Hallo In today’s video, I show you an exercise which you can make as a handstand beginner as well as an advanced, because it have a super transfer for the handstand. Through it you will build a super body tension which allows you to stand the handstand more controlled. I can only recommend you to incorporate them in your daily workouts. It is also great in the warm up because the joints are not stressed and you are warm afterwards in any case. Okay lets go with the Video, enjoy it. This exercise is performed on the floor and you can run it once on your stomach and once on your back. This exercise looks simple at first sight, but is very underestimated and requires a lot of tension and muscle control. First I’ll show you the Hollow Body position on your stomach. The first thing I can recommend in this position is to tighten the belly. The goal is to tighten the belly and pull it to the spine. The abdomen should not touch the ground during the entire holding period. So you should be able to push your own hand all the time between your stomach and the ground. Next, you lift your legs from the ground and tighten your buttocks and your complete leg muscles. Then you should take care that the legs are energized all the time and you fully extend them. Once you have done that, stretch your arms upwards. Now you raise your arms from the ground, stretch them through and try to pull your body out. As if you wanted to make yourself a bit longer. The head is not deposited, but is also easily held over the ground. He remains in a neutral position. This position should be held between 30 seconds and one minute. Now we come to the position on the back. When you are in the starting position, the first step is to press the lower back on the ground. You do that by using the technique to control your buttocks. The lower back should be in contact with the ground during the whole time. Now you have your legs in a 90 degree angle and bring the upper back in the air. The arms remain at the beginning beside the body. Next, stretch the legs completely and tighten them as best you can. Now you can drain the legs until they are about to touch the ground. Now you hold the legs in that position. Now to the upper body. You go back to the ground with your upper back, but you hold him in the air like the legs. Once there, you stretch your arms slowly upwards and try to make yourself as long as possible. If it is too hard for you to keep the arms with your shoulders fully open, go in a lower angle with your arms where you can hold this position for at least 30 seconds. I recommend to hold this position between 30 seconds to a minute. These two exercises are very good to build up the basic tension and get accustomed to the position for the straight handstand. Because when we look closely at these two positions, we see that it is exactly the line we want to have in the handstand. I hope I could help you with it and if you liked it, share it with your friends. I wish you a nice day and a happy handstand. See you in the next Video. Your Matschin

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