Does ear candling remove earwax? Fact or
Fiction. Earwax is a common problem many patients face when it gets particularly
bad. It can be removed professionally by your local ENT. However, there are a
number of other ways to remove it including flushing and for some folks
even ear candling ear. Candling is a relatively common lay practice that
supposedly removes earwax. Proponents claim that it literally sucks earwax out
by negative pressure created by the burning candle. At the conclusion of the
ear candling, supposed earwax can almost always be found within the candle. The
main question is whether ear candling actually does what it claims to do. So
here we have set up an experiment whereby an ear candle has been
inserted into an empty glass cup. After lighting the candle, observe what happens
inside the glass cup. After a minute or two, smoke can be seen coming out of the
candle and down into the cup itself. Here’s what it looks like from the
inside. This smoke is actually candle wax debris and soot. Rather than a vacuum, it
seems to be adding debris into the ear canal instead. Occasionally, some of this
candle wax debris can be quite hot resulting in burns to the ear canal and
ear drum resulting in eardrum perforation and pain. The debris itself
can cause hearing loss by literally creating a wax covering over the ear
drum. At the conclusion of the ear candling of an empty glass cup, the
candle is opened up and voila! Earwax is found, only it really isn’t earwax but
rather larger debris of the candle itself that is falling down from the
burning flame. This just goes to show you that ear candling most certainly does
not remove earwax. Rather, the ear wax is created by the burning ear candle

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  1. If you want to credibly prove something doesn't work, at least do it the correct way.
    No, most "lay people would not do it that way.

  2. Now do it so you can see an actual ear being cleaned by ear candling. The use of a glass does not give you an indication of how ear candling actually works and it does work

  3. Bullcrap…do it on yourself and you'll see. It feels much better afterwards, my head is clear and my ears are not clogged. BTW you had the candle wrong side up in your example.

  4. Are you guys fucking retarded? It's upside down? Oh yeah just stick a burning flame into someones ear.. no it's the exact way people do it in videos and proven on video from this guy to not work. Bunch of unscientific low IQ morons here.

  5. I use ear candles and your video is bullshit. #1 you used it upside down- even admitted as much in the description- #2 the "wax" you show is from the candle yes BUT how would it show anything else? It was never in an ear. When I use them? There is a gunky brown/orange residue in whats left of the candle afterwards. Nothing brown orange in/on the candle. BUT there WAS brown/orange gunk in my ear before I started. Explain that.

  6. It can't create suction, it will just pull air from around itself to feed the fire. Even if this did create suction, you can't dislodge earwax with suction alone.

  7. This video is showing the candle being used upside down! Of course it’s not going to work that way! I’ve used ear wax candles for years and they work every time!

  8. This is ridiculous! It is not done properly in this video! The SMALL end is inserted, not the big end. It DOES do what it is supposed to do! Idiots. I have done this for 30+ years (privately, not professionally). I have removed LOADS of ear wax, liquid, pus, and other debris in ears. Done PROPERLY it acts as a gentle vacuum leaving NOTHING in the ear but only removing it. The ear forms wax constantly and naturally. When a child has an ear infection, antibiotics clear the infection in the membrane, but not the bacteria in the wax. Removing the infected wax keeps from re-infecting the ear. The new wax that forms is sterile. No, family doctors, ENT's, etc. don't recommend it because then you won't need to come to them for a visit and for antibiotics! The practice of ear candling is ancient – thousands of years old. It works. I have saved many a weary parent from making an untimely visit to the ER in the evening when the doctors offices are closed. When my son was 5 years old, he got an awful ear infection. A friend turned me onto candling then. Immediately after candling his ear felt better and his cheeks that were flush with fever returned to normal. His fever dropped. I was hooked. It also works for sinus trouble. I knew a woman who had sinus trouble for years and ear candling changed her life. It allows the eustachian tubes to flow normally.

  9. An alternative to ear candles, you may eat something really spicy or try some really hot, hot sauce and wait until your face turns red and steam blows out your ears. It works every time.

  10. What a daft video , disinformation. Candle was upside down , there was no grundgy ear wax in it , it was as good as empty even used the wrong way. It is bees wax full of propolis that actually lines the ears , not candle wax, with healing and calming propolis .I had perpetual severe infections for many years until I did a couple of treatments 3 months apart. I have not had one since and use the candles once a year. According to guidelines any Dr doing wax removal should be doing 100 a week to be proficient in safe removal , which never happens with your gp.

  11. question. both me and my dad bought the exact same type of candle and we both tried it. mine was yellow and his was brown. if it was all candlewax, why was his darker? (not being sarcastic; i'm very curious)

  12. So with the wrong end in the ear there is no way to get a good seal on the ear wall which creates the vacuum needed and thus the purpose of the candle is lost. Not only that, but there is then a back draft down the candle when there is no seal. Ear candling is cheap and can be done at home and is safe and is easy……..unless of course you are a doctor with your own practice and have decided that it just does not make sense.

  13. Woah the candle is pointed in the wrong direction and it does remove earwax. Been using this forever it feels good and literally removes a lot of darker colored earwax. This is totally wrong!!!

  14. The point end goes inside your ear not the big end that's why it didn't work… read the fucking instructions before use.. thank you for your time ??

  15. 1:39
    Dear America, please don't say WAHLA like you think you can speak french. Voilà is pronounced Vwa-Lah

  16. I provide ear candling and yes the light color is the candle, but if this was provided to a client there would also be small amounts of dark yellow ,brown. This is other material.

  17. This past Christmas, ear candles was one of the gifts from my older (by 2 years) sister, as my hearing is bad from so much wax build-up. She's believed in this candling method for a while. I knew it would be best to research it before letting my sister use them on my ears. After my research, I really don't think I will let her do so! Makes sense that candles would not remove wax. My sister thinks she knows a LOT more than me, unfortunately. Doesn't mean I'm not right about certain things.

  18. It’s being used upside down this person apparently didn’t even read the directions and it says they are a doctor I wouldn’t be going to see them lol

  19. Aye! Who can't tell the difference between candle wax and ear wax?? Lol! Try it out before arguing about it, Please!

  20. You do get that powdery stuff in your candle when done properly. Not only that but you also get that waxy build up that one does in their ear. The longer you leave in ear the further it goes up the tube. But be careful not to burn yourself. Ive done it on myself and 3 others and it was all different on the amount of junk that came out. I'm glad to see what actually happens inside without your ear it just proves to me it works

  21. This is a LOAD OF CRAP!!!
    1. You inserted the WRONG END of the Candle into the ear and subesquently, Lit the WRONG END.
    2. Used Properly: They DO WORK! I just got done doing both my ears.
    3. There is a Plastic Nipple inside the Candle @ the Tapered end that prevents the Bee's Wax fr. falling into the ear canal.
    4. These should not be used as a replacement for a E.N.T. Serious ear problems need to be addressed by a Clinical Professional (Just Not Christopher Chang, HACK). This is just a safer method to routinely remove wax build up, instead of shoving cotton sticks in your ear canal (it's possible to push wax closer to the Drum, instead of pulling it out).
    5. You can view the ear wax that's been removed by unrolling the remaining candle and sorting throught the Bee's Wax.
    6. My personal practice is to Flush afterward W/ a warm Hydrogen Peroxide/water solution & a rubber tipped syringe (I have an abnormal amount of wax production, if I don't do this twice a year, I go deaf in one or both ears).
    7. Christopher Chang is a Hack to his profession, has admitted he did the test wrong, and still won't remove this Video.

  22. Well I don't believe this youtube video experiment, because they failed to have a person with ear wax. An empty glass? You expect me to believe this experiment without ear wax in the experiment.

  23. This is being done upside down. You light the larger end of the ear candle, put your finger in the small end until smoke appears at the bottom, then insert in the ear with a plate above it to catch ashes. I’ve used this 8-10 times and it definitely removes my yellow ear wax and I can immediately hear better, and recently it helps lower tinnitis I’ve had to 0-1/10 instead of 2-5 or more/10..

  24. Just going to leave these here, take a look if you’re interested and make your own choice about what’s safe for you…

    For those curious, I did type into google “why ear candling works” and “benefits of ear candling” but majority of the results that came back were negative … try it for yourself and do what you feel is right

  25. Isn't this like false advertisement of some sort that isn't even the way you use it and most of the people in the comments agree

  26. This is being done incorrectly and that powdery “debris” always comes our ALONG with the wax. U get the powder from the candle AND the wax. They’re trying real hard to convince ppl that it doesn’t work.

  27. This just shows you have no idea what you are doing.

    A glass cup is in no way a proper representation of the ear.

    You ear is connected to many tunnels that end up all over the place, but most importantly your nasal cavities. You can’t create a negative pressure in a space that is 100% sealed tight. You need some sort of vent for the air to suck into the glass in order for it to work properly.

  28. I prefer pouring kerosene in my ear and then just lighting it. That usually is very painful but pretty much burns out everything that's in my ear. I can no longer hear anymore.. But there is no more wax.

  29. Candleing certainly does work. I had the procedure done in a local walk in when I complained of massive sudden hearing loss after a particularly nasty cold. After the candling was done i could here better than before I got sick even.

  30. You need to try it on an actual ear to get wax wax smarty pants, of course their is only wax from the candle because their was no ear, I would expect a tad bit of that to be their as shown…. oh and you also put the wrong end…??‍♂️

  31. I bought the "cone' and try it. Looks like it works, actually a lot of wax. Than I did another test, because I got in EBay 10 pieces of it. I fire one WITHOUT insert it in the ears. Guess what? A LOT OF WAX again. The wax comes from the paper embebed in bee wax. It melts and go inside the cone. it's not the ears wax. So. Don't waste your money on it.

  32. Are you a doctor?? You don't even know the proper way of putting the candle. You put the wrong end in the ear.

  33. Ear candling does work. But it needs to be air tight within the ear. It doesn't work in the glass because it's not air tight. When its air tight the flame sucks up the oxygen and the wax and debris.

  34. I just tried this with the candle PROPERLY used with the pointy end in the ear. The amount of wax that came out was as amazing as it was gross. The fact that this video was done by a supposed doctor is very disturbing. Is the medical profession just looking after their own interests and making sure we make a doctor appt instead of taking care of this problem at home easily? YEP

  35. Your doing this wrong to prove your misconception of the proper way, the proper way causes a suction or draft through your ear canal and sinus. Plus you have it in a glass so of course its not going to work, it cannot suck air through it, goofus.

  36. I find a small amount of gunpowder works, just pack it into your ear with a fuse and ignite the fuse,,, BOOM!!!!! No more wax, but don't forget to put a cup over your ear to contain the explosion

  37. There is a filter on the OTHER end of the stick. You did this upside down. So obviously debris will fall out….

  38. That was a very incomplete and non accurate demonstration. Of course any doctor of western medicine will say that candling does not work because they want to continue to charge you for an office visit and for the procedure it self, totaling $175. – $225.!
    Ear candles, when done correctly (!) WILL remove ear wax. True there will be other debris in the used candle, as this video shows, as well as ear wax. If the maker of this video had actually put the candle in a person's ear, a yellowish brown bunch of ear wax would have also been revealed when opening the used candle. Ear wax has a very definite smell that is in mistakable. Comparable to a smelly fart!
    My Doctor, who is not in the practice of medicine just to make the big $$$ is also a user of ear candle's. He is in the business to help his patients to feel better, even if it means using $4. worth of ear candles, because it is the ethical way to do things. Just like it was before the USA let it's medical and pharmaceutical industry's get money hungry and out of control.

  39. Of course it is going to push instead of pull if you use it backwards. They work and they work well if used correctly. Directions (including which end to light) are included on the box. It also helps if you take a hot shower first and the steam loosens up some of the wax.

  40. "We are aware that the "official" way to use an ear candle is small end down into the ear, but for this video, we have elected to use it THE WRONG WAY. #sodumb

  41. This is a bogus test, the main issue being there is nothing for it to “suck up” but the candles own residue. I saw this method done on a friend a week ago and the results were obvious, to the point that I purchased two candles for my wife who had been complaining about ear wax. Again the results spoke for them selves. I can tell the difference between ear wax and the candles residue, it really ain’t hard. These work, this video doesn’t.

  42. We did this test in 1993. We put the candle in a clean bottle and lit it. The candle had tons of "ear wax" in it. It also had a chuck of skin with what looked to be from the end of a finger. (Finger print)

  43. Nice try. You burned it upside down. Which completely screws up the suction. We used it on my mom and it most definitely pulled a large amount of dark yellow and brown ear wax.

  44. Classic nerdy "science" fakery. The glass does not resemble an ear canal in terms of size, temperature, nor air flow. Any of these clearly effects the shoddy experiment done.

  45. Ofc it "does not work" if the cup was empty how it was supposed to suction anything out? I've seen other videos and actually ear wax comes out.

  46. You lit the wrong end ?? how ya gonna make a video and not even use it right ?? when I use em (the right way) I ALWAYS get actual ear wax removed from my ear. Maybe you should have done some research on how to use them before you make a video making yourself look ignorant and naive.

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