Today we’re going to be making little tiny micro hooks look at them and we’re going to be making them out of sewing needles really simple stay tuned to learn how Now, these don’t have barbs it’s going to be a little more difficult to catch a fish with it because it doesn’t have a barb it’s-you just have to keep tension the whole time um, but on the plus side this is much better for the actual fish because the barb won’t you know, destroy its mouth and it’s a fun challenge so I want to challenge people to build these hooks out of the needles and try and catch a fish themselves so let’s get started with the tutorial you’re gonna need needle nose pliers and another pair of needle nose pliers First, I take my needle nose pliers put it right on the tipy tip of this and this all depends on how small you want this hook to be but I’m showing you guys how to make the smallest one possible I put right on the tip and then I push it down like this ready? and I start to turn it inwards, like this you see how it’s angled now 90 degrees? You see that? [Erin] Mhmm. [Brendon] about 90 degrees and if it’s not try and get it to 90 degrees and then after that I hold on to the hook with a bigger pair and I’ll continue to wrap it like this against the actual pliers, just like that and I’ll twist it around just like that see that? you’ve gotta be careful not to go too much, it’s easy to go too much and then once you turn it look at that an offset hook right there but that’s the easy part making the hook is the easy part that’s a little one, you can make a bigger one by bringing it up a little bit more instead of, instead of having it straight at the tip right here bring it maybe a quarter inch up make that 90 degree and then once you have that 90 degree you wanna bring that tip you want to bring this tip to probably like right here there we go look at that one a lot of different variations you can make um, this one’s a little bit more rounded compared to like this square bottom right here i think the rounded ones would be a little bit better um, okay now let me show you how I make the eye this part First with these specific ones I can just crush the ball off and the ball will come right off See? Then this is the difficult part This is what I have the most trouble with, is how do I make this eye? Do you wrap it around like this one? Look at that Should I wrap it around? Should I just make a little standard loop like this? Or will that not hold? But then I realized that I’m catching little, small fish on this I don’t need it to be that strong a wrap is almost unnecessary so I can just do a little loop and I do that in a really similar way where I pinch it and then I roll it I roll it around like that you see that? There we go! Really simple I hope I’m giving you guys some ideas here again, this is not the only way to do it, this is my my $1 DIY way to do it so experiment with different ways I think this one would work pretty well um, now, okay for this small one for the small one you don’t necessarily need the shank to be that long so I’m going to crush this ball again the ball comes right off like, if you made-if you made the the loop right here That doesn’t look right, right? You see how long the shank is? and then the loop? So what you have to do with this is cut it off give it a little bit of distance so that it can make the loop and then make the loop ready? I put my finger on this and I turn it there we go look at that little hook Now you don’t want-you don’t want a gap between the eye right there so you’re gonna have to wanna– you’re gonna wanna tighten that a little bit and just give a pinch with the other pliers there you go and there you have it home made hooks right here There you have it, super simple to make, right? I wanted to give you guys this idea, maybe it’ll inspire someone to try it themselves and take the adventure for themselves um, theses su–these little hooks are really easy to make and it’s–it’s very rewarding to make your own hooks and catch a fish with your own hook um, that’s what I got out of the experience if you guys try it yourself let us know how it works have you done this before? Is there a better way to do this? How can I get a barb on here? Can anyone answer me that? Anyways, if you guys like the episode subscribe and push that little notification bell we publish an episode four times a week now pretty much, so you don’t want to miss any of that hit the notification bell. See ya, guys.

68 thoughts on “DIY Sewing Needle Fishing Hook Tutorial”

  1. I start to make that can of hooks wen i was 8 years old ..and i discovered that if i get a job i can buy the ones ready made lol …good memories and lots of fun catching fish with it ..

  2. I’ve seen a few of your other diy tackle vids. Got any more you can share? I recently made a fly lure with bird feathers I’d found.

  3. Cool this is how I made a weird flie for fishing but I made it into a jug head by putting a split shift on the end I haven't. Ought a fish on that one but I have on others can I get a shout-out plz love the vids and when is the give away ending and we're you able to put me in the give away sense I can't if not please plz try to enter me for me

  4. You can get a Barb by using a small file and bubing it a little and you should release all of the products and I'd live to see what lure you make it think it is going to be a multi species kind of think like the cast King it goes for many fish

  5. Wow cool idea I've made hooks but not the easy way… each hook takes about an hour or two and I make them out of stainless steel that I've shaped into a hook and sharpened on a wet stone. Takes a while but the out come Is amazing if you do it right!

  6. Nice vid man. For avoiding the eye loop a think you could smash it a lil bit so it gets flat and use it as an eyeless hook

  7. Maybe japanese already produce this but with no hole in it to tie the ……………. And only the pro know this information about the smallest hook size and how to tie it with …………….

  8. Just remembered it. I live in the south pacific region and when we run out of big hooks, we use nails (« extra large needle ») as hooks. Sharpen the pointy end and that’s it. No eyes for the hook is required since the head of the nail acts as a bound. May be you could try this some day.

  9. Hey! I need some tackle and needing to read some things on your site buuuuuuuuuuuuut its down. insert sad face
    Anywho.. Keep up the videos!! You have forever won a place on my favorites bar and because of you…my girlfriend and I are also going to start our VLOG soon! Very excited!

  10. You can buy small hooks and all my hooks are barbless or made barbless. But if your bored good thing to do. Though having to be shown how to do this?????

  11. You can try using a real sewing needle with a “split” eye that you can use one side as the point and shorten the other for a barb. The pointed end would have to be trimmed and use a round nose pliers for making the eye. I hope this is a good idea. Love y’all. Grandma Suzie here.

  12. I make mine with ring nose pliers you find in jewelry making dept. Nice round bend. As for the eye, sometimes you can tie a leader right on the shank with a bit of super glue. Some sewing needles are tempered and will snap when bent unless you anneal it first.

  13. Instead of making the difficult loop on the end, why not try hammering the end and making it into a spade head ?

  14. My mom and dad ran a park that had fishing lakes. She was always getting hooks out of people. So the only way she would let us fish was to make us hooks out of straight pins since they have no barbs it is much easier to get out of you if you get hooked.

  15. Brings back memories of yesteryears, having tried this on goldfish 30 years ago in Australia. Brendon the hook you cut down would be perfect for baitfish in the waters of Sydney Harbour with a size 8 to 10 long shank.

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