all right husband, husband’s home.
don’t you dare! you guys want to know the most annoying thing ever? so one of the
camera guys at home & family, Moe apparently I’ve got a bit of a resting
bitch face when I’m not quite like aware that I’m on camera so on home and family
will have like a camera with me about to do my segment but I’m not quite on yet
but the monitor is still on me and I’ll just be like and I like have these awful
faces. He made a calendar of all of my bad faces. god, something smells bad oh god what am I so mad at oh I’m so judgy
I’m just the worst that was just good timing whatever oh damn miserable I look
I swear I’m normally very happy and my husband has demanded that it had like be
front and center in her house guys welcome look to my channel if
you’re new here my name is orly shanty this is the DIY designer I’m so stoked
that you’re here I got a great fashion DIY today that’s usually what’s on this
schedule the schedule today what I wanted to do was a winter DIY something
incorporating sweaters so last week I started trying to come up with some
ideas and I was sifting through like Pinterest and Instagram and I was kind
of just typing in like sweater trends 2020 like new sweater designs 2020 like
just trying to see if there was anything fresh from the runways and a couple of
things that popped up that I actually really loved were these cut out sweaters
so one of them I really liked is this the shoulder is exposed but the sleeves
still exists another one is just a complete 1 sleeve sweater and then the
last one was this like v-neck it’s like deep v cutout
I love it in the tank version I think it’s really cool like any turtleneck
sweater pretty much is gonna work for this you can go and like hit up your
local thrift store if you want they’re super inexpensive I got like this one
for 5 bucks I got a sweater dress I’m gonna use today for about 8 but this is
also a really great way to pull all those sweaters out of storage and
anything that you’re not super excited about chop it up and one of the really
cool elements about this is that we’re just gonna be using a needle and thread
so you don’t have to know how to operate a sewing machine at all
needle and thread is a super simple and really a perfect way to do this whole
DIY so it’s totally fine it’s really easy oh my god I’m so excited I can’t
wait for you guys to see for those of you that are new I hope that if you like
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for all of you guys who have been subscribing first of all thank you so
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new video and that’s about it okay let’s do it materials we’re gonna start off with the deep V so
what you want to do is put the measuring tape at like your high point shoulder
and figure out exactly how low you want it for me 14 inches felt about right to
be a deep v-neck but I end up wishing I had made it shorter and I’ll tell you
why in just a second so first thing you do is take your measuring tape put it up
at the high point shoulder find 14 mark it then find your Center and just move
the pins so that it’s at 14 inches long in the center of your sweater so this is
how I’m gonna cut it I wish that I had actually cut it a little bit more narrow
at the neckline meaning that I didn’t make as wide of a V but whatever so now
you want to fold it in half this is one way of doing it and I’ll show you
another way later in the video so fold it in half separating the front from the
back make sure that all your side seams are even so that when you cut your
cutting perfectly centered now take your very sharp fabric scissors and cut a
deep V right where you had your pin point which is centered and at your 14
inch mark and now you’re going to cut up I cut about three-quarters of the way
and then I like to finish it when it’s laying flat so that I can more easily
see it we tried to adjust the color here it got super blown out I don’t know why
so I apologize if the white on why it’s kind of tough to see so anyway here we
go I’m cutting from the V all the way up to the neckline twist it and you’re
gonna cut the V off you want to make sure to maintain the clean finished edge
on the turtleneck side that way that’s not gonna unravel you want that to be
nice and clean and crisp now in order to create your actual hem you need these
tiny little notches and that way it gives you somewhere to fold under that’s
why I wish that I had actually made it a little bit more narrow because I ended
up making it about a little inch to an inch and a half wider than I ultimately
wanted it now if your sweater or your fabric doesn’t seem like it’s gonna fray
you could leave a raw edge if you wanted to or you could use fabric glue here but
what I’m gonna do is use a needle and thread you’re just gonna fold it in so
that your edge is clean finish and basically mimic the stitches of a sewing
machine I went in and out in and out in and out making sure that the stitches on
the outside of the sweater were really small and the ones on the inside were a
little bigger now in order to make a sharp V I found that I needed to create
a little slit otherwise it ended up becoming like a rounded
which I didn’t want again that’s why I actually would have made my measurements
about an inch more narrow and an inch more shallow than I had originally
intended so you know maybe a 12 and a half or 13 inch v-neck would have been a
better choice for me but once you finished sewing it that one is done now
we’re gonna move on to the one shoulder idea first thing I did is just remove
the one sleeve from the one side now I’m detaching the turtleneck from the rest
of the sweater again look at where you have your clean finished edge that you
make sure not to cut through that I cut about I don’t know like 3/4 of the way
and then stop leaving the rest of the neckline attached again cut your front
and your back separately that way you don’t accidentally cut them in the wrong
place or cut a little too high or a little too low once you have that cut
off and it’s now detached you basically want to cut directly under the arm this
is giving you that one arm look again front and back cut them separately once
you get to the side you have the overall structure of your top we are going to do
the same thing we’re gonna fold in and clean finish so again fold down the
excess which is gonna be about half an inch fold it in grab your needle and
thread in a matching thread and just start mimicking the stitches of a sewing
machine you can do three or four stitches at a time big looping stitches
is fine just make sure up the ones that are being seen from the outside are very
small but you don’t actually see that thread finish it off all the way through
and what I realized is right there on the corner again I had kind of a rounded
edge which I didn’t want I like that really crisp sharp point so
I went back in and I actually reached the turtleneck to the sweater for like
about an inch and it allowed me to recreate where it meets and create that
super sharp crisp point just a couple of stitches of a needle and thread and
you’re good to go so at this point you’re gonna want to
try it on because by cutting it open it’s gonna make the sweater looser on
you which is why it’s actually best to get sweaters that are really fitted
because once you open it it’s gonna loosen anyway basically you want to try
it on and see how much excess you have on the side how much you can pinch out
and we’re basically just going to flip it inside out and take it in on the side
okay so here you go you can see that I’ve taken my sweater and I flipped it
inside out and now it’s time to take it in on the side what I did is a couple of
really nice tight stitches right there on the top again so I have that really
crisp corner under the arm which I think always looks really pretty do a few of
them until it’s super tight and now you’re basically going to go in a
straight line however wide you decided your stitch was gonna be you’re gonna go
in a straight line from the top to the bottom again this is based off of how
you create the fit so that the sweater fits in the underarm and the body once
you’ve done that knotted off and just cut off your excess and now you’ve taken
it in this is by the way a very simple way to take in pretty much anything that
feels a little bit too big on you and that one’s done
now this is the second way that you can do the deep v-neck and actually I
recommend this I just think it’s super simple so all you’re going to do is
enter your scissors into the center point cut straight down again a little
more shallow than you want and then cut over I originally wanted that really
wide neck like the teza one on the left but I wish that I had made mine more
narrow just for my own style now instead of cutting off and cutting
out the V you actually just fold those two pieces in so you see I cut it down
the center then I just fold them in and fold them in and now I stitch it down so
now I’m going in with my needle and thread again in a matching thread a
light pale gray and I’m working my way all the way around you want to make sure
that you get a nice crisp V that’s the only thing that’s important so do you
see there the extra piece that’s the extra fabric from when I just folded it
in so all you do is cut it off flip it inside out and we’re done alrighty that
is it so I’m actually gonna try on a couple other versions that I already
made when it’s coming to the v-neck again just always remember to cut it a
little bit more narrow and a little bit more shallow then you ultimately want it
to be because you are having everything and that’s it let’s see what these
suckers look like on guys if you liked this video please subscribe to the
channel hit that notification you know the bells that you get
notifications and share it with friends okay see you next week

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