Hello, I’m Dr. Neal Schultz [pause] and welcome to DermTV. Rashes under the breast tend to occur if the
skin of the lower part of the breast lies flat against the skin below the
breast. That tends to happen at a certain time in life whether it’s from
age, gravity, from having had children or just from the way that you’re
built. Whether you know it or not, your skin perspires all the time but
when skin lies flat against another layer of skin that perspiration or
sweat can’t evaporate and moisture accumulates. When moisture accumulates
in closed areas, like skin against skin, it promotes the growth of bacteria
and other germs and that creates odors and that can lead to infections.
The most common infections that occur in this context, on the under part
of the breast, are yeast infections and bacterial infections. To help
prevent this, very simply, after you shower treat this area with the
same antiperspirant that you use under your arms. If that’s not effective
at sufficiently decreasing the sweating, then take a thin piece of cotton
material and place that thin piece of material under and in the fold below
the breast on both sides to help absorb moisture. If you actually do develop
a rash below your breast usually it manifests as itchy little red bumps
with some oozing. Usually this is very uncomfortable. It’s probably
a yeast infection and the best way to treat it is with milk and water compresses
and the instructions, for those is discussed in DermTV Episode #15.
In addition, over the counter Mikonazol lotion applied very lightly two
or three times a day, will often help cure a yeast infection. And by the way,
this may seem counter- intuitive, but soap in these circumstances
is bad- it’s not good and soap will actually make the infection worse. If
these simple measures don’t help improve your rash then see your dermatologist
for further treatment.

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  1. I had a yeast infection under my breasts last summer. Remedy: before bedtime after gently cleansing then drying the area, dab on under both breasts monistat cream for vaginal yeast infections (I used equate/walmart brand). Infection gone in 3 days. In the morning after my shower, I sprinkle on under each breast Goldbond medicated powder or Equate brand which prevents anymore infections. Been using this powder now daily. Excellent remedy.

  2. yellow Dial or biege Safeguard soap…pat gently to dry….apply a film of olive oil to the area entirely..light coating…couple times a day..or as needed to sooth any itch…gone in a few days…as a preventative I use Nystatin topicsl powder…or instead of olive oil if going to work or errands…donot use oil and powder together…

  3. After I shower, I put a bit of baby powder with cornstarch under my breasts and then I place a cloth diaper under my breasts and then put on my bra. Sometimes no bra and just the cloth diaper, especially at night in bed because I tend to get hot and I get sweaty under my breasts. I have no problems now at all. Cornstarch works though. Another good powder is Zeasorb powder. It’s kind of expensive, but well worth it.

  4. I had a small rash I kept a sock right where the wires was so it wouldn’t rub. kept dry it didn’t hurt I have to say I also prayed it worked❤️??

  5. go vegan, stop eatting anything with yeast in it, stop eatting sugars of any kind, it will go away.

  6. I started taking tumeric, cjurcumin, and black pepper supplements and cut out all sugar from my diet and there you go no more rash since and I had it so bad I was prescribed niastatin cream for it. I swear by this supplement but if you are on blood thinners or any other medications go to your primary care Dr. First…. If he isn't up on the natural supplements there is a web site called web 2nd where you can check supplements and drug interactions. Don't assume because they are vitamins they can be taken in any dosage with any prescription drugs or even foods or other supplements. Also do take the mistake I made, read the bottles yourself for storage of them. I saw a video about tea tree oil and yeast infections the women didn't include that after you open it it had to be refrigerated after opening, I read the bottle and also her oil to tea tree oil ratios were off. Remember people don't believe everything you watch.

  7. I use Tenactin under my breasts. It helps heal it pretty quickly. It does sting at first but usually heals within a few hours. The sting goes away pretty fast.

  8. Neosporin works for me. If it hurts for bra to touch it, I will put a sock under breast so not to have skin on skin while the Neosporin is working.

  9. What horrible advice! I use A&D ointment and it works! I also use Sea Breeze astringent to remove the moisture when its hot. But never-use deodorant! This guy needs to go to nature school!

  10. I used to have this problem but once I started to wear the Ah Bra or similar I had no more problem. The fabric wicks away the moisture and there is no more infection

  11. I use a half and half solution of vinegar and rubbing alcohol. If it is really red it can sting badly but it works well. It is applied on a washrag and just make enough to wet the cloth but not to dripping. It helps the itching too. Use it once or twice a day until the condition clears up. You don,t need it every day of your life. Hope that helps someone. BTW it is cheap and not going to have horrible side effects or thin the skin. I use it in all the folds that get affected. You could do it every day if you so desired though.

  12. After I got rid of my rash I started putting deodorant on under my breast every day and it stop. That is the best way.

  13. Dry well after daily ahower and apply lightly talced soft flannel strips, Change if they get damp.

  14. Does she also know skin tags have been observed as an early sign of Diabetes? The rash also may be due to excess sugar (that's when I get mine). Try keto diet for both.

  15. I used to have this problem,,after it healed the last time: I started putting secret under my breasts,,has not ever happened again

  16. Apple cider vinegar after shower, new bras rotate daily after use and hand washing them. Had it for 3 years went away after using avc, plus limit sugar intake

  17. Also, you can apply cold water on clean cloth – yeast hates cold, it grows in heat and moisture. Then blot w apple cider vinegar and be sure to keep area dry. Another safe and good thing to use is witch hazel (hammemelis water). Pour in hand and slather over whole area. It is cool, mild, and germicidal 🙂 if you can,change bra during day and make sure you blot off moisture with clean tissue or cloth. I have used Neosporin in light layer, too. I've never had this condition real bad before, keep it under control. Cotton bras are healthier, too.
    As for docs recommendation to use anti-perspirant, no way would I do that. It traps germs, blocks pores, messes with lymph, has chemicals in it … I don't use it on underarms either.

  18. I was always told to use cornstarch instead of powder. That's what I always use in the summertime that help keep me dry. But I don't put any perspirant underneath my breast also. I hate bras and I sweat underneath

  19. What??? Better would be to see your doctor (not this guy). Don't wear tight clothes, wear cotton, wash with Dial Antibacterial soap, & dry well, wear cotton appropriate fitting brassieres that lift the breasts off the chest… Is this dude for real??? I saw this was trending and out of curiosity had to click. This is odd. I've never heard of it but I am sure it must occur. Beware of strange advice people.

  20. I feel the best way is a mixture of vinegar and water. I keep it in shower and after washing and rinsing I spray away!!it works I use even if there is no rash.

  21. Deodorant or baby powder? Read up on the class action lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson that gave women cancer. Cornstarch? Unless it's organic then it's Monsanto which means pesticides and tumors. Pass! I'm using plain aloe vera gel, NAIDS, and cool compresses with a cotton t-shirt underneath. Hydrocortisone can trap moisture but will keep you from scratching. I agree that miconazole is good. Yogurt with little to no sugar is also good. (Yeast thrives on sugar.)

  22. If you are someone that Desitin baby rash does NOT work for, try corn starch and cotton pads. The starch keeps it drier and cotton padding absorbs the sweat and keeps your bra or undies dry. Pambra's Bra Liners is company that makes them.. There may be other stuff on Amplestuff website, but they advertise Pambra's. If you don't want to spend the $, make your own pads, or use plain sanitary pads.

  23. Only Gold Bond Powder eliminated the awful rash under my breast forever! I used daily until the rash disappeared within 3 days!!!

  24. I used a very fitted racer back bra instead of underwire ones to lift the breast and allow the affected area to remain aerated. Then I used apple cider vinegar to kill any fungus, and tea trea oil to treat. After that, it cleared up on it's own

  25. It is the friction and sweating that causes pain/rash under the breast. Use whatever you can under your breast and bra when you plan to be active or sweaty.

    I cut the bottom off of a soft t shirt, measured it to fit under my bra to absorb moisture. I also found on eBay a bamboo cloth made to wear under your bra that is so soft. It's a three pack. I really like it.

  26. Wash and dry. Coat with desitin diaper rash ointment. Do in morning and again in evening. Keep dry with something to absorb sweat. Beats using listerine….alcohol burns like heck.

  27. I had this for a long time and tried everything. Used a scrub I made with coconut oil and sugar. You can also use extra virgin olive after a shower and presto! Gone!

  28. For maintenance to prevent it from getting infected I apply a little bit of Biofreeze in this area; Since I'm already applying it to my back for pain. Sometimes I will apply tea tree oil. I don't like to use antiperspirant. I make sure I wash it very well, and rinse the area very well. And dry it very well, sometimes even laying under the ceiling fan with a towel until it's thoroughly dry.

  29. Love flower gardening. After too many years of this rash, I thought, sweating…This year, started using anti-perspirant deordorant-mitchum, no fragrance. RELIEF! Tell your girl friends!

  30. As soon as I drastically reduced my sugar intake, I stopped getting yeast infections. No need for Dr's, home remedies or medications.

  31. Very glad I found you and your YTs! Great info and great feedback and ideas from all your subies. Is this the same fungal infection as athletes foot and jock itch? I use over the counter antifungal creams, powder and sprays! The creams are very helpful in clearing the rash, taking the itch and pain away! I also take an NSAID to reduce the inflammation and pain or discomfort. I’m going to experiment with everybody’s tips and see which ones are most effective. Willing to try anything as long as it’s safe, like the milk and water!

  32. When a break out occurs
    I use Eucerin Cream make sure it’s cream it blocks so the infection can heal and also stay dry I’ve been lucky since I lost weight I’ve not had under breast but under tummy you never know it’s there till it hurts Eucerin make it comfortable immediately First wash and rinse area then apply even if at work! It’s great!! Just a little soap on a towel and a towel to rise and a towel to dry in the public bathroom in. Toilet area I know when it hurts it’s horrible you can get small samples at Walmart and a large one for home Hope this help someone I’ve done it for Years Just tried it one day and it worked gone in about 2 days

  33. I use Apple Cider Vinegar. I put it full strength in a spray bottle and spray a paper towel (plain white) and cleaned 2 to 3 times a day the first time I used it as the oozing rash was really bad. It burned at first, but healed quickly. If it returns, I start using it again and it keeps it from getting bad and clears very quickly. I've noticed it seems to be related to my hormone issues as well as the skin laying together as when they act up, so do the rashes.

  34. I like using arrowroot powder at night in the areas that need it. If you are not sensitive to fragrance drop a few drops of your favorite essential oil into the mix. Works like a charm without harmful chemicals.

  35. I have had succesd with Domeboro. Its a powder, mixed in water for rashes, bug bites, chicken pox. Mix in water, keep the mixed liquid in the frig. Pour a little in a saucer, dip a white soft cloth into the liquid, apply to area. It smells like Alum…like pickles. Drys stuff out, takes awsy itching. Ask at the pharmacy for it, its over the counter DOMEBOROmade by Bayer.

  36. Apple Cider Vinegar prevents these rashes and cures them too..Since I have been putting ACV on my rashes I don't get them..but if I forget to put it on..it may come back. It stings like anything but the pain is worth it.

  37. Cotton Breeze® Body Powder the brand name is https://www.summerseve.com/feminine-hygiene-products. I can't live without this stuff!!!!!! I put it where ever I sweat, under the breasts, bikini line area. ALSO The only way to KEEP DRY that works for me is putting paper towels folded up and tucked under my bra under the band of the bra, works the best. The bottom of the bra cup stays dry and the band of the bra. The best quality of paper towel, so it is softer. The cheap stuff is too rough on the skin. It keeps the breast up so the skin doesn't stick and rub below the breast. I especially find this helpful when doing something where I sweat a lot, Yard work etc.. Depending on how big you are would determine which way is the best to fold the paper towel. ACTUALLY I JUST THOUGHT OF IT NOW, NATURAL COTTON PANTY LINERS WOULD BE AWESOME. JUST LAY THE BRA DOWN FLAT AN PRESS ONE LINER ON EACH CUP ALONG THE BAND OF THE BRA AND LOWER PART OF THE BRA CUP. I have done this "always" panty liners but natural cotton liners would be super comfy. Then you don't have to worry about the paper towel falling out if you are away from home!! I DO BOTH THE POWDER AND PAPER TOWEL IF I WANT MAKE SURE I AM DRY ALL DAY AND EVENING. NO ODOR OR BURNING SKIN. If you are on a hot date easy on the powder and skip the liner or paper towel!

  38. Cornstarch works for me. Somewhat messy but at bedtime or around the house not to bad and it clears it up quickly.

  39. Wow this was the best advice ever cause I'm 50 yrs old and at the peek of medapause and I get this red rash a lot under my breast I'm gonna try this milk and water compress under them thank you sooooooo much for this cause I have rash right now as we speak!!! Thanks ✌️

  40. I keep a pump container of "Pinetarsol" in the shower to use on any itchy patches of skin. It's a non soap cleanser. It's just always there if I need it.

  41. Clothing that is against the skin needs to be made of breathable fabric really I suppose, natural fibres at least. So much is polyester now. And laundry detergents don’t help, chemicals and perfumes.

    The basics seem to be prevention and treatment.
    Reduce sugar intake
    Rinse clothes thoroughly and change regularly.
    Keep skin dry and cool
    Try treatments one at a time to find what suits you.

    I have read through some wonderful suggestions here and it seems to be a question of do what suits your skin best. At least a discussion on the topic has opened up which should help a lot of people.

  42. Frankincense & Myrrh saved my life. Bring distilled water about two cups, to a boil, place about 5 resin lumbs of each of frankincense (Boswellia sacra) and Myrrh into the water. Simmer until most of the resin has melted, some will float and remain. That is fine. Poor everything into a clean glass container and use it every day. I use a plastic dropper (pipette) to pull the liquid out, put it in the palm of my hand and apply it all over my breasts under and over, everywhere. I apply it to gauze too to use it as a skin cleaner for my face. I use it for all general skin care. I also use it on my eyes when I had a shingles infection in the corners of my eyes and NOTHING helped. This not only helped but it made it go away.

    The itching and pain was gone in ONE DAY. Take it for what you want. I am not a doctor. Just sharing something i wish every one would know about. Frankincense and Myrrh RESIN, not the essential oils, not any frankincense, the BOSWELLIA SACRA! Boswellia Sacara is the best frankincense and comes from Oman. it has a light greenish hue.

    NOTE: After applying you will feel the liquid gives you a bit of a tacky feeling AT FIRST. it is a resin, so it is sticky. But it will within a few minutes dry completely and leave a film on your skin. A very thin film. Not sticky at all. This is also why you should not put it in s spritzer. It will clog it. Use a dropper or a bottle that has a dispenser at the top like a little hole. Kinda like a squirt bottle.
    The frankincense and myrrh are anti fungal, anti viral, anti bacterial it protects and heals your skin. When you use it on your face as a cleanser, after it is dry just a minute or so, you may apply whatever skin cream you usually use.

    BTW this is not a thing you only do when you have a problem. It is general skin care. You use this every day and won't get these outbreaks. At least from my own experience. And I had the outbreaks. Under my breasts and shingles too. It is totally natural and holistic.

  43. Gold Bond powder works best and perfectly, you will be surprised. No Dr., prescription, or over counter cream comes even close to GOLD BOND medicated powder.

  44. I'm 14 years old, literally. And I got this red spot that itches under my breast I started freaking out and I told my mom she was like its caused by sweating or whatever. I'm still freaking out tho.

  45. I like to use WILD PURE RAW HONEY. Next time I’ll stick coffee filters to it. Clears up things better than chemical antibiotics. May put organic COCONUT OIL on one side and compare. Good luck ladies. Haven’t heard gentlemen having this problem but I suppose it happens wherever skin folds don’t dry.

  46. I had awful problems with rashes under my breasts before I lost 40 pounds. I know that it's not a quick fix, but I haven't had anywhere near as much of a problem with rashes as I did when I was heavier.
    When I did have the problem, I finally went to the doctor and he recommended that I wash under my breasts at least twice a day and make sure that I had the correct size of bra on. He also recommended that I lose weight, but it took me a while to start doing that.
    Often, I put plain corn starch on my skin, that or plain baby powder and as long as I kept my skin clean, cool, and dry I had no problem.☺️☺️✝️⚜️

  47. I have a fungal infection under my breasts and I have found that the best thing to put on it is plain yoghurt. It gives much more relief than the prescription cream I got from the doctor. I tried it because a nurse once told me that yoghurt will cure bedsores – fortunately I haven't had occasion to find out – and because when I suddenly developed canker sores on my gums, my South Asian dentist told me to put yoghurt on them, and they were cured by the second day. Anyway, the underside of one breast was painful and bright red and I had two lesions and two places where the skin was breaking down. I tried the prescription cream and the only result was that I had four lesions. So I switched to yoghurt. After just a day or two I could see it was working;' the red area was much smaller, the small lesions had closed and the larger ones were scabbing over. I've used it ever since. Aside from being cold, it's not too different from putting on skin lotion.

  48. Believe it or not wash under breast and dry really good .Then use hydrocortisone cream till rash is gone. Then use corn starch baby powder daily to keep under breast dry. I'am not a nurse but I tryed it and it worked fore. But always check with your doctor.

  49. This is a fake Remedy video! The best is Gold Bond Body Power! Dust daily until the rash goes away within 3-7 days! Buy the yellow container at Amazon, Walmart or any drugstore! It really works!!!

  50. After every shower I sprinkle some arrowroot powder under each breast. I used to use cornstarch powder for years but that started to exacerbate infections under my breasts. The arrowroot powder keeps the area dry and comfortable and it doesn't cause or feed an infection. I took an empty cornstarch powder bottle, pried off the top, and filled it with arrowroot powder. Works great, high recommend this! However, if you have the red bumps and itchy skin, you do need to treat it with some yeast infection cream for 2 or 3 days first, then start using arrowroot powder to keep the skin dry. I never skip a day, always sprinkle some powder.

  51. this doctor must think we have a Universal Health Care system! LOL how hysterical…… "Just go see your dermatologist".. LAUGHABLE & DEPRESSING. I'm sure this doctor meant well but I really wish I could get those 2 and 1/2 minutes back

  52. It helped me by wiping with rag to clean sweat dry well and use deodorant under breast it goes away. Don't wait to long when u notice soreness take care of it asap to prevent it getting worse

  53. Here at Klima Health Solutions we have been helping people who are struggling with hyperhidrosis for over 14 years. Our Klima Antiperspirant has been known to work for up to 5 days, even through showering. If you have any questions check us out at:
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