How I developed my passion for–especially
pregnancy births, all of that – is through my own experiences in losing my first baby. She was 40 weeks, and this is
17 years ago at this point, and it really rocked my world. But it was Chinese medicine that made the difference for
me to help me recover from that – to help me go on to have a healthy pregnancy. And I have a beautiful 16-year-old daughter
and I have this amazing practice. It really inspired me to focus
on this and help other women have options–natural options in health care, and help
them feel empowered through their pregnancies. The majority of my clinic is fertility,
pregnancy, postpartum. I would say 90% is pregnancy. I’m also interning
right now, so I’m working at a birth center with a group of midwives, and so
that’s really fun. So I’m also on-call for births for them.
So I sometimes run out in the middle of the night to go to labors and deliveries.
Acupuncture is safe for women during pregnancy. I treat people from, “I peed on a stick
and I just found out I was pregnant,,” all the way through their pregnancies,
even in labor and delivery. So I treat a lot in the very beginning–
fatigue, nausea, vomiting. Oftentimes, I see potential
miscarriages and I’m able to help stop bleeding sometimes. I’ve seen a lot of high-risk women–people, everything
from preeclampsia, gallbladder issues, PUPPPs, having crazy rashes all over their bodies. And I think the things I see the
most of are breech baby, natural promotion of labor, malpositioned baby, gestational diabetes, edema, fatigue, back pain,
pelvic pain–get this baby out of me. But so many people come to me who have never
had acupuncture before. I see a lot of physicians, a lot of medical
professionals. So it’s awesome to see the world embracing
you know, what we do, and really recognizing how–what we do can make a
difference in the world. And it can help them feel more empowered in their births. It gives them tools if they’re trying
for a natural birth to regulate pain, anxiety, stress, it’s amazing. I teach two
points to every mom who’s about to give birth — the Large Intestine 4 here,
and Spleen 6 on your ankle. And when I teach a mom who’s going to have a homebirth, I’ll show the family, the husband, her mother, whoever might be there,
and it’s so fun to work with this woman because then through her whole labor,
every contraction she’ll be like you know, just in her own little world. But
she knows it’s making a difference. It’s helping with her pain. I love having AcuGraph,
first of all, let me just say that – and I feel grateful that I have
technology in my clinic where I can offer another option. AcuGraph is amazing for me when
I have difficult patients – when I have a challenging case,
and honestly, I’m kind of like, “what am I going to do here?” Some
of my interns joke around that it’s a supervisor in a box because they’re used
to having a supervisor to go to. So I use it and I have amazing results, every time.
It tells me where the blockages are, it tells me where to focus. And my favorite
time to use it is with breech babies and placenta previa – so, there’s some kind of
malpositioning, something’s not right, and in time is of the essence. I have my best
results with the toughest cases. I think it’s shows them how out of balance they
are and they can clearly see right there. And then, they can see over the time that
they’re getting better.

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