s around the size of my thumb and I made
sure to leave some loose wool near the end to make it easier to attach the head. For the front legs, I used a 5cm strip of
wool and folded it so that it would be shorter. Then I attached it to the body and added white
wool at the end for the paws. Then I did the same steps for the other front
leg. Same goes for the hind legs, except I made
them a bit thicker and rounded off near the end of the legs. After both legs are secured around the bum,
I added little paw pads using black wool. Before moving back up the body, I made a tiny
tail using a 2cm strip of wool and poked it into place. This dog wears a little blue bandana so I
flattened out a bit of blue wool and used a single needle to poke the edges in to make
it triangular. Then I got a strip of wool and attached it
all around the neck and I poked the bandana into place. For the facial features, I’m starting off
with the muzzle and now that you get the idea of needle felting, I’m gonna let you listen
to some of the poking sounds to see if you find it relaxing. Finally, his face is done and to clean up
all the long wool that is sticking out, I used my scissors to trim it off. I could’ve added the keychain accessories
as well, but I won’t be putting it on my phone so I kept it as is. I realized I forgot to make the little knots
for the bandana so I used two little balls of wool and attached them on the side of the
neck. This little doggy is completely done now. I tried my best to make it look similar to
the picture, but since I’m still a beginner at needle felting, it doesn’t look exactly
the same. Banggood also sent me another red bandana
dog that I used too much wool to make, so at least the blue one turned out better. I personally think they’re both cute no
matter what size they are and you actually get a lot of left over wool in this kit to
make other needle felt plushies. I love dogs so this was a great needle felting
kit to try as a beginner. I should also note that the 3 needle tool
is such a time saver and is very useful for condensing all that wool into a smaller piece. I will leave links in the description below
if any of you want to try this craft. It requires patience just like perler beading,
but makes you relax in a much different way. Unless you stab yourself, which I did a few
times, but with practice I’m sure I’ll enjoy needle felting more and more. Thank you guys so much for watching, I just
wanted to make a more relaxed video for today, I’ll be back with more perler beading videos
later on and I’ll see you guys next time with another QDCraft.

40 thoughts on “Cute DIY Needle Felt Dogs”

  1. Hey everyone, I'm sure most of you are expecting a perler bead video, but I just wanted to change things up a bit and try needle felting! I have more perler bead ideas coming up, but it's just nice to take a break and do other crafts once in a while. I've actually been spending my last 2 months volunteering and meeting lots of dogs in the process, so I wanted to make this cute little dog to relax on my days off and also show you what needle felting is like. Thanks for watching and hope you understand! 🙂 <3

  2. Omg amazing video! I made your Nutella pearled bead design for my grandma's birthday and she loved it!

  3. I like that your adding a bit of asmr in your video with the music in the background and the sounds while your crafting
    love your work and great to see other things than perler beads

  4. You should make a working perler bead dice.
    It can be tiny and you should make a lot but in different colors! I'd make it 🙂

  5. Wow you are very talented! I use your perler bead designs and always come out better than other guides. I'll keep going.
    (Sorry for my English all from google translator :/)

  6. which one do you enjoy doing the most perler beads or needle felting?
    Because I wanted to try one of them and I need advice.

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