Normally only with head movement does fluid within the inner ear also move informing the brain that a head turn occurred However should a crystal called an otolith gets displaced into the superior or anterior canal of the inner ear BPPV dizziness occurs Fluid Movement occurs due to the crystal rather than head turns causing the brain to think movement has occurred even though none has happened The deep head hanging maneuver is performed to treat the superior canal BPPV by trying to get the loose crystal out of the canal This maneuver started by laying down and extending the head as far back as possible. If BPPV is present, vertical eye twitching called nystagmus will occur. This position is held for 30 to 60 seconds. The head is then bent forward chin to sternum and is again held for 30 to 60 seconds. When performing this maneuver, another individual can help with these position changes. Finally, the deep head hanging maneuver is completed by sitting back up at this point. The loose crystal should have come out of the canal causing no further problems. So what’s going on with these position changes? Essentially the head is moved in such a way to manipulate the crystal to fall towards the canal opening. With each position changes, it takes about 30 to 60 seconds for the crystal to settle into the most dependent position in the canal. If turns are made before the crystal has a chance to settle, the crystal may fall back the wrong way and the maneuver will fail to work. It is also important that each of the head positions are precisely performed or else the crystal will not settle into the correct position in the canal and the maneuver may fail. Also, if the position changes are done too slowly, the crystal may not settle quickly enough from lack of momentum and the maneuver will fail. Once the crystal falls out of the canal, the dizziness should resolve if due to superior canal BPPV.

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  11. I was told by old doc to turn head to one side, sit up then do again with head to other side. It does work.

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  18. Ive had bppv for years now and it comes back every 6-8 months! At first, the epley maneuver helped. My bppv came back and i tried this. It seemed to make it go away temporarily. Now my bppv is back after 3 weeks of bppv free. Now i dont know what else to do…tried all the manuevers i know and i still get a little dizzy . Someone please help me

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  23. I run a vestibular dysfunction group, you can join if you like. The group would love to read your story.

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  25. So I did this procedure and my head started to spin like crazy and the next day I had this horrible headache. Thank god I am already on a healthy diet but I went ahead and added foods with Vitamins B and as the days passed I started to feel better. Four days later my balance is still off but no more vertigo or headache. In June I had a dental implant and the drilling may have caused the crystals to break off because 2 days after the procedure I got out of bed in the middle of the night and the room started to spin. I just thought the dizziness was caused by dehydrated or some reaction to the work he had done. I know it wasn't due to the pain medication because I didn't take any. I really don't know. I just know 2 months after the dental procedure I bent over to turn my computer off and the dizziness occurred again. Hopefully with the balance exercises things will continue to improve.

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  43. Been suffering from vertigo for three weeks come tomorrow. Going to work is the toughest thing, and sleep is the best. It honestly puts you in a state of depression if you have it long enough–it makes you feel hopeless when nothing is working. I'm going to give this a shot, maybe it will do the trick.

  44. Came back from a long cruise. This did not work for me at all sadly. I keep feeling like im on the boat and the floor keeps rocking back and fourth. I had terrible sea sickness the very last day. I almost fainted everytime the boat would move. Now i still feel like im on it. Rocking back and fourth. I did this 10 times today and still feel no change. ?

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  46. Someone mentioned an upper cervical chiropractor may be able to help realign key parts of the neck to help vertigo. Anyone had success with this?

  47. This is a horrible feeling. I went to see a doctor abn a PT helped me. I feel back to normal with one session. If you have it please go immediately to a practice that treats vertigo. These exercises are also wonderful!!! Thank you for sharing this videos. I wish i kew before

  48. for quicker results the key is to Sleep on your side which the Ear is NOT INFECTED. you will see results in just a 4-5 days.

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  51. I felt dizzy for almost 5 many medication, from different doctor but nothing happened . . Still i felt the same..

  52. An unstable Atlas C1 is frequently The root cause of The migraines Balance issues And dizziness vertigo. The condition is called Cranio cervical instability and the cause Behind it is loose ligaments in the neck as Result of a fall, poor posture over many years, Trauma, or whiplash. An unstable Atlas Due to lax ligaments Causes An imbalance in CSF flow Which connects to the inner ear which then leads to vertigo. The proper treatment is to tighten the ligaments and To strengthen the joints in the neck In order to restore and to KEEP The alignment of the atlas. You can read more here @t

  53. Check the videos before attempting these there are three types of canal in each inner ear. Superior canal = vertical plane up and down head movement so like an aircraft pitch up and down.. 2nd there is lateral canal = left right across the horizontal plane so like aircraft yaw. 3rd there is posterior canal with head movement through the vertices and horizontal planes a bit like aircraft roll. All three have different manoeuvres. 1 superior requires head hanging 2 lateral require lempert 3 posterior requires epley.
    Then there's which ear left or right and testing to I'd the ear.
    I am unlucky enough to have 3 posterior bppv first in the left ear 2013 where I had to go to casualty because I had no clue. Then in 2016 posterior right ear left unable to walk in a car park. Casualty again. Then to find out I have also vestibular impairment in right ear. So eye balance cordination can get a bit out of wack.

  54. Pocela sam sa vezbama pre pet dana.Osecam jaku nestabilnost pri pokretima,imam zujanje u usima i slabije vidim.Osecam iscrpljenist i pospanost.Vec 7 meseci me muci ovaj piremecaj ravnoteze.Primala sam tri meseca terapuju sa Vestibo tbl.Postajem depresivna i nesigurna.

  55. I had have bppv for about two months. I cold not drive then moving was difficult. it got worse every day .. I end up in ER .. the doctors did all kind of test even MRI .. found nothing ..a $16,000 dollar bill and no answers.. I felt sad and frustrate..and my life upside down I loose my clients cause of my sickness..and not even able to drive to the doctors office..well I went online and started to read about vertigo, motion sickness signs and symptoms ..then I went to you tube and found Doctors Chan videos and from there I practice the movement ..I master it alone then I did the BBQ maneuver.. warning:
    before you do the epley maneuever you must find out what kind of vertigo you have ..doing the wrong movement will make you feel my case was left ear lateral canal bppv .. the way the eyes move during diagnosis let you know what kind of vertigo you have from there you do this maneuver twice a day for three days.. I take antihistamine cause I have severe allergy and that make my situation harder ..but Iat this point I have been improving a lot .. good luck guys .. this was like being in hell.. thank you Doctor Chan ..please watch all his videos …

  56. doc can you do a vid on tinnitus please ….I am suffering ….I have a permanent post nasil and now experience tinnitus it's just getting worse

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