we’re mole has a bunch of different styles and types of tattoo needles which are available it’s really important to talk a little bit about the usage of them well the meantime I’ll pull some of them out when we’re using a single needle is there a sharper so they penetrate the skin a lot easier with your pressure we typically wouldn’t want to use these in about 1.5 millimeters into the skin some of the other or shading type the needles we use at a depth at around to two to three milliliters okay wormhole of course has a wide variety of different types from all the way from needles all the way up to sheeting needles which we call Magnum okay here we go now when your tattoo it gets really important that there’s areas to avoid so that you don’t have any scarring what area scrying can occur is is if you apply too much pressure and it goes too deep that’s certainly one area which could cause scars so by using different pressures and different depths utilizing the different needles we can create all different types of artistic effects another area when you’re actually applying pressure you want to get down to the dermis layer the dermis layer will give you the most beautiful color and will unable the colors last for a long time at the epidermis level it will be a situation where the color will soon disappear in addition the sharpness of the needles will impact the depth of the color the sharper the needle the smaller amount of ink which watching you flow through so the light of the color in terms of more blunt needle or equal entry skin therefore we much darker effect let’s just take a look at a couple these needles here here we see four different types single needle is certainly something which we would use the single tattoo needle is sharper and easy to penetrate the skin these are ideally used for detail work in a very slow speed so that you don’t make the stakes by penetrating for too long you will get undesired effects we are only producing a little bit of ink and again ideal this is for detailed work we’ve got a different one here and this would be your right on one variety well it’s quite good for giving you a little more light of a lighter color it won’t go so deep because you’ve got a round edge let’s take a look at the third one when we get into shading type of needles these are called magno these consist of multiple needles again they actually will deliver ink as the ink gets is in between the different needles as you penetrate the skin as we increase the number of needles there we take a close-up of this needle we can see the concave nature as it applies to your skin your skin will create a bit of a curve so these will match again here we are with a single needle let’s just penetrate take a look [Music] I’m not an artist but there we go so it’s much finer next we have the stock Magnum needles which are several and if I apply here they’re ideal for shading and they will cover a much greater area you can see the ink is applied as the ink is actually in between the different needles so that’s how it gets through the skin down to the dermis here we go again you can see a much wider effect even on my practice hand okay so it leads to be the types of needles which would use to cover a much greater area by shading

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