Hi! This is Chloé from Oleum Vera. Today, I want to talk to you about our DIY
Organic Body Care kit. This kit focuses on moisturizing, nourishing
and exfoliating your skin the natural way using all organic oils and butters. Let’s take a look inside, shall we? So as I said, we have a lot of gorgeous organic
ingredients here. Here’s your recipe booklet. So we’ve got the plant-based oils right
here. Then we have some essential oils as well. And then you also have these awesome butters
and waxes. But that’s not it because we also have these
refillable containers to make and store your homemade body care products. They’re really high quality and I think
they look really cool. Plus, there is 10 recipes which use fresh
ingredients and pantry staples from your kitchen. It’s easy, it’s organic and this kit contains
a 5 month supply of natural body care products. Here’s a lovely product you can make with
this kit. It is called the Gentle and Kind Body Butter,
made with shea butter and aloes vera butter. It’s simple, it’s quick, you can do it
yourself and I personally love that it leaves my skin so incredibly soft. Oleum Vera. It’s true organic homemade beauty. Go to oleumvera.com for more natural body
care recipes.

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