hello gorgeous
welcome back to my channel I haven’t been gone for a couple of weeks because
my filmmaker producer director all-of-the-above has been filming in
Canada but he’s back and we’re back at it and I’m filming a super requested
video because a couple I don’t know maybe a month ago or so I made this
blanket format and I talked about it on Instagram I hand crocheted it and I
don’t think I’ve ever had something more requested than this from you guys you
want to know how I did it and want me to do a tutorial and let me just tell you
it is cozy this blanket is much bigger than what most people would want but I
made a throw blanket size and Matt wanted a bigger one so I made it a king
bed size which is huge but anyways I’m gonna show you how I did it and it’s
actually really easy and it’s I think it’s really fun it’s one of those things
that’s just like watch TV while you crochet and all in I think maybe this
took me probably under three hours to do a huge king sized blanket so I’m going
to show you how I did it and what you need so let’s get started
all you need are your hands and some yarn so you want the thick yarn if
you’re using if you’re doing the the actual regular thin yarn it’s not going
to work you’re not gonna get the same effect you don’t need a needle it’s it’s
literally just your hands so I’m sitting next to our Christmas tree we’re here in
Ohio and this is our first time that we’ve ever decorated for the holidays
here and I needed a tree skirt well my mother-in-law sent me a picture of
somebody had taken a blanket that looks just like the one that I made and
wrapped it around their tree skirt and I’m like oh my gosh that’s brilliant
another tree skirt but they wrapped it under the tree to make it the tree skirt
so I’m gonna make a tree skirt with you guys I will give you the instructions on
how to make an actual blanket size too but the one I’m doing today is actually
going to go under the Christmas tree so all you need is yarn now this is the big
I think the actual term for it is big blanket yarn the first
set of yarn that I got for the other blanket was from Hobby Lobby but any
craft store is gonna have that this is from Michaels and also wait till it goes
on sale there are $9.99 for a skein which a skein is one roll and I unrolled
it and put it this way because McKinley kept playing with it so it’s $9.99 per
scheme so your typical throw blanket is gonna be 16 so that would be expensive
$60 so wait till they go on sale this week they were buy one get one half off
so I got it 2 for 15 so I’m doing a tree skirt with 4 Skeens
maybe less and then so that would be under $30 to do the tree skirt okay so
find your end of your yarn and all you’re gonna do is create a loop so
there’s my circle right there and then I’m going to take it through the loop
and then tighten it to have the end like that so your little tail don’t worry if
you have one you can snip that off later I’m actually gonna redo it again to show
you one more time so we’re gonna the circle of the loop and then through the
loop and that’s it so this is where you get to decide what you want it to look
like so you can have a tighter stitch like that Matt likes the tighter stitch
for his blanket because it doesn’t let as much air get through or I’ll show you
the other end of my blanket it’s got a little bit of a looser stitch so it
depends on what you’re going for you can go either way for the tree skirt I
wanted to look a little bit more lazy a little bit more comfortable I guess so
I’m gonna make I’m going to keep the the loops about that size so all I’m gonna
do is take the end and loop it through and tighten it till I get the same loop
size again so now I’ve got two loops I’m gonna do it again three loops so I’m
just gonna keep going until I get the link that I want now if you’re doing a
throw blanket I would suggest somewhere between 20 to
25 loops for the chain so I’m gonna go ahead and do my chain and then we will
pick it back up from there okay so my chain is 40 long which if you think
about that’s a very long throw blanket it’s my entire arm span so that’s you
probably don’t want to go this long if you’re
doing like a lap throw but for under the tree it’s good so I’ve got exactly 40 so
what I want to do is I want to add an extra loop on the end because that extra
loop is going to be my turn around so you need to figure out what side your is
gonna be your front and what side is going to be your back it doesn’t really
matter because it looks the same both sides but once you choose you don’t want
to flip back and forth or your blankets gonna look wonky so this is gonna be my
front facing upward alright so this is my corner stitch I’m gonna leave it
hanging up like that and I’m gonna go underneath this loop right here and
bring it through and up so do you see now that I’ve got the two stitches so
this is my corner stitch and this is my new stitch and then going to do it again
under the next loop through so it’s just like that another loop and then I find
the next one pull it through and up and I’m gonna
repeat that all the way down the line and when I get to the end of the line
I’m going to count to make sure I have exactly the right number of loops which
should be 40 and the reason that I want to do that is because if you drop a
stitch you’re gonna get a mark in your blanket when when you’re done and you
don’t want that so the easiest way that I found to do this is to throw my yarn
way out to set this on the floor so I like to set this on the floor and work
at it this way so that I can see exactly what I’m doing
versus holding it in the air you’re much more likely not to miss a stitch when
you’re working over top of it and just work your way down the row okay so I’ve
got about I think six rows here that I’ve been doing working on and I decided
to come to a stopping point and nothing’s changed obvious honestly it’s
just loops forty loops back and forth back and forth but I don’t flip it over
all I’m doing is continuing to lay it on its back and do the loops from behind so
that I can make sure that this side looks this way and this side looks this
way so I got to the end of my ball of yarn and I went ahead and I just tied a
knot to the new ball and if there’s any if
you’ve any details just snip it off with scissors but it’s no big deal I mean you
won’t even notice the knot it’s gonna get hidden in the blanket and just so
that you guys know this is the brand that I use its own burn at big blanket
or blanket big burn at blanket big and the color I’m using is soft white so all
I’m doing now is keeping it down the same way and I just take the loops from
the back like this all the way from one end to the other until I get the length
that I want so I’m gonna keep working and I will check back in when we get to
the last row because that’s where we get tricky alright I think I’m done so I’ve
got my 40 stitches all the way across and I’ve got my end stitch ready to go
so I’m gonna show you guys how to end this now so all you do you don’t unravel
it okay so you pull through and then I’m going to go to the next loop and go
through another loop through another loop and pick up the next one and go
through and then pick up another loop go through and basic and that’s all you’re
doing you’re just braiding it across the top so that you’re gonna have that same
stitch down both sides and on the top it’s super easy so again I’ve got my
loop I’m gonna go through my stitch through the loop pick up a stitch
through the next loop pick up a stitch next loop pick up a stitch next loop
pick up and final loop so I pull through my last stitch so all I’m gonna do now
is give myself a little bit of a tail and tie off a knot so that I can be sure that it doesn’t let go so right there’s
may not go back through and and loosen anything that you want but it looks
pretty darn good to me it looks like I bought it at a store so
snip off your tail and anywhere else that you might have a tail oh shoot I
missed one loop look at that if you don’t if you don’t count every single
time you’re going to do that so the way that you fix that is you would just
twist it under and then you take a needle and thread and just and then just
stitch it but it is what it is so here is my finished tree skirt and I’m gonna
put it under the tree let’s see how it looks all right I think it turned out so cute
like I said you only need about twenty links to do a throw blanket size for a
lap blanket my mother-in-law got in there and popped in some literal trash
underneath of it and popped it up and made it look more full sorry I’m just
checking to make sure that my microphone is on because this is my second time
recording the first time we forgot to turn the microphone on and it just made
it look more full and if I don’t know it really fits the the feel of the tree and
I love it I think it you’re not really really cute so I hope you guys enjoyed
this this was definitely my most requested video in a very long time
don’t forget to visit me on my blog Angela Lantry comm and leave any
requests for videos you want to see for me next down below alright guys thank
you so much for watching I’ll see you next Monday
au revoir

28 thoughts on “DIY Hand Crochet Chunky Blanket/Christmas Tree Skirt | Budget Christmas Gift”

  1. Love the Christmas tree!! That crochet blanket is cute! My Mom crochets blankets and other items! She loves it as a hobby. Great job! Makes for a great Christmas gift! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

  2. That’s so cool! πŸ˜€ You did really well. πŸ‘ I love the idea of using it as a tree skirt, it looks so cute, very rustic and homey looking. And you did awesome on the blanket for Matt too! πŸ‘ I’ve been wanting a blanket like that, I think you’re tutorial is very helpful, I’m just not sure about making one myself, I’m not really crafty. I’d rather just buy one, lol. But that’s just me, I’m lazy. πŸ˜‚ Your video is great though, I loved it, it’s very helpful for anyone who wants to try it. Who knows, maybe my mom and I could try it someday. I’d probably do better with her help. Awesome video Angela! Also this is Alyssa, from Instagram and your Gorgeous Girls Facebook group. So hi again! πŸ™‚

  3. I love that she messed up and showed it. It’s more realistic and it’ll make me feel waaaaayyyy better if I mess up. Love the tutorial!!!!!

  4. I hate to be a picker (especially on such a fun video!)…but this is knitting, technically. Not crochet.
    Beautiful result, either way!

  5. Oh my goodness, I love this. I've been using that yarn as ribbon for Christmas presents this year, but now I want it all back so I can do this. πŸ™‚ This is so cute and I love it as a tree skirt! You have such great ideas and style.

  6. Me watching this video β€œOk I am going to make one for my mom, my sister, my mother in law, my sister in law…”. About to make 20 blankets 🀣🀣🀣
    Thank you Angela for sharing this tutorial with us ! I live how you always share the best, easy and budget-friendly tips !!!!

  7. I am so excited about this! I was actually looking for a tree skirt and saw a similar one to this on Etsy for, I kid you not, 250 dollars!! I ammm beyond excited to make this myself for around 20 dollars! Thank you so much!

  8. welcome back happy holidays please do vlogmas along with I’m excited for loads of holiday videos fabulous video

  9. What a ravishing woman you are ✨ / you made it look painless, maybe I'll try it for once. oh, by the way, I was waiting for your little princess to show up and make mischief πŸ˜„β™₯x

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