Hi there, my name’s Brian, and this video
is about how I was able to get rid of my Dequervain’s tendonitis. I’m making this video because I had this tendonitis
for like six months, and it’s really a pain, and I looked all over for something that would
help and really very little did, so I wanted to put this information out there in case
it helps somebody else. So what is Dequervain’s tendonitis? It is
an inflammation of the tendon that runs along the back of the thumb, across the wrist and
down the forearm that enables you to move your thumb away from the rest of the hand,
and you use this every time you go to reach for something, to grab something, or to pick
something up, and if it becomes inflamed, I mean you’ll know it, because the hand becomes
almost useless without the thumb. In my case, I got this because of a repetitive
motion injury, I was using a pair of hand pruners out in the lawn, but anything that
you do like using scissors or anything that would cause you to have to move that thumb
up and down, over and over, can cause this injury. And once you get it, it can become
chronic, meaning it never goes away, and that’s bad. From what I could tell on the internet
it sounds like a lot of people end up suffering with this for twelve to eighteen months before
it finally resolves, and I’m not so sure that it ever does for some people. So I went to the doctor because my hand hurt
so much, and he diagnosed DeQuervain’s. Now the way this is diagnosed is that you put
your thumb into the palm, wrap it up with your other fingers and then just try to bend
your whole wrist down from the—your whole fist down from the wrist. And if you can do this without pain, then
you don’t have DeQuervain’s tendonitis. But if even the attempt hurts, or you can’t do
this without pain, it really hurts to do it, then you probably do have DeQuervain’s tendonitis,
and that’s what my problem was. And in fact the hand that I’m doing that demonstration
with is the one that I had the tendonitis in, and that’s now resolved. So that right
there is amazing to me because I haven’t been able to do that for six months without a lot
of pain. So the doctor told me that what I needed to
do was rest the hand. Basically this can’t be done, I mean, every day I would try to
rest the hand, but invariably I’d forget, I’d go to reach for something just not thinking,
and I would hurt the tendon again, and all the pain and inflammation would be right back
to where it was. I tried going to a chiropractor, who’s been
able to help me with a lot of things, but couldn’t help me with this. We tried TENS
therapy on it, that did not help, I tried massage therapy, that did not help, I tried
acupuncture, that did not help. Aspirin did not help. There were only two things that seemed to
help. One of them was, I would actually try to stretch it every morning and the way I
did that was I would just take the other hand and I would try to move the thumb down into
the palm like this, slowly over a period of about five to ten minutes, until I could get
it all the way down to the palm, then I’d go ahead and wrap it up like that, and then
I would just move that wrist around like this and try to stretch that tendon out a little
bit. And this did help, especially prevent it from
hurting during the rest of the day. But, it took a while, and I had to do it every morning,
and every morning the tendonitis was back. The other thing I did that actually did help
was icing the hand, I would fill a bucket with ice, put water in that, then I’d put
on a dish washing glove and I’d just plunge the whole hand into this bucket of ice and
swirl it around for about ten minutes. Getting your hand that cold actually really
hurts, but once you get your hand that cold the pain and inflammation is gone, so if you
hand is really bothering you, this really helped quite a bit. And it’s also a good time
in which you can do this stretching that I just showed you. But I want to caution you
that if you do get your hand that cold and then you stretch it, be careful because you’ve
deadened that hand to pain and you don’t want to overdo it while it’s that cold or you could
reinjure the tendon. But in my case, this worked quite a bit, and
it would resolve the pain for most of the rest of that day and even for a couple of
days, but then the tendonitis was still there. So eventually basically my sister in law said
that a client of hers had a friend that had also had tendonitis and had resolved it using
a product that contained glucosamine and chondroitin. And I’d heard of these things before because
another friend of mine had a dog with a hip condition that almost made the dog unable
to walk, and the only thing that had worked for this dog owner was to give his dog glucosamine
and chondroitin, and he said that it was like night and day. His dog was able to then walk,
go up and down steps, and was like a new dog with this supplement. And so I thought, a dog can’t have a placebo
effect, if it helped the dog, something must have really been going on. So I decided to
try this product, once again I want to stress, I’m not gonna, trying to push this particular
brand, but since it’s the brand that worked for me I was gonna show it to you, the particular
brand that I tried was the one that she recommended, it’s called Osteo-Biflex, it contains chondroitin
and glucosamine and some other products that this particular manufacturer claims help it
make work—make it work better, I don’t know if that’s true, for all I know any product
containing those key ingredients would help, this just happens to be the product that I
used. Now this product says to give it about seven
days before you expect results, I took some of the product the same day I bought it, and
I noticed immediately, actually, the next day, that my hand was quite a bit better,
and when you’ve gone six months with no improvement, that’s a pretty big deal. And in fact, this
has now been a week of taking it, and it’s literally been borderline a miracle because
I would say that this hand, this is the one I had the tendonitis in, I couldn’t do this
a week ago, and I haven’t been able to do that for six months, and within a week now
of taking this product, I have regained what I would say is at least eighty percent of
the function of this hand back again, and the pain is at least or ninety percent resolved
as well. It’s been huge, so I wanted to put that information out there. The other thing I learned from my friend was
that she only had to take the product for about two months, and then was able to quit
using it. So I’m hoping that by getting that inflammation down and continuing to take the
product for a couple of months, that it will allow that tendon to finally completely heal
and I won’t even need the product anymore. I did a lot of research on these ingredients
on the web and um, you know there’s a lot of, of debate about whether or not they work,
so I wanted to put this video out there because I can assure you that having lived with this
condition for six months and then having a complete turn around in just a week, it really
worked for me. So I hope that if you do decide to try it, that you have as good a result
as I did, if you don’t, I guess you know, I’m sorry about that, but man, it really helped
for me, so I wanted to put the information out there in case it does help someone else.
Hope that helps you guys, thanks for watching.

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  1. what is the difference between "osteo bi-flext triple strength with vitamin D" and "osteo bi-flex triple strength with MSM fomula"?? which one I should use for de quervain ?? im suffering from 7 months , please respond me, you can also mail me at "[email protected]"

  2. Mine is getting worse, and it is my non-dominant hand. Getting the Osteo Bi-Flex TONIGHT – thank you!!!

  3. can't find this locally and drugs are not easy to import into my country. the closest i can find is GNC TRIFLEX™ WITH HYALURONIC ACID. gonna try this and update here the effects after

  4. what is the difference between Osteo bi flex with vitamin D and Osteo bi flex with MSM ?? which should we use for De Quervain

  5. My thumb is very painful after a 1hr playing session on my left fretting hand any other guitarists out there with any suggestions

  6. I'm in day 5 using this supplement and doing hand stretches, exercises. I can you tell that my pain has gone down a lot.

  7. Brian,
    You need to know that I was an avid golfer and I couldn't make it out anymore due to the severe pain from DeQuervain's in my right hand. My doctor suggested stupid exercises that just hurt more and didn't work. i'm a financial adviser and I'm always on a keyboard as part of my job, which also became miserable. I bought your recommended Osteo formula as a last attempt before I agreed to surgery. I'm only 28 years old and having already gone through ACL Reconstruction, I've had my fill of surgeries. I wasn't even taking Osteo for 4 full days on on the third day, I woke up pain free. It's only been over one week and I'm 100% pain free and after taking a year off of golf and chronic pain, I just got back from the driving range and I got my swing back. I'm going out for my first 18 one week from today. Thanks buddy, for real, this was a game changer. Your the bomb.

  8. Thanks Brian, Im gonna go and find me some of them sups.. You explained exactly what Im going through. Cheers!

  9. Does it need to be triple strength or can I use Osteo Bi-Flex platinum 2600mg with MSM and 5-loxin? Thank you

  10. I want to thank for sharing this. I got my tendonitis through my carpal tunnel. I was able to gain control over my C.T. through stretching and exercise. then boom out of no where, the tendinitis came. been fighting it for 3 mos until I seen your video. and I saw results in a few hours of taking the pill. now I'm nearing a week, and I have no pain. thank you again for sharing !

  11. Thank you for this video! I was diagnosed by a hand specialist with DeQuervain's. I have had TWO injections in the wrist (NOT fun) and he said I could possibly have another injection, but I'd really need surgery if it comes back. Well….it's back. I am now heading to the pharmacy to try your supplement. I will check back in and let you know if it worked for me. Again – thank you for this video. It is a painful condition!

  12. Hey Brian. I just wanted to say Thanks for the tip on curing this pain that I've suddenly developed in my wrist. I didn't know what to do about it until I saw your video. I'm getting that stuff and hoping the best. Thanks again for the info!

  13. Hi Brian, interesting video. Curious though, you said you only took one pill a day but the brand you mentioned, "Osteo Bi-Flex Triple Strength with MSM and 5-loxin" states in the directions to take 2 a day. Is that just a decision you made? Thanks.

  14. Thank you so much for this video. I honestly was going crazy because I cannot do things with my right hand that I have been doing for almost 50 yesrs. it's quite scary when you suddenly cannot care for yourself properly.

  15. I have DQ in both wrists. One wrist from an injury. A huge dog was playing fetch with me and he ran straight in into my wrist with his head when he was going full tilt with playtime at my friends house.(very playful dog. He is a Irish Wolfhound/Boxer mix LOL) I thought it was just a bump,but it turned out that i have DQ and had a hairline fracture in my radius. This was back in late April 2017
    Then i got DQ in my other wrist because it was over-compensating for the inured wrist 🙁
    The radius is healed,but the DQ continues. It is nowhere near as bad but it is not clearing up. It's nice to know that it can take up to 2 yrs to clear up. Now I have hope..
    Thanks for the great advice and info

  16. Hey man, just wanted to thank your for sharing your expirience. I was desperate with my tendon pain, and I tried osteo-bi-flex and today is fifth day of me taking it, and the pain is about 50% gone…Thank you so much!

  17. hey..i dont feel the pain when i wrap my fingers around the thumb but it hurts when i move it clockwise as you did in video.what can i possibly do to get rid of it?

  18. Hey Brian thanks so much, this actually worked within a few days !! I can't believe I couldn't find this chondroitin glucosamime on any other website as a treatment option or anything

  19. Hi, I also bought this product, feels like it works, but when I wake up in the morning, it feels like I have creaking in my hand. Was this the same for you? Also did you stop using the hand completely while waiting for it to heal?

  20. i was just told i have de quervains from the urgent care. it hurts so bad to bend my wrist down and inward. does that sound right? I hope I'm not being misdiagnosed as intersection syndrome sounds similar. They did do X-rays and its not broken or anything so guess it must be some kind of tendonitis. anyways I'm a nurse and I can't do my job wth this. it has been week and a half of resting it in a splint and I did a 6 day medal pack of steroids. it has improved a little but I accidentally bent my wrist wrong the other day trying to take my shirt off and i got the sharp stabbing pain in my wrist. Its my dominant hand too which makes it worse. I can't even wash my hair or do simple things anymore. I'm going to try the pills you're talking about and I really hope they make a difference. This is awful.

  21. Already 6 months cured! thank you for your help. (it took 2 months and a half to get results) . I am so happy to be back to normal. No treatments or medications helpeded me before. The pain last for about 2 years until I saw your video. Thanks a lot.

  22. Brian, if you're still checking this video's comments, I would just like to tell you and the rest of YouTubers watching this..OSTEO BI FLEX is a miracle. I obtained this horrible affliction after over working (7, 12 hour shifts). No one knew what this condition was (me included). I felt helpless, it was the worst pain I have ever felt. I would catch or push my thumb on something and it was indescribable pain. I dealt with it for 7 months. So, I decided to see if anyone on YouTube was dealing with this…and that's when I found your video. I have used it for 6 days now..and I can actually put my thumb in my palm (I couldn't physically do that for 7 months, never mind the pain) I never thought I would be able to use my hand again…thank you. So much man. This is a life changer for me. This condition has prevented me from working. I hope this progress continues and I can move on with my life! Sorry for writing a novel comment. 🙂

  23. Hi everybody, I just came to tell my own story and results I got from this video.
    Many months ago while lifting weights I started developing a pain in my right wrist which I didn't pay attention to thinking it would go away by itself so I continued working out even though the pain got worse, it got to the point in which I couldn't write anything by hand because it was so painful so I finally decided to go to the doctor and he told me I had De Quervain syndrome so he prescribed some pills and told me to stop working out for at least two weeks, I did that but the pain was still there, it started from my right thumb down to the wrist and part of the forearm. So I went back and the doctor told me to get therapy with some type of ultrasound, I got that for about 10 sessions, but guess what, the pain was still there.
    Finally my doctor told me to get an injection in the area. I was scared about it so I googled it and read that many people got horrible side effects from those injections like thinning of the wrist, skin discoloration, and muscle loss in the area so I started looking around and found this video. I was hopeful so I bought the Osteo Bi Flex with Vitamin D and by the end of the first week the pain was almost gone, by the end of the second week I was feeling so good that I started working out again and even playing the piano. Today I finished the bottle and I got to say I don't feel any pain and hopefully the pain won't come back or else I'll just take the pills again. THANKS A LOT FOR RECOMMENDING THIS GREAT PILLS THAT SAVED ME FROM THE PAIN I HAD FOR SEVERAL MONTHS AND SAVED ME FROM GETTING THE HORRIBLE SIDE EFFECTS OF AN INJECTION. 😀

  24. Brian, I see you have a lot of friends based on these positive comments. Did not work for me but I thought I'd piss my money away anyway.

  25. On my 3rd week using it I have not seen ANY improvement. This has gone on for 9 months now. They are NOT cheap pills. Idk why others saw results

  26. Thanks Brian, I tried this and it works like miracle! I already had a steroid injection 1 year back but the pain started again 3-4 months back and I started taking the Osteo. First month there were no big improvement for me but then gradually the inflammation started to decrease and it went very quick over the second month of the treatment. Now, its been 3 months I have been taking the pills and its 95% gone. I am not taking any other anti-inflammatory medicine, not even topical. Rarely I get a small pain at night when the tendons are at rest for a long time. But its really great. I escaped a tendon release as advised by my doctor. The doctor was completely negative hearing about Osteo Bi-Flex. However, the results are great and I recommend it to anyone suffering from tendonitis. I am really thankful to you.

  27. I saw this video 10 days ago after having DeQuervain's Tendonitis for more than 4 weeks without any improvement in that time, despite taking strong doses of Ibuprofen and wearing a wrist brace all the time! I ordered the supplement online (for all fellow Germans out there: at Amazon.de you'll get Doctor's Best Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM from the US, 2 x 2 capsules daily worked for me) and started taking it 6 days ago. Additionally I wore my wrist brace every night, at day time only for activities that hurt, the less the better. And I started stretching, very very carefully, too much will cause the tendonitis to flare up again, but you should definitely do it to get the flexibility back. It has been only 6 days, but I am almost pain free today, I am so happy! I don't have to wear that brace anymore! The wrist is still a bit stiff, but I will continue my stretching exercises and I will wear the wrist at night and I am sure if my hand improves at that rate I will be as good as new again in another week. So my deepest THANK YOU Brian for putting this video out there!

  28. I found this video after suffering the same condition many here have described. I'm wondering: exactly how much glucosamine/chondroitin (milligrams) should be taken per day?

  29. AMAZING ! this actually worked, i started having wrist pain and self diagnosed it as DQV, it was very uncomfortable, anytime i my wrist would be bend forward or in a certain angle it would cause alot of pain. i try to stay off of it as much as i could but like he said, there would be times when you forget about it and reach to grab something and it would hurt and feel like you just messed it all up again. i saw this video and thought i would give it a try . I went to Walmart and bought a bottle of the Osteo Bi-flex triple strength + MSM formula (highlighted in purple on the bottle). I started seeing major improvements in about two and half to three weeks. After going thru the entire bottle, two pills a day everyday, my wrist was a whole lot better. It was Still not 100% but i felt a major increase in the mobility and range then i had before and definitely less pain than before. I decided to buy another bottle again and took that for about 2 weeks. After the two weeks my wrist was a 100% , full mobility and felt back to normal! I stop taking it after the two weeks, so i still have about half a bottle. I started lifting weights again maybe about a month and a half later, with caution though cause i was afraid to mess my wrist up again. Anytime my wrist feels even a little bit sore or weak in any way from working out or any reason i just take a the one or two pill just for safe measure. It seem like maybe the first month or two after your wrist is 100% there were times when it felt a little sore but definitely no pain or restriction like before. I now lift weights with wrist straps which seem to help a whole lot and prevents any sort of future wrist injury. It has been close to almost a year now since all this has happen and my wrist is still 100% and have not have any re-occurrences of the tendonitis. I have not taken the pill for a long time now and still have some of the pills from the second bottle i bought. Thank you for making this video , it has helped me a lot , hope it helps others as well.

  30. i have this problem from around a year and am surely gonna try this, i hope it will help and thank you so much for sharing such important information with everyone .

  31. Hello, thanks so much, I'm going to try this. Will update. Thumb very sore :(.
    Looking at the ingredients it looks like a v good supplement . Especially as it has boron, an overlooked trace mineral that the body needs in order to correctly metabolise calcium and helps relieve inflammation.

  32. Hi Brian. First I would like to say thank you for sharing this very helpful video. I have suffered this same issue and had to order the supplement from Amazon as it is not available here in Kuwait and with your help I am now 90% of getting cured. My question is, do I have to continue taking Osteo Bi-Flex even if I'm 100% cured? How long should I take the supplement? I have 120 caps bottle.

  33. First I wanted to thank you for your video, and then tell about my experience with glucosamine. I was diagnosed with the DeQuervain's syndrome in february or maybe march this year. After trying PT for 8 weeks, twice a week, I got some mobility back with the recommended stretches and laser therapy, but the pain was still a lot to handle.

    So I went to the local health store and got me some Glucosamine + Chondroitin + MSM supplement and after a week or two of taking a couple of pills with every meal (around 1500mg-2400mg per day) I started to see results: my pain was reduced 80% I would say, and as the days/months passed by it was completely gone. Today I can lift heavy things again, I can do pull ups and push ups with absolutely zero issues or pain. So Glucosamine is really magical. Oh and also I used a glucosamine in the cream form, for the skin, it also was helpful.

    Nowadays I do not need to take the supplement and I only have bone broth every now and then to keep getting some glucosamine more naturally. I recommend this to everyone who has pain in their joints. 🙂

  34. This made all the difference. Exercises certainly helped but coupling them with the supplement really changed the game. Cheers

  35. I've been taking these for two days now and it's great, my hand has been painless the whole day today. I just hope it's not some placebo effect, because I'd hate to go back to having my hand immobilized in a splint. Thanks for posting the video, Brian!

  36. Brian!!! You are a life saver. I am so thankful my MRI was denied- it forced me to look for alternatives. The Osteo Bi Flex has been close to a miracle cure. I have been unpin for weeks, cortisone shots had stopped working, blah , blah, blah… After less than 7 days i feel 60-70% better i can even handwrite a list- this is something i could not do for the past few weeks. THANK YOU for taking the time to share 🙂 xx Lexie

  37. Anyone reading this get a splint/brace ASAP, letting your thumb free in it's state will further damage it(mine was getting worse and worse). The only thing that TRULY made a difference was the splint. DO NOT LET YOUR THUMB HURT EVER BY STRETCHING IT, THIS ONLY DAMAGES IT MORE. Make sure to stretch but REALLY carefully and only a little. Make sure to never get to pain EVER. The only stretch I would recommend is bending ur thumb, do not try to do anything fancy just make sure your thumb can still bend… Keep the brace on as much as possible and do not ever do anything that make your thumb feel sore until it is fully healed. It WILL heal itself but it doesn't happen instantly. Being unpatient will simply keep the pain. Once you realize this and let go you can heal. Yes it sucks but if you do it right now in 1-2 months you are fixed instead of years…

  38. Hi Brian I am suffering De Quervains for almost 2 years now my age is 24.. Please can u tell me which one to buy I am confused between two product as both contains msm.

  39. For the record. I had a tendonitis issue in my left wrist for almost 4 months, caused by a repetitive motion while at work. I had it diagnosed as DeQuarvain's tendonitis, and was prescribed a steroidal anti-inflammatory and told to purchase a specific brace, but was assured I was still fine to work. Well, maybe the doc didn't quite understand my line of work or how hard of a worker I am. It didn't get better, and the pain was borderline excruciating at times. Long story short, I made it into a college program and left my job.

    I came across this video months back and was praying it would work for me. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to help for me. However, the only thing that helped was months of rest. It was tough because I needed to write notes for school and it was on my strong hand. But since I was able to ice it every day and not strain it too much, it did eventually heal. So just know that even though this treatment may not work for you, hopefully rest and time eventually will.

    It was brutal, I couldn't lift weights, struggled to write or type on the computer. I'm thankful every day since my injury subsided. Don't take your hands for granted!

    Edit: Forgot to include I even had a steroid injection done after the first go of anti inflammatories didn't work, but still was told to work so again, it didn't heal.

  40. I want to thank you, thank you, thank you. I had such pain for two months. I was trying hydro therapy, and cayenne pepper on the area to stimulate blood flow in hopes it would bring some relief to my wrist. I watched your video and two weeks later I am back to almost normal. Still have some pain in a small area, cut not all the way up to my elbow as before. Chronic pain is exhausting, and I never knew just how until I had this De Quervain's. You really helped me. Thank you for taking the time to make this video.

  41. how many of those Osteo pills did you take a day? Also I can feel the bones/tendons moving and clicking around in my wrist when I move it in certain directions. Is that normal?

  42. Thank you Bryan..I just had my Osteo_biflex, though I am nursing and it works like 100% perfect..Thank you.had been looking for a solution like forever

  43. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with this product. I have been in pain from DeQuervains in my dominant hand for three months and it has been detrimental to being able to work and even to clean my house, do dishes, etc. I have been taking for a couple days and am hopeful that I will see improvement soon.

  44. I have some glucosamine (probably generic) that I haven't taken in a long time. I've been lately trying to treat de quervain's with a heating pad. I read somewhere that you should use ice if it's a new injury, and heat if it's older. It's probably been going on for about a month. I can't practically use a wrist guard because I work with packages, and the job is why I got the condition in the first place. It can't hurt to at least try the glucosamine and see if it does anything. I mean, I originally got it for its supposed benefit for your joints and cartilage, so why not see if it will help this condition. I don't want to go see a doctor and be told to use ice or heat on it, and maybe take some pain relievers. I'm hoping my body's own pain relieving system will work on the pain for me. But this is an amazing sort of pain. I mean just trying to do the various exercises associated with treating this condition are excruciating.

  45. I have the same condition. May I ask… When u started your course of this supplements, did u reduce or stop your activities that initial caused the tendinitis at all??

  46. I've had pain in both thumbs at the base where it connects to the wrist for 6 months now, both started hurting suddenly at the same time (in Sept I was installing an alternator in my Son's car no problem) but in October I had trouble getting credit cards out of my wallet etc, anything to do with pinching actions. Doctor said plain wear and tear osteoarthritis of both thumb joints, x-rays did show moderate arthritic change with joint space narrowing at both left and right CMC joints of the thumb. He tested for DeQuervains tendonitis but it didn't really hurt. The bit I don't understand is if it's normal wear and tear OA how come both joints went at the same time and so suddenly?
    I think it's an injury instead, I weight train and have done bench press wide grip for over ten years with pretty light weight (50kg). This is the only time where both thumb joints would be stressed equally at the same time. Are there other ligamentous strains/injuries that may be occurring around these joints? Both joints feel loose as if they are going to slip out of alignment, I may have injured some ligaments that stabilise these joints. It doesn't actually hurt when I do the weight training though but it's the only activity that I can think of that could have caused both thumbs to go at the same time, blood tests were negative for Rheumatoid Arthritis. Doctor said to just take Ibuprofen, I'm a piano player so my hands are very important to me, do you think that "Oseo Bi-Flex" may help me? I am already taking Glucosamine/Chondroiton and Tumeric for 4 months with very little result.

  47. The next day and already feeling an improvement. I am speechless and can't thank you enough for sharing this video about your method to cure DeQuervain's. There is almost no pain in my thumb/wrist today, although there is a lot of stiffness. But after wearing a brace for weeks that is no surprise. I am hopeful that the problem will be resolved after taking regular supplement doses. Will report back.

  48. i been taking this for 3days.. different brand tho.. and guess what.. now i feels 50% better.. noticable.. 6 month of suffering.. thanks a lot!

  49. I am 74 years old and suddenly my wrist/thumb went crazy with pain on me. I woke up one morning, and there it was with no forewarning. I am a guitar player, artist, writer, so I use my right hand/wrist a lot. I'm sure I have DeQuervain's because every symptom you described is what I have. Now here's a request from those of you that tried this product. I'd like to hear back from you! I want to know that you were successful and that your pain is gone. Some of these posts are quite old, so please tell us/me what your experience has been. Thanks. Hope you are pain free!

  50. Update: Within two to three hours of taking my first dose of Osteo Bi-Flex, I noticed something. Some of the horrible stiffness & pain had decreased. I will give you a day to day progress report. Stay tuned.

  51. Thank you so much for posting this video….I have been in so much pain for a month. The doctor told me the same thing to rest the hand and ice it..But there has been no improvement. I will order the supplement and hopefully it can help me with the pain

  52. Brian, jus bought the osteo bi flex triple strength glucosamine with 5 loxin + msm from iherb. But when I received the product it doesn't contain the chondroitin … so worried now as I don't think. I bought the correct version.

    Can u advice whether should take it after dinner or morning better?

  53. I'm allergic to seafood, which is where glucosamine comes from. Is there an alternative, or am I screwed?

  54. hi the Osteo Bi-Flex has various combo. is this the one? https://m.11street.my/productdetail/osteo-bi-flexosteo-bi-flex-dietary-supplement-glucosamine-chondroitin-msm-wjoint-shield-40-ct-64568939?position=1&utm_source=11ST&utm_medium=Appreferral&utm_content=64568939&utm_campaign=social-sharing

  55. I recommend seeing a Hand Therapist if your symptoms do not go away with this video's advice. It might not be advisable to ice as deeply as he describes, 1-2 minutes of ice pack over the wrist should be effective, always protect your skin. Excessive icing can permanently damage other structures. But there are several other conditions that mimic DeQuervain's and a hand surgeon or hand therapist would be able to tell you which one it is.

  56. So glad i came across this video. I had the same pain due to DeQuervains. I took Osteo Bi-Flex Triple Strength (already had some laying around from a previous injury) and the pain was 95% gone in a day and 100% in 2 days. Freaking crazy! Thank u

  57. I developed De Quervain's spontaneously about a year ago and have worn a splint off and on (mostly on) since then. I've also had three cortisone injections, all of which worked for a while, before the pain slowly returned. About a month ago, in desperation, I Googled "De Quervain's cure" (knowing there isn't one) and it led me to this video. I decided I had nothing to lose and looked for Osteo Bi-Flex online, but couldn't buy it without excessive postage (I'm in Australia) so I looked at a local health supplements company, Blackmores', catalogue and found their 'Joint Formula – Advanced', which contains the same active ingredients – glucosamine and chondroitin (and a couple of of others in smaller amounts).

    I've been taking two tablets a day for about four weeks and I'm pretty much cured! I think my wrist may have suffered a little from the cortisone injections and from immobilising my thumb for so long, but it's getting better by the day, and I really think I'm going to be back to normal in a very short time.


  58. I had this myself for about 3 months (self diagnosed). Also had popping in the joint that would wake up at night it would be so bad. Ended up getting one of those hand braces to help isolate my thumb. Used it about 2 weeks and it healed up well. That's been around 3 years ago and no issues since. Thx for the osteo bi-flex tip.

  59. This may work better for those who catch it early or its not yet severe. Let me tell you, if you do not do something about it early and continue to operate your wrist and thumb it WILL get worse. Even if it feels like its mostly healed you will need to rest it with the occasional stretching. If Osteo has worked for some of you I am very envious, you were probably lucky enough to catch it early.

  60. Did not work for me. I spent $30 on the same tablets as indicated in the video, and absolutely no change whatsoever. Waste of money in my mind. Sorry people.

  61. Brian thank you. I've been dealing with this wrist injury for six months. I started taking this a week ago yesterday and I happy to say that I'm much much better. I cancelled my surgery because I believe I'm on the road to a full recovery. Best wishes to others that may try this. Again, thank you for sharing. Blessings to all.

  62. Oh my goodness. I've had this 3 months and the pain is horrific. Not sleeping and my life is a misery. Thank you so much for your advice. I'm going to order this right now and hopefully it will work for me too.

  63. I developed De quervain's syndrome about 16 months ago while playing guitar, I ignored the pain for about month and then went to doctor when pain became severe, De quervain's syndrome was diagnosed. Since then I've got two steroids injections, and also I've been going for ultrasonic therapy & laser therapy daily. Also I apply ice pack 2 to 3 times a day. Now the pain is almost relieved but still there is stiffness and weakness. Please let me know whether this product will help or not.

  64. Great video but I'm so disappointed! I have a shellfish allergy and have been told I cannot take that product because it's made from the shells of crustaceans 🙁 I know there are "shellfish" free products available but most experts agree that it isn't the same thing. I've had this condition now for 5 or 6 years on and off. Thanks for the information though.

  65. I have quervain for more then a month now. It is not getting less with diclofinac and also not with rest etc. I get it by doing sport (CrossFit). I really hope this works. I already have ordered a bottle of Glucosamine Chondroitine & MSM.
    If this works you would make me really happy!

  66. Just found this. I got mine from starting the lawnmower and weed whacker. I must have torn it. I also just ordered the supplement from Vitacost.com

  67. I think I have De Quervain's but on my index finger of the left hand. It's been coming and going a lot in the last six months and I can't take it anymore. I'm hoping it's not anything else serious like arthritis. I couldn't figure out what the hell it was. I've tried everything else from DMSO to taking tumeric and generic brand chondroitin and it seems to keep coming back again and again. Over the summer, they had diagnosed me with trigger finger and gave me an injection but that dind't do much of the trick either after a while. I've been also seeing a chiropractor and he helped me a lot with a compressed nerve I had in my neck causing a lot of the weakness and tingling I had too, and did an adjustment on my left hand too, but I think this is an entirely different problem. I tried changing keyboards many times, and that didn't work either. I feel a super tight pulling and pain when I try to stretch my index finger, and it's super uncomfortable too to the point where I do a lot less typing now. Also experiencing inflammation on the palm side of the finger and sometimes the whole finger's gotten super tight for no reason. I notice the pain most when I'm stretching and typing on whatever keyboard I use, whether rubber dome or mechanical and it just doesn't have the same flexibility as my right hand anymore.

    Per your suggestion, I ordered some Osteo-Bi Flex, the same speciifc kind you recommended to see what happens. I have nothing to lose at this point. I don't know where it all came from either, but kept thinking that minor fender bender I was in last summer might have triggered the inflammation process to occur in that area of the hand or just years of using bad keyboards and poor ergonomics caught up with me. Who knows. My right hand is completely fine and has never had this problem for whatever reason, and I've been doing tons of stretches in my left hand as well to try to see if that works, applying warm water for 3 minutes, etc. I've also never taken many vacations and was working full-time for over a year at a job where I had to do a lot of typing. All I know is that this problem is ruining my career and is the #1 reason why I'm not making as much money as I could be right now, constantly fearing typing now and all the pain that I'll suffer.

  68. Been a few hours since taking my first Osteo Biflex pills. While I still feel some tendon pain and tightness, it doesn't feel nearly as bad. I can at least get some typing done. I'll let you know whether a lot of this problem really does resolve by replying to my comment here. Thank you so much for the recommendation. This condition was so dehabilitating and I thought i would have had to give up typing, writing and marketing and programming for several months. It was horrible having to blame myself each day too for the pain, especially for that fender bender I was in last year. I had a great freelancing opportunity I had to back away from just because of this pain too.

  69. thank you so much for this information..I've had tendonitis in my wrist for more than six months..it's now unbearable. Just like your story. I am going tomorrow to get this stuff, I sure hope to come back with the same results.

  70. BTW , I wrote down the exact thing that you purchased which doesn''t have chondroitin..I bought it only a day later realizing that you talk about chondroitin many times. I've taken it for two days (minus the chondroitin)..I feel nothing yet. Back to the store to get the other stuff. Oi vey

  71. I have de Quervain's. Pain in both hands .My pain was so bad in the morning I could not use my hands as a result from typing contracts every day for 30 years.  My hand surgeon give me a steroid injection in my left hand and followed all of the above advise for months with no relief. Then I searched for  the surgery on youtube and saw this video. I tried this supplement and it worked immediately for my right hand.   Thank you,  This was great advise.

  72. Hey Man I got the same problem, been just resting my hand as the doctor recommended but obviously with no luck or improvements just wasting my money in injections and visiting doctors for the past 3 months
    Last week I saw your video,
    I started taking the tablets this week and now i can move my wrist, it works for me and is only the 4th day.

    Thank you for the video I was going crazy about this condition.

  73. Brian thank you so much for posting this.  I ran out and bought this and noticed a difference right away. It's been 4 days now and the pain is slowly subsiding and the hand is getting back to normal. This was a HUGE help.  : )

  74. Just took the pills as well. A little over two weeks and it worked. I was at work and I noticed I could finally move my thumb without any pain. I couldn't believe my eyes these things actually work. Thank you so much sir, I owe you everything. Doctors don't know what they are talking about.

  75. Hi Brian – I appreciate this video and I really like your approach. I'm a nanny and I got de Quervain's from picking up babies. (I'm a twin specialist!) I also have a degree in nursing and have done some work with dietary supplements/herbals and what you said made a lot of sense to me. So far with several home therapies including a good thumb splint and a LOT of rest, plus cold therapy and NSAIDS, I have only been able to stabilize the condition. I will try glucosamine and chondroitin – that makes sense. Thank you very much!

  76. I am back I tried your treatment two weeks ago it worked beautifully my thumb is good now and I also had tennis elbow and that to is gone . I recommend this product and I found it at wall mart for $ 21,00

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