A digital row counter for knitting! Hi, Guys! I’m Kristen and Welcome to Studio Knit. Today, I’m sharing with you these cute Digital
Row Counters a fun idea to help with your knitting. They just attach to your finger and help you
track your knitting row by row. I thought that maybe having the counter attached
to my finger would get in the way of my knitting, but soon enough, I totally forgot I was even
wearing it. I bought these little guys fon Amazon, with
8 to a package, and since they were pretty cheap I thought it was worth a shot to try
them out. A link for where I purchased is in the description
below. Oh, and if you think this is a fun idea, please
Like up this video and make sure you’re subscribed to my channel! Here’s how they work. After finishing each row, just push the big
button to count one more knitted row. If left unattended, the display will turn
off after about 15 minutes. Just click the big button once and it actually
remembers your last row. When you want to reset it to zero, just push
the small little button on the right. If you want you counter to keep track of your
row count after a long time away, place it in a location where it’s unlikely the buttons
will accidentally get pushed. I’m keeping mine in a little box on my craft
table. I’m not sure yet how long the little battery
will last inside, but with 8 counters, I’m hoping I’ll have some on hand for awhile. Personally, I am only using my counter when
I want a general idea of where I am in my knitting project. Patterns that require a perfect count, especially
something like a lace pattern, I’ll stick to ticking off my rows with pen and paper. But, this is a fun little way to quickly track
your knitting rows for simpler projects, especially while knitting in public or on the move. Let me know in the comments below if you have
any fun little tricks for keeping track of your knitting patterns. Thank you so much for watching Studio Knit. Please hit Like, Subscribe, and check out
more of my Knitting Tools videos and my new Summer Knit Series! Bye!

39 thoughts on “DIGITAL ROW COUNTER | Knitting Tools”

  1. I've wondered about these little counters. They seem handy but I was completely distracted by your gorgeous nail polish! Would you mind sharing the brand and color? Thanks!

  2. This is so cool, I wish I could buy one but oh well, at least I still have yarn to knit baby booties

  3. can you change the batteries on these?, looks like a good idea I've seen them before but wasn't to sure so thank you for the review 😊

  4. I thought about getting one of these from Walmart but it cost $19. I honestly couldn't justify getting it for just one at that price.

  5. The Susan Bates one from Hobby Lobby works wells(looks like the one in the video), less than 3 bucks if you the coupon on their site. Does everything listed in the video.

  6. Cool I've been using this for a long time. They work so great
    They are actually for other things too! Soo many uses!

  7. For row counting I use the Knit Companion App. Hands down my most used favorite knitting tool! I can't recommend it enough 🌟

  8. Mechanical tally counters are the safest easiest way to track your rows. No batteries, no risk. They slip on your finger with a metal ring

  9. That is a really cute idea, see this is why I love watching your videos … you find the most fun thing for us to use. Thank you =)

  10. I find that they easily add rows when I have not pressed the button. I use a tally counter from an office supply store.

  11. I having been using mine foe about a year off and on Bought mine at at LYS and a second one just in case at AC Moore,. Love it!

  12. They are also very useful when casting on. If you click the big button every 10 stitches, it makes it easier to know how many stitches you have, especially if you have a large number of stitches

  13. I looove my digital row counter! Great idea about the box! I use my thumb of the hand that's wearing the ring to hit the counter. It makes it easier for me not to let go of my work.

  14. My grandma has one of these and I didn't know what is was for, after I watched this I started using it for counting rows

  15. I have tried two other counters, and I like this one the best. It’s right on my finger, it’s easier for me to remember the row count. The other two I tried would be forgotten most of the time or I would drop them when I’d pick them up I would I would push the button to restart the count by mistake. I got it in the local craft store where they sell yarn. They have them both at Joanne’s and Michael’s (if you want to try one). I think they run like $5.99 a piece.

  16. Has anyone found any that automatically count the stitches based on your movement? I use mine for many of my crochet and knitting project, but I tend to forget to press the button because of how easily I work without watching my work too much anymore. It might sound like I should pay more attention, but my attention span tends to be a little short when crocheting and knitting is practically muscle memory anymore.

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