– This is honestly one
of the grossest things I’ve ever seen. And it’s my own head. Like, what’s that? – That’s just dust. – Oh, just dust. (giggling) Some dust on my head. (lighthearted music) – Hey guys. I’m Ella Dove and this is What the Wellness. The show where I try out the latest wellness trends and experiences to find out what’s weird and what’s actually worth it. Today, I’m at Blow Me Away, a hair salon in Las Angeles to try out their scalp
detoxifying treatment. Now, I don’t know about you, but when I think about my hair health, I don’t often think about my scalp. In fact, I know I don’t
actually pay enough attention to my scalp, because I load it up with dry shampoo and other texturizing treatments and then I don’t do a very good job scrubbing it away when I wash my hair. I think there’s, like, still sand in my hair from summer. So, today, I’m going to get an hour long head scalp massage treatment that’s supposed to detoxify my scalp and promote healthier hair. But first, let’s go
find out why scalp help is so important in the first place. (fun upbeat music) – This is going to be gross! So you’re just using a camera to analyze my scalp?
– Yes. So, when did you wash the
last time with shampoo? – Yesterday. – Yesterday. And normally you do that every day? – Just about everyday, yeah. – Why? – Because it gets greasy. – Greasy. Okay. – My hair gets so greasy so fast. – Ew!
Look! – So you washed it yesterday, but still you have this nasty build up.
– Ew! Like what is that? – [Sakaya] It’s a build up. – [Ella] Yikes! That’s disgusting! Oh my God, ew! Ew! My God! – [Sakaya] So do you see some clumps and flakes or so? – Yeah. Only sometimes. I think that’s dry shampoo. – Oh you use the dry shampoo too. – I use a lot of dry shampoo. – Okay. – Ew, like that’s disgusting. My hair just gets greasy really fast so hopefully… you can see how greasy it is right now. – [Sakaya] Yeah. – [Ella] Maybe it’ll not
get so greasy all the time? – Because you didn’t wash it and then build up make you greasy too. – Yeah. – And you can see around
the build up area, thinning the hair. So, this one causes to thinning the hair or losing the hair. – Oh great. – Every time you wash your hair, not shampoo really good, you have to rinse really good. – Yeah, so fewer better washes. – Yeah. – Got it. – So I’m going to deep cleansing today and moisturizing to your hair and then also the geranium oil. – Okay, great. – So, what do we do first. – So, first, I’m going to, as much as I can take off the build up. – Oh great. That should take a while. So, when was, how long have you guys been doing this treatment? – So, for, in Las Angeles is almost three years. – Wow, and before Las Angeles? – In Japan. – Oh cool. – So Japan is head spa is really really popular. – Interesting. – So it’s been for a long time I was doing hair stylist there, so. – Cool. – More than 30 years. Already, (mumbling) – Yeah? It’s dry shampoo. See, it’s not dirt, it’s just dry shampoo. I’m very clean. – [Sakaya] So, 80% of the natural oil and dust come out with only water. Using no shampoo.
– oh really? 80% comes out with only water. That’s crazy.
– [Sakaya] But you have rinse really really good. So today, I am going to use the geranium (murmurs) So, geranium is a control
that your oil needs. – And I like the smell. Smells good. Feels good, too. Never had my scalp steamed before. – [Sakaya] Okay, is that too tight? – No it feels good. It’s like kind of a facial too. – [Sakaya] Yes. So it make you open up pores. – All I can visualize when I close my eyes is a gross scalp. I can see it like a bad dream. – Okay, so I’m going to do the massage on your scalp and the scalp puts on a pressure point, like a foot. – Yeah. – So, it connect to the whole body. – Interesting. So, but this scalp massage is this also good for hair growth. What does it do. – Yes, because it helps to distribute the saturation and the blood brings the oil nutrition for the growing the hair. So, it helps to the growing hair. – And is this something we can do at home? – Yes, definitely the massage. So it has a pressure point right here. From the nose to straight right here. And then also the temple. – Yeah, that feels good. – And then between ear. On the top of the ear. – It feels great! – So this is a pH-neutralizing shampoo so first one, I did the
exfoliator your scalp. And this again, make it neutralizing to your pH. – So squeaky. Now what? – Conditioner mask. – So aside from drinking lots of water and eating all my vegetables, how do I keep my scalp moisturized? – Okay, so if you massage and then also the deep
cleansing your scalp, and then you hydrate your body, it automatically make you
that skin moisturizing. – That’s cool, so you could totally do this at home.
– [Sakaya] Yeah. – If you do the mask and then you put a hot towel on your head. Fascinating. So, like normally I’d be afraid to put oil on my scalp, because I feel like it
would make me greasy. – [Sakaya] This one is a oil, but its not exactly oil. – Yeah. It’s like (mumbling) – Okay. Finished. – Oh I don’t want to be done. Do I look squeaky clean? I feel clean. I don’t even have to sit up on my own. This is great. It’s the moment of truth. Is my scalp clean? I can’t believe it would be clean after what I just saw. I don’t want to see it again. – Okay, you ready? – I’m ready! – Okay. So the beginning was as you can see… – Yuck, I don’t want to see. It’s like a fresh field of snow! – [Sakaya] So now you can see
through to your hair follicle. – [Ella] Yeah. – This isn’t supposed
to be look like this. The beginning when you come in was, everything was clogged pores. – Yuck. So gross. – But… – Yeah, you can see just how clogged up everything was. – Exactly. So again, same as a soil. If you clog the pores, you can’t get the nutrition and the growing the hair.
– Yeah. – That’s why you have
some thinning the hair and this you have to have a good scalp to be ready to grow in the new good hair. – Yeah, like my healthy roots. – Exactly. – Like a tree grow. My head is a garden. – So this is perfect. – So now I’m perfect. – Yeah, exactly. – Great. Okay, I’m officially detoxed. It feels clean. Like it doesn’t just look clean. My scalp feels further away then it used to feel, because I think like a whole level of grime came off my head. I’m going to throw up. Okay, so I just got what is a facial for my scalp. The benefits are supposed to be: increased blood circulation, reduced muscle tension, a mini facelift, stress release and more. It’s on the sign right over there. And much more. But mostly, it made my
scalp look really shiny and look how good my hair looks. It felt amazing. What was crazy was she wasn’t really pressing very hard. Which is kind of counter intuitive to what I had expected. And I learned a lot. So A, I’m not going to be washing my hair as much as I do. When I do wash it, I’m going to be less lazy, so you know, fewer better washes. Same thing with conditioner, just doing on the end. On the days you don’t wash your hair, you can still actually get it wet, because water takes off 80% of the dust, and debris, and oil, and all the things that are on your scalp. So, shampoo’s kind of over rated. I also felt like I walked
out with some techniques that I can bring home. Like, it was really interesting when she put a conditioner in my hair and then she put the hot towel on it, so it better absorbed into my hair. Like you could totally do that at home and not waste your really expensive leave-on conditioning mask that you have. So all-in-all, weird or worth it? I mean, worth it, just because I learned so much. I feel like I’m walking out of here with a new found lease on my hair care. I think I’m just going to be a little more methodical and considerate on how I’m washing my hair and when I’m washing my hair. Verses just like, getting in the shower and mindlessly doing what I’ve been doing since, I was like, what, nine? (upbeat music)

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  1. It took me 58 years to find a good and honest hairstylist who told me she only washes her hair once a week because it is not good for our hair to wash it regularly. Most hairstylists want to sell their products as well as the shampoo companies, the more we frequently wash, the sooner we need to replace our shampoo and conditioners. I switched to organic shampoos just once a week, I treat my hair to a natural hair mask, I am eating foods that help my hair, since it all starts with what we eat, and now my hair looks healthier! Great video as always, thank you!

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