4 thoughts on “Diabetes, Nerve Pain, and Medication”

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  2. Research shows that Benfotiamine can help with diabetics and nerve damage. However, people need to make sure they take the right dosage, because Benfotiamine may cause the removal of plaque from the blood vessels. If the plaque is being removed, a large chunk might break off and cause a stroke or heart attack.

    If you're older than 60 or if you have a serious problem with high blood pressure, you should probably start out by taking a very low dosage of Benfotiamine and gradually increase the dosage!

    Disclaimer: I'm not a medical doctor or healthcare professional of any kind. Therefore, I am not prescribing or advising anyone on what they should or shouldn't take for their health issues or concerns. As a result, you need to talk to your doctor or any other healthcare professional for your medical or healthcare needs/issues/concerns.

    REMEMBER: Empower yourself and do your own research and due diligence on your healthcare and overall life's endeavors.

    Be blessed!!!

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